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Please, Step Away From the Baby!

30 Aug

Yesterday I discovered a new pet peeve I have.

STRANGERS who think it is ok to touch your baby.

I know I am not alone on this. We were in Kroger doing some grocery shopping and this older gentleman came over to me and said “I just have to see the baby.” At first I was flattered, I think just about everyone likes to hear their children complimented but then it was just kinda creepy. He lingered and started playing with Lila’s hands and feet and it took everything in me not to swat his hands. I know babies are cute and it is hard not to want to play with them. But seriously, when you don’t know the baby or the mother you need to show restraint. I have no problem with my friends and family interacting with Lila because I know them and there is a comfort level there. This man proceeded to stick around and tell me the history of baby hair and also try and give me some parenting advice. It was clear he was not going to be easy to shake. This was the first time I wished Lila would start crying in public, in hopes it would make him go away. But no, she just sat there and smiled. So it was left to me to try and end the conversation. I turned and started shopping like he wasn’t really there. I really wasn’t trying to be rude, I was just over it and kinda freaked out. I don’t know if he finally got the hint or what but he left us alone. Luckily he didn’t touch her face or I would have had to karate chop him in the throat. Just kidding, kinda.

Weekend in Pictures

29 Aug

We had a busy and fun weekend. We had a small DIY photo-shoot, ran errands, went to a baby shower, visited with some new friends, and went swimming at Uncle Brian’s. I documented almost everything this weekend. Lila is going to begin to question me when I don’t have a camera in her face because she is so used to me taking pictures of her every move. I know we aren’t breaking new ground or anything but I find almost everything she does mazing. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

(*Warning: This is about to be a photo bomb!)

These first few pictures are from our DIY impromptu photo-shoot that took place in the living room.

Lila got to spend some time with her Aunt Jamie at the baby shower!

And mommy too!

She was worn out from a long day and napped with daddy. This is how she fell asleep every single night this weekend. The sweetest thing ever.

She has become a pro at the whole cereal thing!

Splashing in the water a little.

Hanging with her Uncle Brian.

Cousin Mikey wanted in on the lovin too. They were swappin sugars:)

I think she was done with picture time by this point:)

……And done! I told you it was alot of pictures:) What a fun weekend…now back to the grind!

Check Me Out – 5 Months

25 Aug

Lila had her 5 month check-up today. She did really well and is growing like a weed. She is up to 16lbs 4.5oz and 25 3/4 in tall. The dr. said it seemed that she was right on track for everything and that she was super strong. She also showed me a trick to get Lila a little more comfortable sitting up so we are gonna start practicing. I’m not in any hurry for her to grow up but she seems to be doing it whether I want her to or not. She asked about Lila’s sleeping habits and when I told her she is getting up once during the night she said she thought that was odd because right now shouldn’t be a growth spurt for her. I’m not sure I completely agree, all babies are different and have their own schedules. She said if I increased her food intake during the day it may make a difference. If you have ever been around Lila though you know you can’t make her eat if she doesn’t want to. She will simply refuse if she isn’t hungry. She said we might want to introduce solids and that could be the solution. She is already doing cereal one time a day but I guess we will start branching out here soon. I am going to try and make my own baby food. I don’t know how much of a success this will be but I want to give it a shot anyway. I received a food mill and a great baby food book as a gift and I think that is a great starting point. I also ordered liltte 2oz freezer trays that have lids on them to make the portioning easier. This should be interesting.

She didn’t have to get any shots today. She just received the liquid rotarix and they pricked her finger for some routine bloodwork. The prick didn’t phase her, she just smiled the whole time…I was astonished. I realized that next month is our final monthly appt. and then we go every 3 months. That makes me sad for some reason.

Lila was making eyes at a lil boy in the waiting room. It has already begun!

And here is some general cuteness to enjoy….



And now for the rant portion of my blog. If you don’t feel like hearing someone complain, quit reading NOW!

The time management of dr.’s offices infuriates me. The dr. that Lila sees is my favorite dr. at her practice but she is also chronically late. I had been warned about this before going to see her but the first few times there was no problem. However, the last two times I was there for 3 hours each time. I try to schedule her appt. so I can take her on my lunch break but it never seems to matter to them that you have a schedule too. I specifically got the dr’s first appt. today so there would be less chance of a delay. I shouldn’t have been shocked that we were there for 2 hours. I’m sorry, but to have the 1st appt. and not be able to get out in under and hour is crazy. The dr. was an hour and 5 mins. late. Well this explains why I waited for so long all the other times. She came right into the room as if she wasn’t a minute late and just acted as if everything was right as rain. I was really aggravated. As we were checking out and scheduling Lila’s next appt. the receptionist asked me what time I would like. I had had it so I politely asked her if the dr. made rounds at the hospital in the morning before coming in. This was the only explanation I could come up with for being so late on a consistent basis. The receptionist looked at me with a knowing stare and said “Not usually.” I could tell this wasn’t the first time she had been questioned about this. I wasn’t rude to her because I know it wasn’t her fault and we all know I steer away from confrontation. However, the more I think about it I just wanted to tell the dr to her face that my time was just as valuable as hers. Luckily I have an understanding boss with children but that doesn’t make it ok. Needless to say I scheduled her next appt. with a different dr. in the practice. I hated to do this because this dr. is great with Lila but I can’t spend half my day waiting on her show up. Vent over.

Finding Balance

23 Aug

I have recently been reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants. I must say that she is absolutely hysterical and I highly recommend this book. She was talking about her dad and what a strong figure he was in her life. I guess it could be defined as tough love. This is an excerpt from the book.

 “I only hope one day I can frighten my daughter this much.(Talking about an incident from childhood.) Right now, she’s not scared of my husband or me at all. I think it’s a problem. I was a freshman home from college the first time my dad said, “You’re going out at 10pm? I don’t think so,” and I just laughed and said, “It’s fine.” I feel like my daughter will be doing that to me by age six. How can I give her what Don Fey gave me? The gift of anxiety. The fear of getting in trouble. The knowledge that while you are loved, you are not above the law. The World-wide Parental Anxiety System is failing if this many of us have made sex tapes.”

This really got me thinking. I realize I have a little while before Lila has a mind of her own and can tell me “NO!” but that doesn’t make me worry any less. How can we make sure our children know they are loved but be scared at the same time? I don’t want Lila to be scared of us, thinking anything she does will get her in trouble but I also don’t want her to think she can bulldoze over us either. Where is the balance? How do you find that happy medium to make your child listen and obey while still knowing they are loved? I often wonder how my parents did it. I know I was always concerned about getting in trouble and I knew what I could and couldn’t do, but I still loved and respected my parents. But honestly there are children that are so strong-willed and will push the limits just to see what will happen. I never really talked back to my mom and dad but it makes me wonder what the reaction would have been if I did. I have never liked confrontation, even as a child. If my parents made me mad i wouldn’t sit and argue with them, I would just go sit by myself in my room. Unknowingly making it easier on them.

I was talking to my friend Ashley about this the other day and neither one of us could figure out what the secret is to finding that balance. We both have girls and we know that day is gonna come where you just have to lay down the law. I just hope Lila’s sweet nature carries on with her as she grows.

Weekend Wrap-Up

22 Aug

We didn’t get too wild this weekend but I thought I would share a few pictures.

I was enhancing her cheeks a lil bit.

smiley girl

She requested this bib:)

When Lila was just a few weeks old we started doing the bicycle with her. We would sit there and pretend like she was running in place. I don’t know if all babies do this but she seemed to have picked up on the motion. She does this all the time.

And finally, this morning I had her dressed so cute and as soon as we arrived to the babysitter she had pooped out the side and all over her carseat. Being the great mother I am, I forgot to bring back-up clothes.

My Birth Story

19 Aug

I have been meaning to write this down for quite some time while it is still fresh in my head. So here we go. On the morning of Wednesday,March 16, 2011 I woke up feeling very crampy and was having a difficult time sleeping. I didn’t really think too much of it because the Saturday before the same thing had happened. When it happened on Saturday I went to triage to get checked out. I was having small contractions but nothing major so they sent me home. Then the following Monday I had a dr’s. appointment. My dr was out of town so I had to go see her back-up. She said it didn’t really seem like anything was happening and I was probably going to make it at least until my dr. got back in town that Friday, the 18th. So I was discouraged and went about my day. I was just so ready to have her. My original due date was March 23rd so I was not overdue but just really uncomfortable. I woke up everyday thinking that could be the day. Back to Wednesday, I got up and got ready for work even though I was having cramps still. Once I got to work the cramping continued and once I got there my co-workers asked me “Why did you even come in?” They wanted me to go back to the hospital to get checked out. I was reluctant to do this because I didn’t want to be that first time mom that goes to the hospital 6 times before they actually have the baby thinking every pain is a sign of labor. But, since I had been having pain for a couple of hours I went on to the hospital. Josh was at work and I didn’t want to call him until I found out if it was really go time. They hooked me up to the monitors and my contractions were pretty strong every 3-5 minutes. I was just sure they were going to admit me so I called my mom to tell her I thought it was time. She was so excited and had been waiting for the call to come in at any moment. She said she was going to leave work and go get her things and she would be there as soon as possible. After about 3 hours of being hooked up to the monitors the nurse came in and told me I could go home. I was so disappointed.  She said to come back when the pain was excruciating or my water broke. So right as they were letting me go my mom arrived. I was starving because I hadn’t eaten breakfast and they had a cooking show on the entire 3 hours making it even worse. Since my mom was already there we decided to go have lunch. We had a great lunch at Aubrey’s and then decided we would go fabric shopping. During this whole time I was still having contractions every 3-5 minutes. They weren’t super painful but I could tell they were getting more intense. Every time I had one my mom said to repeat the word “good!” She said every contraction was one step closer to labor. So we were walking around the fabric store saying “good” to each other over and over again. I am sure we sounded like two crazy people. We were in the fabric store for about and hour (and found some really cute fabric!) We were walking out to the car deciding what we were going to do next and as I went to sit down my water broke! It was a crazy feeling, I thought maybe I just peed on myself, I know TMI! Luckily my mom had a towel in the car so I got situated and we called the hospital as we drove back to my house. They told me to come in immediately and they would have a room for me! I guess everything hit me all of a sudden and I thought, ” I could have waited just one more day!” After being so excited and so ready I then felt I wasn’t ready at all. We had to stop by my house to get my bags. I had Lila’s bags packed for about two weeks but I didn’t have mine ready. I was throwing all kinds of stuff in my bag, but wasn’t thinking clearly.

We arrived to the hospital and got checked in. I thought it was funny that I was sitting there filling out paperwork. You always see the movies where it is a mad dash to the hospital and everything is so chaotic. But it was really as if nothing big was happening, I was just sitting there having a conversation while filling out insurance forms. They sent me up to the room to get changed and hooked up to everything right about 4:10pm. Since my dr. was still out of town, her back-up was my dr. that day. She came by to check on my progress. She asked me if I wanted to go ahead and get an epidural? I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant was going to get and epidural. I am not really one for pain and knew I wasn’t going to handle it gracefully. I really thought the moment I was in labor I would call the hospital and tell them to meet me in the parking lot with the epidural but I told the dr. I wasn’t really in too much pain yet and I could wait a little longer. She advised me to go ahead and get it. She said that by the time I figured out I wanted it I was going to be in alot of pain and would wish I had just gone ahead earlier. I took her advice because I figured she had done this once or twice. I forgot to mention I had called Josh as soon as my water broke and he left work asap. Josh and I neither one are very good with seeing needles and blood so he left the room when the anesthesiologist  came in. It had probably only been about 10 min. since the dr. had told me to go ahead with the epidural and the pain was already unbearable by the time the meds arrived. My nurse had a student following her that day and I guess the anesthesiologist thought showing her how to do my epidural would be a good learning experience. So he was taking his dear, sweet time explaining every step of the process while I sat there billowed over in pain. His first few attempts to numb me didn’t work and I thought “Great, I am going to be one of those people who the epidural doesn’t work on.” Luckily it finally took and after about 15 min. I was completely pain free. What a miracle epidurals are! It really relaxed me and I almost felt as though I could take a nap. About 7:00pm they checked my progress and I was about 4cm so they decided to give me a little pitocin to get things moving along. All this time I had family in the room with me, my parents, Josh, my brother and Josh’s mom were all there to keep me entertained. Nothing was really happening and about 8:00 American Idol came on and we were all just watching and commenting. It is funny that I was in labor but we were just all watching tv like it was any other day. I called Jamie about 8:45 to see if her and Major were still coming to the hospital and she said they were going to be leaving in the next few minutes. I told her it was no rush and that it would probably be awhile. It wasn’t but about 10 minutes after that the nurse came in to check me and said I was fully dilated and ready to go. I was in disbelief and didn’t think I had heard her correctly. I didn’t know how it could already be time. I had been prepared for the long haul, I had a box of italian ice to munch on and had only had one so far. I wasn’t ready, how could this be? They said they were going to sit me up for a little bit so Lila could move down on her own to reduce pushing time. As they went to sit me up I got really light-headed and thought I was either going to throw-up or pass out. They got me a wet wash cloth and let me sit for a while and brought me to a sitting position little by little. At about 9:45 the nurses were giving me instructions on how to push and told me I could go ahead and start to get warmed up. Everyone except for my mom, Josh’s mom, Josh, and about 12 hospital employees left the room. They had extra nurses in the room because there had been some meconium in my water and they thought it may be in Lila’s lungs. It was crazy to have all these people I didn’t know in the room during such a personal time but all shyness went out the window. I pushed about 4 times and the nurses had me stop. They said if I kept pushing Lila was going to arrive before the dr. So, I sat there awkwardly looking at this group of people around me waiting on the dr. The dr. arrived about 10 minutes later. Once she got there I think I pushed about 4-5 more times and Lila was here. The dr. said “you did so good, you are built for having babies!” It was incredible, I couldn’t believe it happened so quickly and that it was pain-free. I got to hold Lila on my chest for just a moment before they took her away to check her lungs and vitals. I was just laying there staring at hear as they checked her asking if she was ok. She was perfect. She was born at 10:20pm and weighed 8lbs 8oz and 2o inches long. She was a big girl. She ripped me coming out so I also had to have some stitches, which really ended up being the most painful part in the days following. The rest of the night was kind of blur. All our family was in the room and Lila was being passed around. Jamie and Major made it in time too! I think I finally went to sleep that night at about 2 in the morning and I was delirious. But our sweet baby girl was here and life has been a whirlwind ever since.

My brother took some video of Lila shortly after she arrived. I am so glad he took this footage because it is hard to remember this as more time passes. I can’t believe she was so small.

Hopefully you can view it.

Sleep Like a Baby

18 Aug

Lila is a really good sleeper and that makes me one happy mama. She caught on fairly fast which has made life easier. Obviously those first several weeks were ROUGH. Sleeping in two hour increments is not ideal and leaves the body feeling like total crap. I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going. I remember the first night I slept four hours in a row and it felt like I had just slept for a solid 10 hours. It is amazing how your body adjusts to the new chaos.

Lila started sleeping pretty well right before I went back to work around 8 weeks. She was sleeping 7-8 hours at a time. I had been so worried about returning to work a sleep-deprived crazy person but she made it really easy on me. Babies do their own thing and once you think you have a schedule down they throw a curveball in there. There is really no rhyme or reason to her sleep pattern now but she still sleeps very well. Some nights she will sleep a solid  9-10 hours without getting up at all. However, for the most part here lately she is getting up for a feeding around 4 or 5 in the morning. That is still really good considering she goes to bed around 9:30 or 10. I know that seems late but that is schedule we have fallen into and it works for our family so that’s what we do. Whatever works. Josh is working nights now so when he isn’t there I am the one getting up. She is really good about taking her bottle and going right back down so we usually aren’t up for more than 3o minutes. The nice thing about Josh working nights is on his days off he is already up in the middle of the night when Lila gets up. On those nights they have a nice little daddy & daughter time and mama gets to sleep all night! It is wonderful.

When I was pregnant I was most worried about how sleep would change once Lila got here. While it is def. different than how it used to be it has not been as bad as I thought. I like to say she is such a good sleeper because I was training her while in the womb. I took a nap every chance I got and slept super-late on the weekends. Although, that isn’t really that different from my sleeping habits than before I was pregnant. I have always been a fan of some shut-eye!

I wish I was this cute when I slept. Look at that little lip. Ohhhhh I could just eat her!

Happy 5 Months!

16 Aug

Dear Lila-

You are 5 months old today and it blows my mind. The last couple of months have been full of emotion and joy. You have changed so much from the first day we brought you home. In the beginning you were this tiny little bundle that slept and ate all day long. Dont’ get me wrong, you were as cute as they come but you didn’t really do much. Everyday brings something new now. You get a little stronger, become a little more aware, display a new talent. It is simply amazing to watch. One of your favorite things right now is the jumparoo. It keeps you entertained and it is so funny to watch you bouncing about. It also allows me to take a shower for a solid 10 minutes without you getting bored. This is major! You have also started having cereal once a day by spoon and you really enjoy it. It is so funny to watch your little mouth open wide and try and take in as much food as possible. It gets a little messy sometimes but it is well worth it. You are rolling over from your belly to back and you will roll from your back to your belly any day now. You are close but you can’t quite get the final step. You also love to chew on everything and have become a little drool monster. We usually keep a bib on you most of the day so your outfit doesn’t get soaked. I am also still swaddling you. It calms you down instantly and helps you relax. I feel like we might need to start weaning you off of it but it never seems like a good night to interrupt your sleep. I guess it will happen in its own time. Your daddy takes you to the bookstore all the time and I read you lots of stories. You really like to look at the pictures and you are starting to try and grab them off the page. Some of my favorite things about you….

• your baby dimples

• your chubby little cheeks

• the way you recognize me when I come in the room and get shy

• the way you pucker your bottom lip (the cutest thing in the world)

• your cackle

• the way you run in place as fast as you can

• the little noises you make when you are sleeping

Basically I love everything about you but those are some of the best ones. You are also quite the babbler. I know you are telling me something really important but I haven’t been able to decipher exactly what it is yet. Here is a piece of a conversation we were having on our way back from Kentucky.

Sorry about the camera angle again, I have to remember to start turning the camera.

Your daddy and I love you more than we ever thought possible. Lots of times we just sit and stare at you together and make comments about how cute you are. We are afraid we are giving you the big head! Actually you already have the big head, at your last dr’s appt. you were measuring in the 90th percentile. It’s ok though, you come by it honest…you will have to check out your daddy’s baby pictures. It honestly makes my heart hurt how much I love you and I’m not quite sure how we ever got by without you. Thank you for showing me the purest love I have ever known and making me so happy.

Weekend Wrap-Up

16 Aug

We had a great weekend and it went by way too quickly. The wedding was amazing and we got to visit with family as well. My aunt and uncle live in Kentucky and they were so nice to let us spend the weekend with them. They were pretty excited to get to hang out with Lila. Their grandson Aiden was there and he kept Lila very entertained. It was great to have my mom there because I had events all weekend long and I was in out most of the time. We went downtown on Friday night for a small get-together and dinner. Then Saturday we had a spa party in the morning, followed by a tour of Woodford Distillery, rehearsal and then rehearsal dinner. I skipped the distillery so I could go back and spend a little time visiting with the family. Then on Sunday we met around 1:00 to get ready and do pictures. The wedding was at 7:00 that night and it was the perfect day for a wedding. It was mid-70’s with a breeze and the sun was shining.

It only took us about three hours each way to get there and Lila did amazing. The longest she has ridden in the car before this was about an hour. I sat in the backseat with her to keep her entertained. She napped a little, we had some conversation, and she had a bottle. She was also perfect the whole time during the wedding and didn’t make a peep. I think she must have been extremely tired on the way home with my mom though because she had a bit of meltdown. When a girl is exhausted and starving at the same time it is hard to reason with her. She was fine though after getting home and a little soothing.

Here is the beautiful bride me and miss Lila.

I swear I don’t apply fake eyelashes or put lipstick on her.

There was also a beautiful rainbow the night before the wedding.

Hopefully I will have more pictures to share later. I didn’t get to take very many on my camera but hopefully I will get some from a few other people.

Wedding Weekend

12 Aug

My dear friend Kelly is getting married in Kentucky this weekend and I can’t wait. My mom, Lila and I are taking a girls trip.

Lastnight Lila was in deep thought about what she would wear to the wedding, hopefully she will have her mind made up when I pick her up from daycare!