Weekend Wrap-Up

16 Aug

We had a great weekend and it went by way too quickly. The wedding was amazing and we got to visit with family as well. My aunt and uncle live in Kentucky and they were so nice to let us spend the weekend with them. They were pretty excited to get to hang out with Lila. Their grandson Aiden was there and he kept Lila very entertained. It was great to have my mom there because I had events all weekend long and I was in out most of the time. We went downtown on Friday night for a small get-together and dinner. Then Saturday we had a spa party in the morning, followed by a tour of Woodford Distillery, rehearsal and then rehearsal dinner. I skipped the distillery so I could go back and spend a little time visiting with the family. Then on Sunday we met around 1:00 to get ready and do pictures. The wedding was at 7:00 that night and it was the perfect day for a wedding. It was mid-70’s with a breeze and the sun was shining.

It only took us about three hours each way to get there and Lila did amazing. The longest she has ridden in the car before this was about an hour. I sat in the backseat with her to keep her entertained. She napped a little, we had some conversation, and she had a bottle. She was also perfect the whole time during the wedding and didn’t make a peep. I think she must have been extremely tired on the way home with my mom though because she had a bit of meltdown. When a girl is exhausted and starving at the same time it is hard to reason with her. She was fine though after getting home and a little soothing.

Here is the beautiful bride me and miss Lila.

I swear I don’t apply fake eyelashes or put lipstick on her.

There was also a beautiful rainbow the night before the wedding.

Hopefully I will have more pictures to share later. I didn’t get to take very many on my camera but hopefully I will get some from a few other people.

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