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11 Aug

Yes, the house is full of furbabies. Before Lila arrived they truly were our babies. We started with one small kitten and that has blossomed into 2 cats and 2 dogs. Bogey was our first and we were so excited to have him, a few months later we decided he needed playmate…so we adopted our cat Stella. For a while we were just cat people and thought that is all we would ever have but once we moved to our house the yard was begging for a dog. So off to adopt we go and we came home with Greta. She was such a fun little puppy. After having her for about a year we decided she needed a playmate too so we adopted blossom. “Shew!” That’s all I can say. They have brought us so much happiness but they are a ton of work. I think we may be looking at some therapy for Bogey. He keeps telling us he doesn’t understand why we keep bringing new additions into the house. I think Lila was the final straw for him…haha

Here’s the whole happy family, we don’t even have anywhere to sit.

We were worried when we brought Lila home from the hospital. We are outnumbered in the animals department and we just didn’t know how they would all react. I have been extremely proud of them though. The cats pretty much ignore Lila and the dogs love to smell her and give her a few good licks. If I wasn’t there to monitor this it would probably get out of control and she would be a puddle of drool. Gross! Everytime we come home the dogs are so excited. It’s like they have never seen us before and they have to check out what is in the carrier. I keep telling them it is the same baby! I guess I should be flattered they get so excited to see us but sometimes it can be too much. If I am talking to Lila they want to be right there in both of our faces. If I have her on my lap, they too want to be on my lap. I feel bad alot of times because I know before Lila was here they got alot more attention from me. They do still sleep with us which I love. A good doggy snuggle is amazing. I could snuggle Blossom for 24 hours straight though and she would still make you think she hadn’t had any attention. I guess we just have them spoiled.

I think it is really sweet when Lila is crying and they come and look at me like, “The baby is crying, we are worried.” I think they will be protective of her and I just pray that she loves them. However, when Lila is about 5 and she comes to ask for a puppy, the answer is “NO!” We have reached our limit.

However, Lila will probably need a playmate one day. That is not in the near future though and would be hard to fathom right now. When that day comes Bogey will probably make a break for it.

Here are some more pics of the rest of our family.

Mama Guilt

10 Aug

“What is that? What do you have to feel guilty about?” That was what I would have said to anyone who told me they had “mama guilt” before I had Lila. However, now I say “Yes, mama guilt is a real thing and I have a list a mile long of all the things I feel guilty for.”

There are a about a million things a day I feel guilty for.  Here are a few.

• Did I play with Lila enough and keep her entertained?

• I shouldn’t have bought so and so, that money should be used for the baby.

• Am I making the right decision using formula.

• Stopping nursing before I really wanted to.

• Working

• Going out for the night without baby.

• Wishing she would take a nap so I could take a nap.

• Worrying I’m not gonna be a good enough mom.

You get it. It could go on and on. From what I hear I think this is completely normal and is just what happens once you have kids. The responsibility factor in your life goes up 1000%. We want to be able to control everything and make sure our children have the best life possible. However, having guilt over these things is a huge waste of time and energy. Most likely if you are worried about all these things you usually have the best interest of your children in mind. I have been telling myself the important thing is to wake up everyday and be the best mom I can be to Lila. Of course I will make mistakes, that is a given. If we are so worried about all the things we are doing wrong we don’t have time to appreciate the positive. Next time you feel “mama guilt” just think about something you have done that day that makes you a great mom. We need to focus more on the positive because I guarantee the list of things we do right will be longer than the list we do wrong.


The Kindness of Strangers

9 Aug

On two occasions today I experienced kindness by two separate strangers. Sometimes you just need one small act to remind you that it still makes a difference to be kind to others. I was at taco bell on my lunch break, yes I had a super healthy lunch, don’t judge. The guy at the drive-thru was just so pleasant and kind. Once he gave me my food he told me to have a beautiful day. He wasn’t being cheesy or insincere, he honestly meant it and it made me feel so good and reminded me of all the wonderful things in my life. Then, I had to run to the post office and I had my arms full of boxes I needed to ship. I could have made it in on my own but it was a struggle. There was a lady in the distance who saw me coming and helped me get through all the doors. It was a small thing but it meant alot to me. She could have been in too big of a  hurry and gone on about her day but she waited for me. It reminded me of that commercial on tv. I don’t even remember what they were selling, maybe insurance. It starts out with a person doing something kind for someone and a third person witnesses it. It creates a domino effect until that act of kindness is returned to the original  person. Go out and be nice to someone today, not because you will get it in return but because it feels good!

Just thought you should know

9 Aug

It’s almost football time in Tennessee!

24 days, Lila and I are ready:) Josh is probably more excited than anyone though!

Our Weekend In Pictures

8 Aug

We went to stay with G Mama and G Daddy for the weekend since Josh had to work. We had such a good time. Saturday we took a little shopping trip and found Lila some toe blooms. Once she tried them on, G-Mama and I were in agreement that she had to have them. Check them out, are they not the sweetest things you have ever seen?

Also, we went to Newport on Saturday to see Lila’s Mamaw, Great Mamaw, Aunt Lori and Aunt Sami, and Great Papaw. She also got to see her uncle Zac and Papaw Barry. She had a blast and of course was spoiled rotten. Between her seeing my parents and Josh’s family this weekend she did not want to be put down lastnight. It is so worth it though because I love seeing how happy she makes everyone. Here are a few pics from our time in Newport.

We also picked up Sophie the giraffe on our shopping trip. Lila has been chewing everything lately and I think we may be seeing some teeth anytime. Sophie is really supposed to help with teething and she absolutely seemed to love it. She hardly put it down.


8 Aug

Lila had her first meltdown in public this weekend. She usually does really well when we go out and doesn’t mind a noisy atmosphere. We went to see G-mama and G-daddy (my parents) for the weekend. They were headed out to dinner with friends and wanted Lila and I to join them. I thought, “Oh yea! A night out at a restaurant.” Wrong. There was no “yea!” about it.

I knew Lila would be ready to eat when we got there and she was getting a little antsy in the car but as soon as we walked in the restaurant she just started screeching. I felt like we were in a movie and everyone just stopped eating to turn and look as us. I quickly gathered her up and took her outside to get her calmed down. Once we walked outside she stopped and was her happy self again. So back in we go and the screaming begins again. This time I get my diaper bag and belongings together so I can go out and prepare her bottle. My mom brought me my car keys so we could be cool while she had her bottle. She quickly calmed down and ate. I thought, “wonderful, she has eaten and is happy, we can go back in and have dinner.” Nope. As soon as we walked through those doors she just broke down again. She clearly was not comfortable in this place. My mom had already ordered my food but I said there is no way we can stay so we just left and went to their house. She was just as content as could be the rest of night.

I know all children have a breakdown in public at one time or another but this was my first. I just broke out into a sweat and was so nervous. I guess I felt like I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s night. I know before I had Lila I would have been annoyed by a crying baby at a restaurant so I didn’t want to impose on anyone else. However, now when I see a child melting down in public all I feel is sympathy. It is amazing what having a child of your own will do for you and how your perspective on so many things will change.

P.S. I finally got to eat about 10:30. It’s ok it was still delicious.

Flashback Friday

5 Aug

Josh and I when we first started dating in college about 8 years ago.

Josh and I at my art show my senior year at ETSU.

It is crazy to look back at these pictures when we were just two young kids in love! Now we have a beautiful baby girl and our life is better than it has ever been. We have a million times more responsibility but I wouldn’t change a thing. Lila has added a whole new dimension to our lives. No matter what kind of day we have had or what is going on around us, all it takes is one smile from her and everything else just melts away.

Lila Rolling Over

3 Aug

Lila has been rolling over for a while now but she is doing it alot more frequently these days.

Please excuse my horrible commentary on the video and yes we were watching Wheel of Fortune!

Anything For a Laugh

2 Aug

It is amazing what you will do to get your child to laugh, smile, and giggle. Last night I was breaking out all the stops. I was flying Lila through the air, bouncing her over my head, making funny faces in the mirror, talking in absurd voices, dancing like a loon and several other things. Once you hear one good belly laugh you want to hear just one more. You will do just about anything to get it. Several times the baby in the mirror trick was really getting her tickled. So we went back for more. Weird, two minutes later she didn’t find it nearly as funny. I wish someone had been recording me, it would have been great blackmail material. It was so worth it though to here Lila cackling. She is a tough audience though, it takes something really special to get her to belly laugh. Sometimes I can be doing the most ridiculous things and she won’t even crack a smile. She just gives you that look like “Really,You think that is funny?” We call that the Josh face! I can tell Josh a story sometimes that I think is absolutely hilarious and he just deadpans me. She takes after her daddy! It’s ok I know am hilarious, I don’t need my daughter to tell me so. Honestly though, I am usually the only one that finds myself funny but it makes me feel good when Lila gives me a pity laugh (sometimes dad will throw in a good pity laugh too!) Thanks lil bug, you make mama feel loved:)

Our Weekend In Pictures

1 Aug

This is what I get to wake up to, she is such a happy baby and super smily in the mornings!

Then we headed off to a yardsale, lunch, and the bookstore.

Later, Lila gave her Daddy some sugar.

Check out the insanely adorable bunny slippers Lila scored at the yard sale!

Sunday we went swimming!

Swimming wears a girl out.

And finally, on a sad note, my hairbrush that I have had since sixth grade finally met its maker this weekend. Yeah that’s right I had been using the same brush for almost 16 years.