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6 Month Check-Up

30 Sep

On Wednesday Lila had her 6-month check-up. She is a whopping 17 lbs 9 oz. I actually thought she might already be in the 18’s but she was a little shy of it. She is also 26.5 in long. I feel like she is fairly tall because we are having to dress her in pants that are 9 months because size 6 months are always too short on her. She also had to endure shots. It was probably the best she had done because she didn’t really cry. It was hardest time for me though and I’m not sure why. I think watching her face and seeing that it scared her to death made me really sad and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. As soon as it was over, I scooped her up and just held her. Love her heart.

The dr’s office was much more successful this time. Our appointment was at 2:00 and we left by 2:30. We did see a different dr this time because I was so angry after her last three hour appointment that I decided to make a change. While this dr. isn’t as personable with Lila, he gets the job does and conveys all the important information to me. The other dr. was really entertaining for Lila and did lots of ewwwing and awwwing. However, I figured I didn’t need to wait three hours for her to make funny noises for her, I do that all the time anyway. Lila’s monthly visits are over now and she won’t be going back until she is 9 months except to get the second dose of her flu shot.

We were in and out of the dr’s office so quickly that I didn’t even get to take pictures of Lila….boo. No worries though, I can always find a picture….

Mommy Fail Weekend

26 Sep

I had some sparkling “mommy moments” this weekend. Lila took her first tumble, she laughed and I about had a heart attack. She was in her bouncy seat on the couch playing with her doll and Josh and I had just stepped out of the room. Right as I was turning to go back in the living room with her I heard a thud. I ran in the room and saw her squirming on her belly in the floor. When I picked her up she was laughing and giggling. I was mortified. Josh calmed me down and assured me she was fine but it just shook me up. I carried her around for the next hour hugging her and whispering, “I’m sorry” in her ear. I’m pretty sure she thinks I am a nut-case. Josh said if I couldn’t handle a little tumble I was in for a world of hurt. I know he is right but it still upset me. You will be glad to know I have started buckling her in the seat every single time now, no exceptions.

My next award-winning moment came when she had a blow-out Β in her diaper on Saturday morning. She always saves those for mom, what a thoughtful girl I have. When I went to unbutton her sleeper I found the poop had traveled down her leg and it was about a half an inch thick. I tried to get the outfit over her head without smearing it everywhere. I was semi-successful. She escaped poop free but mom wasn’t so lucky. I required an outfit change as well. When I turned to get her new outfit Β she got ahold of her lotion and managed to get the pump off. Her face was covered in lotion and it was on the way to her mouth. The good news is she is extra moisturized, the bad news is I can never take my eyes off my child again.

Other than these fun adventures we hung out at the house with daddy and tried to stay out of trouble. We also got to hang out with Mamaw Lisa, aunt Lori and Sami, cousin Carter and Lilli and Great Mamaw and Papaw. They came to the house on Sunday afternoon and spent a few hours with us. Lila was very entertained and loved seeing everyone.

I didn’t really take any pictures this weekend, here are the few though.

Lila decided to celebrate Christmas early.

Mama’s Birthday

23 Sep

We had a wonderful day on Wednesday. My mom and I went to Duck Duck Goose and got lots of good deals on some things for Lila. We got our Christmas shopping done for lil bug. I don’t know why it is so much fun to shop for babies but it is!

Then we went to dinner at Bella Luna in Market Square and it was amazing. We had a little photoshoot at the end of the meal…haha. It was such a good day.

Happy Birthday Mama!

21 Sep

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mama! I don’t know where I would be without you. This has definitely been a year for the record books and I am glad you were right by my side. I really couldn’t ask for a better mother, friend, role model and supporter. You have taught me so many things about being a mother and I don’t think I will ever be able to come close to being the mother you were to Brian and I. I find myself wishing on a daily basis that I can learn from your wisdom and give Lila everything you gave me. You aren’t just my mother but my best friend. I truly look forward to our days out and just spending one on one time together. You are one of the smartest, strongest people I know and I depend on your input for so many things. I think I have always known I was lucky to have you but since having Lila it helps me appreciate you in a whole new way. We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives. I love you more than you will ever know.

Lila wanted to say happy birthday too! She loves you and when you can’t be there she hugs her “Jill doll” extra tight.

Weekend Wrap-Up

20 Sep

Lila and I spent our weekend in Dandridge with the G-parents! Lila continued to say “dada” all weekend. We took it easy for the most part. We found a consignment sale going on Saturday it just happened to be half-price day so we scored some really cute outfits for Lila. I mean the girl has nothing to wear πŸ˜‰

Lila kept G-daddy entertained.


She is also getting pretty good at sitting up by herself. We were practicing!


Daddy was home lastnight and he gave lil bug a ride around the house. She loved it!

Daddy wore her out and she was down for the count.





Happy 6 Months

16 Sep


It boggles my mind that you are 6 months old today. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. Everyday you bring something new to the table. You are rolling all over the place these days. If we get down in the floor I can’t look away for a moment because you will be on the other side of the room. You are starting to push up with your arms and legs and I have a feeling that you are going to be crawling in no time. You can sit up by yourself for several seconds before you face-plant! You started saying “dada” this week non-stop. For every time you say “dada” I say “mama” back to you…haha! I am actually really proud of you and your daddy couldn’t be happier about it but for some reason you won’t say it when he is around. I know the word “mama” is just around the corner. You have a great appetite and you have had cereal, avocados, carrots, and peas. You like to try and help mommy when I am feeding you and it turns into quite the mess, but it is very cute. Since we have started you on solids you are sleeping better through the night. I guess the dr. was right, you were hungry! We have also stopped swaddling you. I didn’t think that would ever happen. You loved it for so long and then one night you simply weren’t having it anymore. You LOVE music. Anytime you get upset in the car, you instantly calm down if I turn the radio up. It is really obvious when you get sleepy, you rub your eyes and look like you are about to fall over.

Some of my favorite things about you right now….

β€’ The way you grin at me when I pick you up from daycare.

β€’ You love falling asleep on mommy and daddy after your last feeding of the night. Snuggling with you is the best.

β€’ How excited you get in your jumparoo, you love that thing and just stomp your lil feet.

β€’ Your chitter chatter.

β€’ We found your ticklish spot and I love to hear you laugh when we tickle you.

β€’ The doggies thrill you and you love to pet them.

β€’ Your baby snores.

β€’ Your cheeks, I bet I kiss your cheeks a hundred times a day…I just can’t resist


Things you HATE

β€’ the booger sucker

β€’ when mommy picks at your toes

β€’ when we try to wipe your face off

β€’ when mommy won’t make your bottle fast enough


The 1 thing I HATE:

β€’ Your poopy diapers. They are hardcore, Lila.


Lila, I really can’t imagine this life without you. You are so sweet and bring me happiness everyday. I hope you know how loved you are.


Look, you can’t believe you are six months either!


Things I Never Thought I Would Say

13 Sep

– “Do I have poop on my face?”

– “That 5 hours of sleep was awesome.”

– “Do I have a change of clothes? I just got peed on.”

– “Your farts are so cute!”

– “Does her poop look normal to you?”

– “When is the last time I took a shower?”


Weekend Wrap-Up

12 Sep

We had a great weekend. Josh had the weekend off so we finally all got to spend some time together.

Lila made the cheerleading team…haha.

Lila and daddy cheered our Vols on.

Lila’s aunt Jamie’s stopped by as well.

Lila got to try out her new shopping cart cover when we went to Target. She was really tired so she was just taking it easy.

She is about to outgrow her carseat, her feet are about to hang over the end…she is growing so fast:(

I am already falling behind on making Lila’s baby food. We were so busy all weekend and I didn’t get a chance to make anymore. She did really good with her peas last week and she was gobbling them up. I am gonna try and make some carrots tonight! YUM:)

Flashback Friday- Halloween Edition

9 Sep

I know, I know, Halloween is a bit off but it is my favorite holiday! I love to get dressed up. I have been trying to come up with a great costume for Lila. In the past several years I have started making my costumes and I truly enjoy it. This year,I would like mine and Lila’s costume to go together. Josh doesn’t get as excited about Halloween as I do so I will let him fend for himself…haha. As I was coming up with ideas I started to look back at all the costumes I have had in the past several years. I thought it would be fun to share.

This was one of my first costumes, my mom made it. I think I was about 3 in this picture and Brian was 7.

Mine and Josh’s first Halloween together. I’m not really sure what my costume was, some type of witch and Josh was a priest.

Ladybug and caveman

This year started the beginning of homemade costumes, my mom made this snow white costume for me….she did such a great job on it. (This picture is terrible quality, it is a picture of a picture.) I think Josh was supposed to be a judge, his wig is hilarious.

My mom also made this Wilma costume for me, that was such a fun year!

This is the first costume I ever made. I don’t know why I wanted to be Rainbow Bright but I got it stuck in my head that is what I had to be. I was really into Project Runway (and still am) and had just gotten a sewing machine for my birthday. This is the first thing I made.

The boots were my favorite part, I still have them!

Pocahontas. This took forever to bead. I had really cool boots with this costume too but this was the only picture I could find:(

I was Posion Ivy 2 years ago! That was the best year yet because I went to lots of costume parties and actually won some prizes for the costume.

And finally, this was last year. The peacock was fun but I was five months pregnant with Lila so it wasn’t as lively as years past…lol.

That was so much fun to go through old pictures but now I have to figure out what 2011 holds for Halloween. I want Lila to love dressing up as much as I do:)

Roly Poly

8 Sep

Lila has gotten the hang of rolling over and things are definitely changing. Gone are the days of laying her down and expecting her to stay put. We laid her on the floor this weekend and before we knew it she had rolled halfway across the room. It is exciting and scary all at the same time. It marks a huge leap for her and the way she sees the world but it is scary because I feel like I have to be on high alert at all times. Right now the biggest problem with her rolling over concerns her nighttime sleep. Although she knows how to roll over from back to belly and belly to back she has gotten much better at rolling from her back to belly. Once she rolls to her belly she kinda freaks out and thinks she can’t get onto her back again. She has started rolling over in her crib at night and wakes herself up crying until Josh or I come and flip her back over. We also can’t lay her down if she hasn’t fallen asleep yet because the first thing she wants to do it roll over (even though she doesn’t really want to be on her stomach.) I know she will get stronger and stronger and be able to situate herself without our assistance but I didn’t know if this was a common problem. I have tried to place a rolled up blanket on each side of her but she is so strong she just flips herself over it. I don’t want to put too many things in her crib just for safety purposes. In the meantime we are enjoying snuggling our sweet baby as she falls asleep.