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Am I Relevant?

28 Oct

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Am I relevant? In today’s society relevance seems to be of the upmost importance to everyone. Whether it is by using facebook, twitter, blogging, youtube or any other hot social tool. It seems some people will do outrageous things to gain followers or to become the next viral sensation on the internet. I for one love all the new social tools. I can’t say that I don’t use them or don’t participate because I do and I really enjoy it. However, I think we need to keep perspective about it and think about the messages we are sending out.  We need to remember to stay relevant in our own life and nourish the relationships we have around us. Sometimes our smart phones can be the most relevant part our day when it really needs to be the loved ones who are sitting beside us. This is a good reminder to keep what is most cherished in our life the most relevant as well.

Lions and Tigers and Bears

25 Oct

Yeah, I’m a cheeseball…but we took Lila to the zoo and had a great time. I have decided that the zoo is amazing at any age. Lila really seemed to enjoy it but I think Josh and I liked it better than she did. It was the perfect day to go, almost all the animals were out and about.

I always forget how big the elephants are…and how smelly 😉

Also, Lila has a tooth that started breaking through over the weekend. She seems to be handling it pretty well and has only been mildly fussy. I can’t believe she is big enough to be getting teeth.

We are also in the midst of working on Halloween costumes. Nothing like waiting til the last minute! Stay tuned for pictures:)

Please Return to Lost and Found

21 Oct

If anyone finds my brain lying around I would love to have it returned.

I thought the whole “mommybrain” thing was a myth but I have to say it is a real thing. I’m not sure how I make it through the day sometimes in one piece. I have never had the greatest memory but it has definitely taken a turn for the worst. Yesterday I had a conversation with a co-worker. Hours later I remembered having the conversation but couldn’t remember who I had it with. I had to go around and question no less than 5 people to figure out who I had the conversation with. This is just one example but this type of thing happens on a daily basis. I need my brain back.

Beyond My Control

21 Oct

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I am a worry-wart. I worry about the future all of the time. I play out all the various outcomes in my head, only to realize it is beyond my control. Yes, I do have a responsibility to make smart decisions and do what I think is best but beyond that I must hand over my worry. If I spend all of my time worrying about the what ifs I am going to be hazing over a large part of my life. I want to live in the present and be mindful of the task in front of me.


Giraffes are Funny

18 Oct

At least, Lila and I think so 🙂

Happy 7 Months

17 Oct


This month has gone by the quickest yet. I don’t know where the time has gone. You are growing so quickly, I am just trying to bottle up every moment. You are sitting up so well now and you love to sit and play with your toys all around you. You would really rather be standing than sitting and you try and pull up just about every chance you get. We have started to try more foods with you and you seem to love all of them. You have had peas, carrots, avocado, peaches, apples, and mashed potatoes. You are sleeping really well now and rarely get up in the middle of the night. As a matter of fact, you slept 13 hours one night this past weekend. That is your record so far.

You have started saying “mama” all the time and I can’t hear it enough. It makes me so happy. You have developed much better control of your hands and you can take your passy in and out as you please. You really love your pacifier and it may be a problem when we have to take it away but it makes life easier for the moment. Your laugh is infectious and you love to babble.

You have your first little cough right now and we went to the dr today. He seemed to think you were ok and you would be back to normal in a few days. It is really scary when you don’t feel good. I was up most of the night waiting for you to cough, and checking your breathing and temperature.

We love you so much and are thankful for each day we get to spend with you.

Playing Catch-Up

14 Oct

On Fridays around these parts we stop, drop, and write.

We write bold and beautiful and free. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.

Won’t you join us?

      1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
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Life seems to be a big game of “catch-up”. I wake up each morning with a list of “to-do’s” left over from the day before. I go to bed each evening making a list of the things I didn’t get accomplished. Yes, sometimes there are things that are necessary to be done each day. However, sometimes we need to just step back and breathe. That load of laundry isn’t going anywhere, the phone calls can wait to be returned, the house can stay cluttered another day. Catch this moment in your life to see what is good and important. Will I look back on this day and be glad I spent and extra half hour playing with Lila? Absolutely. Will I look back on this day and be mad at myself I didn’t scrub the bathtub? Probably not.

Catch as many tender moments as possible because they are flying by us unnoticed each day.

Catch a glance from your loved ones and cherish them.

Catch the hand of your child and breathe in their sweet scent.

Catch a moment to savor a wonderful meal and a moment of peace.

What are you going to catch today?

I Couldn’t Say It Better….

12 Oct

So I wanted to pass this along. Beautifully written.

The Best Way To Get Over Yourself

Celebration Weekend

10 Oct

The weekend was an absolute blast. It was full of good friends, good music and lots of memory-making. On Friday night Josh and I got to go see the Avett Brothers at Smokies Stadium for my birthday. We have seen them several times but I have to say this was one of the best. We got to hang out with good friends and just got to relax. Lila stayed with her G-parents and continued to wrap them tighter around her little finger.

This is one of my favorite songs from the Avett Brothers and it is the last one they played before their encore. I like to think they played it for my birthday:)

On Saturday night I had my 10 year high-school reunion. We had a blast but I can’t believe it has been 10 years. Here is one of the girls.

Then on Sunday,  we went to a dedication ceremony for my grandfather. He was on the board of the Appalachian Electric Cooperative for over 20 years and made a huge difference in his community and in everyone’s life he was a part of. The co-op recently finished an addition onto their headquarters and it was dedicated to my grandfather. This portion of the headquarters now holds the name, Frank C. Hodge Engineering and Control Center. This makes me so proud.

I can’t forget to add cuteness from lil bug.

Wedding Anniversary

6 Oct

Josh and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday. It is hard to believe that three years have passed so quickly. Not only have they passed in light speed but our life has done a 180 since we got married. We went to dinner on Tuesday night and just had some “us time”.

Looking back Josh and I find it hard to believe sometimes that we ever got married. Just like every relationship, things aren’t always easy or perfect. Our journey started the summer before I entered high school. Josh was the first boy I really “dated”. I actually don’t think he would call it dating though. He is 2 years older than me and when we were in high school that was a big deal. He had a lot more freedom being a boy and being a bit older. My parents kept a short leash when it came to my first dating experiences. Josh recalls my mom wouldn’t even let me go on a date with him to church. Is going to church really a date though? I guess I would have called any time I got to spend with him a date. Our time together didn’t last long once I got to high-school. Josh found out pretty quickly he wasn’t going to be able to have the dating freedom he wanted if he dated me, basically because I wasn’t really aloud to go anywhere with him. This really had nothing to do with Josh but more to do I think with my parents wanting their “baby” not to grow up too quickly. Throughout high-school we stayed friendly but we both dated other people, however he always held a special place in my heart.

In my sophomore year of college Josh and I both ended up at ETSU and ran into each other because we all had mutual friends from high-school. Once we started hanging out again things progressed really quickly. We were head over heels in love within weeks and claimed we wanted to be together forever. The story would wrap up nicely if things proceeded easily on from there but that is never the case. With both of us being in college and still being so young we had our spats, disagreements and break-ups. We broke up and got back together several times. Our last break-up we really took some time away from each other and didn’t speak for  months. Looking back, I think without that time apart we wouldn’t have ever gotten married. That time apart made us both realize that we were truly what the other wanted and we were done with our silly games. Our friends watched us go through our ups and downs and were probably reluctant when we got back together. I can look back now though and say I would go through all of the heartache and rough times again to get to where we are today. Josh is my best friend and a great father. He helps me to be a better person and makes me laugh on a daily basis. Marriage is work but I wouldn’t want to work at it with anyone else but him.

Lila celebrated the evening with us when we got home, she was clearly ecstatic 😉