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I’m So Glamorous

28 Nov

This was my thought yesterday as I was trying to decipher if what was on my face was squash or poop.

How in the world did that happen you ask?

Well it is a delightful little story.

Lila and I were about to head back to Knoxville yesterday after visiting family all weekend but I fed her lunch before we got on the road. I was feeding her a little bit of squash when I flipped the spoon up and squash went flying everywhere. No big deal, I just cleaned it up and went on my way.

On the way home I thought I would stop at the mall real quick and return some boots that I was on the fence about. Before I could get off the interstate my driver’s side windshield wiper broke in half and scared me to death. A piece of the wiper went flying over my car and is now dying a slow death somewhere on the side of the road. The other piece was still attached but it was flailing about and cause a horrible noise every time it started to wipe.

I managed to make my way off the exit and into the mall parking lot. I thought I would take the wiper the rest of the way off since it was just dangling. It wasn’t as easy as I anticipated. I must have looked like I was having a rough time because a good samaritan came to my rescue. A gentleman cam over with an umbrella and unhooked it for me and then directed me towards Sear’s to buy some new ones. He offered to get Lila and I inside because it was pouring rain but I told him I didn’t care to get a little wet and she would be fine in her stroller. I was so grateful someone stopped to help.

Then, I was immediately glad I hadn’t taken him up on his offer. When I went to get Lila out of her carseat I realized she had had a blowout. POOP EVERYWHERE. I had already taken the stroller out and now it was getting soaked while I was trying to maneuver around poop. I quickly put the stroller back up. I tried my best to get Lila changed in the car without furthering the mess but really how well can you do in the rain with a blowout diaper. I had laid her down on the seat to get her clothes off but I was having to stand outside and reach in. I couldn’t have been any wetter if I had been taking a shower. Ok, that was an exaggeration but truly my whole back and pants were drenched.  At this point I just wanted to go home but I still had to replace my wipers so I figured I might as well finish what I had come for.

I made my return and purchased the wipers. I also paid the additional $2 to have them install them for me. I figured I probably could have figured it out but in the rain with Lila was not the day to do it. $2 well spent. On the way home I stopped to get some lunch. That’s when I reached up to scratch my face and I was posed with the mystery of squash or poop?

I never did figure it out. I am telling myself it was squash though and hopefully everyone I encountered while running my errands didn’t notice or didn’t even think to question themselves if it could have been poop.

Like I said, I’m glamorous.

What is making me happy right now

23 Nov

Pinterest Projects

21 Nov

Yay! I did it, I completed my first Pinterest project.

Here is the final product.

It turned out to be super easy and really fun to make. I really like to mix and match fabrics and this is a great project to do this with.

This probably took me about an hour and half total. I cut out all the fabric while watching Private Practice and then sewed them the next day during Lila’s nap. This is a better picture of how the strap weaves into the bars of a chair. We found putting it through more than one bar provides better support.

Once you have it weaved through the bars and laid out flat then you sit baby on top and get the strap nice and snug around them.

Then you simply fold up the long piece and tuck it into the strap.

Obviously this is not a 5 point harness system and you shouldn’t leave baby unattended. Lila sat in it for quite a while before she got a a little wiggly and tried to lay down in the chair.

“Baby Jill” wanted to sit in the high chair too. She was an easier model.

I also met my goal, I finished this on Friday! Now to figure out what my next Pinterest Project will be:)


Happy 8 Months

16 Nov

Happy 8 Months lil bug. We love you so.

You like to grunt, giggle, scrunch your nose, pull hair, play with the phone, snuggle at bedtime, put EVERYTHING in your mouth, love on your babydoll and kick your shoes off.

We have been playing “Where’s Baby?” with you.

Here is a sample.

Josh and I may be having more fun than she is with this game.

My New Obsession

15 Nov


If you haven’t checked out this cool site be prepared for a time suck. It is a great way to tag all of your favorite things online. I have found so many great DIY ideas, recipes and inspiration for my home. I feel like I need a whole other life to fulfill my pinterest dreams.

Here are my boards if you want to check them out

I have decided I need to start making use of all the cool ideas I have found. My goal is to start doing one DIY idea a week.

I am starting with this one,

My goal is to have it done by Sunday. If all goes as planned I will pick out one thing to do each week and try and report back on it.

Have fun pinning!

Weekend Wrap-Up

14 Nov

This is where we got to spend part of our weekend.

Our friends shared their new home with us and we had such a fun, relaxing day. Three of us have new babies and they all finally got to meet-up.

Charlotte and Lila are going to be the best of friends 🙂

Lila was so happy to have mama and daddy at the same time! She is happier than she is letting on 😉

I made a point to get a picture with her because I feel like we don’t have any together.

Aunt Jamie got some Lila love too!

The girl loves her passy.

On Sunday, my mom and I took Lila with us to the jewelry show in Gatlinburg. Once we arrived we found out there were no children aloud inside….grrrr. It ended up working out though. My mom and I tagged each other in and out every 30 minutes. Lila had a blast because she had a playmate the whole day and wasn’t forced to look at jewelry.

The Bond

11 Nov

I debated whether I should write about this or not. Then I realized that when I was going through this I wished that I could relate to someone else who had struggled with it too. I feel like it is not talked about enough because women are ashamed of it. It makes you feel like you are a bad mother and selfish person but that is not the case. It is important to ask for help and not keep these feelings to yourself. If this makes one other mother feel better then I feel like I have helped. We need to embrace each other because I think being a mother is the hardest job in the world and we all need support at some point.

I have been thinking a lot today about the bond between a mother and her child. It is truly a remarkable thing. Before giving birth you read in books about the instant bond you will have with your child and all the bliss you will experience. My journey was a bit different.  Once I had Lila in my arms I knew I had never experienced anything like that in my whole life but I wouldn’t refer to it as an instant bond. I obviously loved her to pieces and thought she was amazing but the bond was slow to form. Once we got home everything in my life was new and totally foreign to me. The nights were long, lonely, and there was not much sleep to speak of. The minute Lila shut her eyes I would make a mad dash for my bed and try to will myself to sleep to in order to consume every minute possible. Usually I would just end up lying there thinking about the next task on my list. Eventually this led to total sleep deprivation where I really wasn’t sure if I was coming of going. Each time I saw a pampers commercial come on I would secretly curse the tv because they made motherhood look like all rainbows and butterflies. Just about everyday someone would tell me to enjoy every moment. I thought, ” How am I supposed to enjoy 2 hours of sleep, being used as a milk machine, and not being able to remember if I ate or not?” I realized soon that I was experiencing “baby blues” and possibly some PPD. Baby blues is extremely common and happens in about 85% of women and I think PPD occurs in around 15% if I am remembering correctly. I would have to say it was an incredibly hard thing to go through. You have a beautiful new baby in your arms and you can’t think about anything but feeling sad and depressed. The more I think about it, I would be surprised if people didn’t experience these feelings. This is truly one of the biggest changes anyone can ever go through. One day you are going through life solely having to worry about yourself and the very next day you have a whole life you are responsible for. If that’s not life-changing then I don’t know what is. Through my process I talked to my dr, friends and family who all reassured me this was normal to go through and it would pass. Luckily they were right, after about 3 or 4 months off and on I came through it.

This is for all mothers whether you experienced this tough time or not. You have an important, huge job and you have the ability to make a difference everyday. This is for Lila, for one day when she has her own children she will know she is supported and loved and that it is ok to admit that it is hard.

The Unexpected

11 Nov

OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes on:


The unexpected is part of our everyday lives.

The unexpected…

-car accident

-$20 in your pocket

-special phone call

-trip to the hospital

-stroke of good luck


-kindness of a stranger

We all have this urge to control things in our lives but really we don’t have the control at all. We can do everything according to plan and there are still the unexpected, unplanned events that take place. It is important to remember that we need to give the control over because there is a bigger plan the one we have in our heads. Wake up each day ready for whatever the day is gonna bring.

Just In Case You Didn’t Know I Was Crazy

9 Nov

As I was leaving work yesterday I was hurrying out to my car in order to get dinner prepared for some friends we had coming over. As I started my car and put it into gear I remembered the cookie dough in the fridge that I had purchased on my lunch break. I was flustered and in a hurry so I turned the car off and hopped out of the car. We have a small flight of stairs up to our building and just as I got to the top and reached for the door I heard a crash. I turned around to see my car resting in the chain link fence that surrounds our company property.  Apparently I was in such a hurry, I left the car in gear but pulled my keys out. Not a good idea, especially when you are parked on any kind of a slope. The front of my car is pretty scratched up from running face-first into the fence. I got upset and started to tear up. Not because of my car but because I feel like my mind is always sitting in the seat beside me and I have to remember to bring it with me. Luckily no one was hurt and I didn’t have Lila with me. I know we all do these kinds of crazy things sometimes but I feel like in the past couple of months it has gotten a little too frequent.

Here is to hoping this post-pregnancy brain thing wears off soon.

The Many Faces of Lila

8 Nov