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Open Head, Open Heart

30 Dec


I have found sometimes it is easy to get stuck in a rut, a way of thinking, and the daily small things that make up our life. I think sometimes I tend to not realize the best in people. We want to be so cautious these days of being scammed, manipulated, and lied to that sometimes it can make our hearts and heads closed off to people. For instance, I want to be the person that when I see someone in need I will do whatever I can to help that person instead of believing they are taking advantage of the situation.

I was at the store the other day and when I was walking out a gentleman approached me and asked if I had any extra cash because he needed to buy groceries for his family. I quickly told him I didn’t have any cash and continued walking. That was partially the truth because I very rarely have cash with me but once I got to my car I saw I had $2. In my head I thought he will probably use this towards drugs or alcohol but then something was really nagging me, saying what if his family is sitting at home hungry? I then proceeded to drive up to where he was and I told me I found a few bucks and that I hoped it helped. I don’t know where that money ended up but I want to hope it helped. It can only help if I have an attitude of giving instead of immediately writing someone off. I think what if I happen to be in that situation one day, I would hope and pray that someone would open their heart to me. This is just a reminder that to make change and see good in the world requires giving back and not counting on someone else to do it. Be smart but have an open heart.

I Have Sad Face, Look Away

30 Dec

Well the time has come, my brother and Jamie left for Seattle this morning. They should be there by 2:00 today. I am so excited for them to start their new adventure in a great, new city but that doesn’t make it easier to say goodbye. Josh and I had them over for one last dinner on Wednesday night and we just got to hang out and enjoy the little bit of time we had before they left. We are already talking about planning a trip out to seem them but it will most likely be several months. Lila told Uncle Brian goodnight before going to bed. Of course he can keep up with her on Facebook by her daily pictures but it is going to be different. Ok, now I am going to go have sad face the rest of day.

Christmas Videos

28 Dec

Christmas 2011

28 Dec

I think this face says it all on Christmas morning.

Such a happy girl.

“What mom? All I wanna do is crawl in the fireplace.”

“I’m a reindeer.”

“Wait a minute, get these things off of me!”

Family photo time.

Lila and daddy look awfully sleepy.

“Seriously mom, stop with the pictures.”

Christmas was fun, exciting, and hectic. We stayed at my parent’s house for a few days. It was a full house. We had 4 dogs, a bunny, my brother, my parents, my aunt and uncle, Josh, Lila and myself! You can understand why things got a little hectic. I think one of my favorite things was setting up Lila’s presents. It just reminded me of how excited I would be when I was a kid and wake up on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought. Lila’s favorite thing was the wrapping paper! She did go crawling to her pile though and was very intrigued with what was going on. I have a video of her finding her stash I will share later.

We also went to see Josh’s family on Christmas day and Lila got to sit and open gifts with all of the other kids. Again, she loved the wrapping paper. We usually play dirty santa with his family but this year everyone wrote down what their most memorable Christmas memory was as a child and an adult, what their best present ever was and what their worst present was. Then we all went around the room and shared our stories. It was so much fun and it was a great way to remember things we had forgotten over the years. I hope to make some great memories for Lila so she will have some good stories to tell when she is older.

We all got so much more than we deserved and I am just thankful for the giving, gracious families we have.



The Holidays Make Me Tired

22 Dec

and Lila too! Every night this week I said I was going to get in bed early but I somehow can’t manage to do it. The presents are almost wrapped though, we are getting closer!

Holiday Hoorah!

20 Dec

Yes, this is what it looks like….Josh in a tacky Christmas sweater and me being a party pooper. Ok, actually I wasn’t being a party pooper because we went to 2 different parties. First we went to my company Christmas party at the Tennessee Theatre and it was a super nice, put your best duds on kind of night. Josh actually had on a dress shirt and tie for that one and then did a switcheroo! I had gotten my hair done for the party, a nod to the 1950’s. I usually always do my own hair, even for our wedding I did it but I decided to treat myself and go to the salon. Once my work party was over, I decided I had put too much effort into getting ready to throw on a Christmas sweater so I went as-is. I did however leave the 2nd party early to sneak home and put my pjs on and get comfy! Pajamas are never over-rated!

Happy 9 Months

16 Dec

Happy 9 months my sweet Lila.

You have really started changing by leaps and bounds the past few weeks.

-You are crawling everywhere.

-Your hair is longer and curlier each day.

-You have a great appetite.

-Your laugh is infectious and can make the hardest day not so bad.

-You have so many people that love and care about you.

-You pull at your ears when you get sleepy.

-You love when I blow raspberries on your belly.

-Bath time is one of your favorite things, I think you might be a swimmer one day.

-You rub your Jill doll or giraffe to put you to sleep.

-You absolutely love Elmo.

-You weigh 21 pounds and are 28.25 inches tall.

You truly are such a happy baby. Your dad and I must have done something really good to deserve you. Each day is a new adventure and I never get tired of going on the journey with you. I am so thankful that you are happy and healthy. I love you sweet bug.

Procrastinating Nelly

16 Dec

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: This year I plan to start putting off my Christmas shopping extra early.

This has my name all over it. I had good intentions, I swear.

Somehow, I only have about 2 names marked off my list and about 50 left to go. Did I mention it is 9 days before Christmas? Blah….I have so much on my to do list. Online shopping may just save me!

Staying Connected

16 Dec

Five Minute Friday: Connected

It is so easy to get caught up in all the chaos of our everyday lives, especially around the holidays. There is always a voice in the back of my head that reminds me I need to be in the moment and enjoy what is right in front of me.

Lila has a book she loves called “The Bare-Footed Bad-Tempered Babies.” There is nothing that snaps me back to reality quicker than sitting down and reading that book with her. The message of it is even though our babies may have there bad-tempered moments they won’t be babies for long. It reminds me I need to enjoy this time, even at 4:00 in the morning when the diaper didn’t stay fastened. These moments are fleeting.

This is a great reminder, not only with our children but with all the loved ones in our lives. Friends and family are the sweetest, and best gift we could be given….we need to remember to stop and appreciate them.

She Is Off To The Races

15 Dec