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Our Parents Lie Too

28 Feb

Yes, that’s right, don’t think your parents haven’t lied to you.

As a kid I loved all the colorful cereal as most children do. My mom is a dietician so our choices were usually Cheerios or Raisin Bran. I guess I didn’t know anything else even existed until I started going to my friend’s houses. I suspect that is where I snuck and discovered the luxury of sugared cereal.

I remember being at the grocery store with my mom and asking her to get box of the colorful, sugary flakes. Her response was that I was allergic to them and would break out in a rash if I ate them. You would think I would have known better since I had had them before ย and didn’t have a rash. But, apparently I have always been pretty gullible. I guess over the years I had asked for the cereal on different occasions and the answer was always, “You’re allergic.” I thought, well my mom told me so, so I must be.

It wasn’t until I was approaching my 20’s that my mom and I happened to be talking about allergies or childhood or something related to that when I uncovered her deep, dark secret.


The nerve. She said that lie was going to come in handy one day.

I believe she may be right.

I have a feeling Lila may have inherited my allergy.

Weekend In Pictures

27 Feb

1. Not enjoying dinnertime.

2. What our living room looks like 90% of the time.

3. “I’m not doing anything, nothing to see here.”

4. “What does this string do?”

5. Stella and Lila enjoying the sunshine.

6. Lila loved watching the dogs from the window. (I swear the window is clean on the inside.)

7. “I’m such a big girl.”

8. Runny noses and red lips.

Mama Style

24 Feb

I am taking part in Dear Baby’s Style Off. She is putting on a contest to see who can style the Lovely In Lace top the best. I thought it sounded like such a fun contest so I decided to take part, plus I scored this super cute top at 35% off!

This is how I styled my new shirt. I paired it with the following…

Leather Jacket- Forever 21

Gray Asymmetrical Skirt- American Apparel

Belt- Francesca’s Collection

Boots- Cute little shoe boutique that is now closed:(

Jewelry- Collected over the years (which basically means I can’t remember)

If you like how I have styled my new top please go over toย Dear Baby on Monday Feb 27th to vote on my style. You can vote all next week! Plus read through Melissa’s blog while you are there, it’s good stuff:)

I Must Locate My Party Pants

23 Feb

Party planning for Lila’s first birthday is officially underway. Before I was a parent I thought it was kinda crazy to put too much hoo-rah into a child’s first birthday but now that it is quickly approaching ย I have changed my mind. Yeah, she won’t remember it but I think Josh and I should get to celebrate for keeping her alive ๐Ÿ™‚ The first year is a big milestone and you conquer so many things you didn’t realize you were capable of . So for that there will be a really cute party, with handmade decorations, good food and lots of friends.

Lies We Tell….Our Parents

22 Feb

Let’s face it, we all do it or have done it in the past. I think it is natural that there are little secrets we have and times we glaze over things in order to avoid dissapointment. I always told my parents a lot. There were very few things I kept from them because I think I had a guilty conscious. Everyday I think about what Lila is going to be like when she gets older and I wonder about the type of relationship we will have. I hope she feels she can share things with me as I did with my parents. Let’s be clear, of course there were times I wasn’t honest and didn’t always come clean. I find it entertaining now to sit down with my parents and say “Remember that one time I said such and such?”…well it didn’t really happen that way. We have a good laugh about it now.

I thought I would share one of those times. It makes me laugh thinking about it.

On my 20th birthday, myself and my BFF’s went to get our first tattoo. We were giddy, nervous, and so excited all at the same time. We had been discussing our plans to do this for a while and had sketches and everything to take with us. Even though we were all technically adults we all knew that none of our parents would really approve or be in favor of the tattoos. Apparently I wasn’t overly concerned with hiding mine because I had mine all of a week before my mom discovered it. She took me shopping for clothes as she did so many times before and as I was busy trying on the next article of clothing I didn’t think to conceal my back. She didn’t even bust me on it at that moment, she waited a while and brought it up in conversation later. I really don’t think she was even that mad but I do remember her asking me if I knew it was gonna be there forever? I am sure I had some smart little response. Lord help me when Lila is a teenager. Anyway, overall I felt that I had just kinda let her down. However, we never talked about whether she was gonna tell my dad or not. I guess she didn’t because some months later I was home from college for the weekend hanging out in my pajamas. I was leaning over looking in the fridge when I heard my dad say, “Laura, I hope that isn’t a tattoo on your back.” I’m pretty sure I broke out into a sweat.

In my head….” OH CRAP, OH CRAP, OH CRAP….what do I say?”

What I really said…”Oh it’s not daddy, it’s one of those henna tattoos. It will be gone in a few months.”

And we haven’t talked about it since. It think he may be onto me though, 9 years later and it hasn’t faded a bit. That’s some good henna:)

Down For the Count

20 Feb

Our weekend was full of fevers, runny noses, chills, aches, stuffy heads and achy ears. Well that was just my weekend.

I had felt it coming on all week but it didn’t really have its punch until Friday night. I honestly thought I had the flu because of all the body aches but it turns out it was a really bad sinus infection. I am on antibiotics for the next week and hoping the sickness is done for a while at our house. Lila also woke up with a touch of pink eye on Saturday so we were a hot mess. Josh had to work for a bit on Saturday so luckily my parents came to the rescue and kept Lila for us.

She had a fabulous time at their house clearing shelves, dumping blocks and keeping them on the move.

Here’s to days filled full of health in the future!

Happy 11 Months!

16 Feb


You are growing too fast but you are so much fun.

Can you believe we are starting to talk about your 1st birthday? I think you are going to love it.

What are you up to these days?

-You are trying lots of new foods and seem to love most of them.

-Diaper changing has become quite a feat around our house. By the time we are able to get a new diaper on you, you manage you get it off in about 2.5 seconds.

-You are standing really well and are very curious.

-You will hand us a toy that you want to share and get extremely bashful after giving it to us. It is so cute.

-I can’t get a picture of you being still to save my life.

-You still only have 2 teeth but we expect more anytime now.

-You usually get up once during the night acting like you haven’t been fed in days. We seem to have gone backwards here.

-Your hair is very curly like mama’s.

-“Mama” and “Dada” are your two favorite words. You are starting to say “Bye Bye” quite a bit as well.

– You seem really interested in books. Mostly in ripping and eating them ๐Ÿ™‚

-You are starting to attempt to hold your own bottle but only with much encouragement. You still aren’t making a lot of progress with the sippy cup.

-You have outgrown most of your sleepers but we are still squeezing you in them.

-You hug us and occasionally give us kisses which is probably the best thing on the face of the earth

-You came incredibly close to having your first taste of cat food yesterday but I managed to wrangle it from you.

We love you sweet girl, I can’t believe you have been here almost a year.

Goodnight Giraffe

13 Feb

As you lay in a warm, little bundle in my arms your chubby little fingers fumble over “Henry’s” soft body. You like to find just the right corner to rub gently as you drift to sleep. Something about that little giraffe puts you at ease and makes you melt in my arms. We rock slowly back and forth. I watch as your eyes grow heavier and heavier. You try to fight off Mr. Sandman but he is just too powerful. Once ย you have given in we continue to rock. I smell your soft head, massage your little hands and whisper gently how much I love you. I know you won’t let me do this for long so I cherish these moments.

My Lovelies

9 Feb

What’s Happening Wednesday

9 Feb

What are we up to this week?

I have been quite busy with my etsy shop the past 2 weeks and I have been sewing until bedtime almost every night after Lila goes down. I still really enjoy doing the mobiles I just wish I could get a bunch stockpiled so I wouldn’t have to make them at the last minute each time. Just when I think I have time to get ahead I get another order, I swear I’m not complaining though. I’m just trying to figure out how to squeeze a few more hours out of a day.

I am also still training for the half marathon but the past 2 weeks have been rough. First we had the stomach bug in our house for a week and then the following week I only managed to run once. However, I am already doing better this week. I have been taking my lunch break as an opportunity to get my run in. I decided this was have to if I was going to get my runs in during the week. Once I get home each evening I usually only have about 2 hours to spend with Lila so if I try and run after work it really whittles that time away to nothing. Plus putting my run in during the day gives me some extra energy and helps me feel more productive. I have been having horrible cramps after my long runs though and I don’t know what the deal is. Normally I would get these when I had taken a break from running and would start back but they don’t seem to be going away now. Any runners have some advice? I would hate for that to throw my goal off course but it is really uncomfortable.

Enough about me. Lila is becoming her own little person. I swear she does something new to blow my mind everyday. When we get home everyday Josh sings her a little diddy and she just gets the biggest kick out of it. She laughs and buries her face in my chest, it is the sweetest thing. After almost 7 months of being swaddle free it has worked its way back into the picture. Since Lila has discovered she can stand in her crib, that is her go-to move. When we try and lay her down for bedtime, she will simply stand there and yell until someone responds. We tried letting her cry it out a bit. We would set the clock for 15-20 minutes and then go back in after the time had elapsed. It is just so hard to do. Sitting, listening to her cry for 5 minutes sounds like an eternity and I just want to go in and make it better. Crying it out was hit or miss. I took her swaddle blankets from when she was really small and sewed them together making one large, breathable swaddle. It works really well because it calms her down and I think it makes her feel secure. I know this is probably only the solution for a matter of time, but it is working for the moment. She is really up and on the go too. She has got the crawling down and she now walks everywhere by holding onto the furniture. I am pretty sure she would curl up in Greta’s crate with her if I allowed it but Greta doesn’t seem too keen on the idea.

As for Josh, he is busy saving the world:) I am very proud of him. He is doing great in his new position and really works hard.

Off to sew, there are mobiles to be made:)