Happy First Birthday

16 Mar


Last night you climbed in my lap and buried yourself securely under my arms. I read you your favorite bedtime story and you laid your cool face on my chest. You caressed Henry, the giraffe with one hand and wrapped your other one around my fingers. We rocked gently and I told you I loved you for the one-billionth time. We did this for the last time before you turned one.

This year has been fun, exhilarating, hard, surprising, scary and amazing. You name it and I have felt it. I just can’t express to you the immeasurable amount of joy you have brought to our lives. I hope you have enjoyed this year as much as we have.

Your smile and laugh light up the room and make the rest of the world melt away. I have been saying for the past couple of weeks that I have been a little sad and sappy about your first birthday. That is the truth, but I am also loving everyday with you. It is amazing to watch what each day brings and how much you change from moment to moment. You have started to give us kisses and hugs and I can tell you that my heart has never swelled so big. Sometimes I think it may pop out of my chest.

The love of a child has been written about so many times before but the words don’t seem to do it justice when it is your own child. Even as I sit here and try to convey to you how much I love you, the words just don’t seem to be enough.

You have made me a better person, less selfish, more understanding, happier and more patient. I thank you for that and I look forward to all the things you are going to teach me in the future. But, for now I am going to enjoy each day I have with you and take it moment by moment.

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