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Steppin Out Weekend

30 Apr

We worked on the house a bit this weekend, celebrated Josh’s birthday and played outside.

Family photo time!

Mama Style>>> Top:Francesca’s Tank Top: Target  Jeans: Express

Baby Style>>> We got everything at consignment sales. I have to start looking at tags because I’m not sure about the brands.

Daddy Style>>> He is wearing clothes. I know that is super helpful.

Lila’s stitches came out on Saturday and her eye is looking great!

Dinner with my parents!

All our girls!

Lila’s Nursery

30 Apr

Since we have listed our house on the market I wanted to make sure and document Lila’s nursery and all the loving touches we put into it.

Decorating Lila’s room was one of my favorite things when I was pregnant and I was a little sad when it was all done.

It is probably my favorite room in the house because we were so hands on and really put much thought into every little detail. I hope she looks back on it and loves it as much as we do.

Josh and his papaw installed the french doors that lead into Lila’s room. We wanted her to have a quiet place to rest without our little animal farm roaming freely in and out of her room. I just recently painted the doors and I am happy with how they turned out.

We chose to paint the walls a very neutral color and then incorporate lots of colors through all the accessories .  The rocker belonged to my parents and I remember it from when I was small. We use it for story time, rocking and lots of cuddling.

Having beautiful artwork in the room was very important to us. We picked out several pieces from one of our favorite artist, Charley Harper. I also did several of the prints. We purchased inexpensive frames from Target to house them all in.

I love this part of the room because I really enjoyed all the painting that went into it. I painted the tree along with the birds and name above her crib. I also created the 2 mobiles hanging from the ceiling. I also found the cute curtain fabric online and created them using no-sew products. Towards the end of the pregnancy I didn’t feel like sewing, the no-sew kit was super easy and they look just as good as if I had sewn them.

We had found a really cute owl bedding set but it was super expensive. I was able to find this adorable owl print online and created her bedskirt. Then, we bought a plain white bumper and attached the green fabric on top.

This is Lila’s favorite part of the room. She loves pulling all the stuffed animals off the basket and shelves.

I love fabric and I had so many different prints I wanted to incorporate into the room and I found this lovely idea of displaying them in embroidery circles. Our mirrored closets help make her cozy room look just a bit bigger.

This space above the dresser acts as Lila’s main closet. The girl has an impressive wardrobe and is quickly outgrowing her small space. Josh uses the main closet in the room so we had to get a little creative. Personally I love looking over and seeing all of her cute, colorful clothes. We just have to keep them tidy to make sure it doesn’t become a a big mess.

This is one additional view of  her room that connects to our office/study/library.

This is such a calming place to hang with her at the end of the day. It has been a wonderful room where many memories have been created.

Our Week in Review

27 Apr

-Lila’s eye is healing and she is doing great with it. The stitches come out tomorrow!

-It’s been a rough week for the bug though, we took her to the dr. yesterday after days of having congestion and a runny nose. She is now being treated for a sinus infection. Poor thing, it has made her pretty crabby but I think the medicine is already helping her today.

-In some exciting news, our house is going on the market today! We filled out all the paperwork on Sunday and have been trying to keep the house super tidy and ready for showing. I have made our bed for 5 days in row! This is some kind of record. Making the bed has never been on my list of important chores because I always figured we were going to be crawling right back in it. However, I have to admit, it does make the house look a lot nicer and it is nice to get into a freshly made bed at the end of the day.

-We will probably be working on a few last minute touches around the house this weekend and also getting ready for Josh’s big 31st birthday on Monday.

Happy Friday everyone, have a wonderful weekend.


Dance Party

27 Apr

This girl loves music.

She has also discovered her milk belly. It is hilarious to watch her grab at it. She is a ham.

Baby’s First Stitches

24 Apr

Last night was eventful.

Scary and eventful.

Lila had waddled into our bedroom and I was right on her heels. We usually play in the living and dining room and close the doors to the other rooms. However I had just cleaned the house over the weekend and the words, “there isn’t really anything for you to get into” rolled off my tongue. Those words hadn’t been uttered for more than 15 seconds before there were blood and tears. I went to tickle her belly as I do daily and she lost her balance and fell sideways. I knew she hit hard but I thought she just hit the floor. Nope. She caught her eyebrow on the corner of our metal bed frame. As soon as I got her into my arms I knew it wasn’t good. There was dark liquid coming from her face and I panicked. My immediate thought was, “it could have been her eye.” It wasn’t her eye but that is the only thought I could process. I was sick to my stomach and Josh and I were trying to stop the bleeding while she was in tears. It was deep and it became clear this was going to involve a trip to the hospital. After about two minutes of rocking her and wiping her face, Lila calmed down and was ready to get in the floor and play. It wasn’t playtime though, so we got in the car and headed for Children’s Hospital.

I bet we got stuck at every red light, got behind every granny and anyone who wasn’t from around here. It felt like it took a lifetime to get there, it probably only took about 10-12 minutes. Once we arrived, Josh dropped us at the door and we went to check in. I was irritated there were people in front of us, I was irritated the lady’s computer was running slowly, and I was irritated they said her name wrong. Obviously I wasn’t handling this very well. I couldn’t even give them Lila’s correct birthday and had to go back and correct the month she was born. Luckily, we hadn’t even sat down when they called us back to triage. The staff and nurses were amazing. They finally put me at ease and I didn’t feel like I was going to explode. I realize the reason I was angry was because I was upset with myself and then I let everything around me affect the situation.

I know these things happen when little ones are toddling around but it doesn’t make it any easier to see your child in pain and think you could have prevented it.

Lila was a champ. She was dancing and smiling for all the nurses. If you couldn’t see the evidence on her face, you never would have know she was hurt. They had her stitched up and had us out in just under an hour. Lila got a popsicle out of the deal which she loved.

By the time we made it home it was about an hour past her bedtime and it was clear she was exhausted. I held her on my lap as she drank her milk and continued holding her til she fell asleep. I didn’t want to put her down.

I am just so grateful her injuries weren’t worse.

Steppin Out Sunday

23 Apr

I know, I know….this is supposed to be stepping out Saturday but trust me I am doing you a favor by not putting up a pic from that day. I threw on a scrubby t-shirt and jeans, had on no make-up and had my hair plopped on top of my head…I was stunning. I didn’t think the internet could handle such glam so I decided to spare you.

On Sunday, however, I did have to look alive for a baby shower I was helping throw. I managed to remember to take this picture at about 10 at night. Oh well.

Top: Kohl’s

Purple jeans: Delia’s >>>>>I am aware Delia’s is probably targeted toward 15 year old girls but they had these awesome pants on sale for $9. I really couldn’t pass that up. Since my first venture with color pants here, I have really taken it to the next level. I now have teal, purple, bright pink and red pants. I love them all! I have always enjoyed wearing a lot of color, so these are right up my alley. I realize they will probably be out of style in like 3 months but I will enjoy them while they last.

Shoes: Francesca’s

The baby shower was so much fun and there was so much good food. I was eating like I was the pregnant one (and I am not by the way.)

Anywho, Sunday was filled with some other excitement that will write about later this week! Happy Monday:)


It’s Easier Together

20 Apr


I was thinking about the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” and I believe this to be the absolute truth.

When I think about all the support our family has it makes me a little misty-eyed. I know at any point in our lives we could call both of our families and we would have an outpouring of help. It gives me a sense of security when I know we aren’t alone in this. Even if we don’t necessarily need anything, just knowing that help is available is a comfort. I don’t know how people do it alone and I don’t want to find out.

I feel grateful that my daughter is going to be surrounded by people who have such good hearts and are always willing to lend a hand. As much as I want to prove I can be super-mom and do it without any help. That is just not the truth.



19 Apr

Reading: I have mainly been catching up on my favorite blogs lately. I haven’t really sat down to read a book in a while and I am disappointed in myself. I need to start carving out a little bit of time each day to start reading again. I have so many books on my list, now I just have to find the time. I love when I find a book that is so good that I don’t want it to end and the anticipation I have of turning the page. My goal: more reading.

Watching: I have been catching up on episodes of many of my favorite shows. Probably one of the many reasons I haven’t made time for reading. I have been watching the new series Smash on NBC and I love it. I am also thrilled that Mad Men is back on and I have been loving getting back into the storyline. One more new one I have enjoyed is GCB. It is kinda silly but some reason entertaining. My brain is rotting:(

Working on: I have been working on lots of mobile orders and I am in the midst of developing a new butterfly mobile. I am still working out the patterns and trying to get happy with it but I’m not there quite yet.

Thinking about: Being better. Lots of times I don’t feel like I am being the best me I can be. Sometimes I have a bad attitude, judge too quickly and think negative thoughts. I want to turn that around and make my influence something to be proud of.

Anticipating: There are a couple of events coming up that have me excited. The hub’s 31st birthday is quickly approaching and I can’t wait to have old friends together for celebration. Also, this weekend is my dear friend Jamie’s baby shower that I am helping to throw. Celebrating Baby Bray has me all giddy. I am working on a few projects for his nursery as well and I can’t wait to see how Jamie brings it all together.

Listening to: Mumford and Sons. One of there songs came on in a store while I shopping the other day and it reminded me of how much I love them. This will be on repeat today. I have a feeling would love dancing to this, I think we will have a dance party this evening! Yay for dancing:)


Eating: This sounds like I am five years old but I have been on a fish sticks and macaroni kick. I have no idea why, but it takes me back to childhood and it is delicious.

Wishing: I hadn’t deleted the 1200 pictures and videos I had on my phone yesterday. By accident of course. The only reason I didn’t have a coronary was because I had them backed up on my computer. However, there is something about having all those pictures at your fingertips that makes it so nice. I guess this just calls for more pictures!

The Inconsistencies of Parenthood

18 Apr

My brother, Brian is 4 years older than me so as we were growing up I watched with envy as he got to experience things I wasn’t old enough for. I watched him get a car, hang out with friends, go to concerts, drive out of town and an assortment of other fun activities. I was taking mental notes and making little reminders about how old he was when he was allowed to do all these fun things. I remember when I finally reached high school and thought I knew everything and should be given all the freedoms in the world. I wasn’t allowed to drive out of town, stay out past a certain time or go certain places. The first thing out of my mouth when my parents told me I couldn’t do something was, “But you let Brian do that when he was younger than me, it’s not fair…..blah, blah, wah, wah.” They told me it was different and that the rules that applied to my brother wouldn’t always apply to me. I could not understand and wondered how such an injustice could take place.

Now this seems quite funny. Now that I have a daughter all of my parent’s rules seem to make complete sense.

I now understand how there can be one set of rules for boys and another for girls. There are probably a complete separate sheet of rules that come with each individual kid no matter what the sex. I realize now that you have to parent to your child’s personality, spirit and attitude. Even though, at times I feel like I may have Lila figured out….the next one (if there is a next one) will probably be nothing like her and we will have to learn to parent in a whole new way.

For instance, when my parents and I would argue when I was a teenager it didn’t take much for me to get my feelings hurt and simply resign to my room. The way I fought back was to sulk. My brother, however, was more vocal. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s why he got to do more. He didn’t sulk or shy away from confrontation, he would push the issue. I just find it funny how the personalities of siblings can vary so much and how the parents have to learn to deal with each child individually. There really are no rules set in stone, thing aren’t black and white.

I think about Lila’s future everyday. These are the ramblings that go on in my head and I wonder how I will cater to her personality and to the personalities of any siblings she may have.

This parenting business is no joke.

13 Months

16 Apr

Happy 13 months little lady.

You are full speed ahead, there is no stopping you. You are walking everywhere and getting a bit more steady everyday. You are still having tumbles and trips which have resulted in several bumps and bruises. Your latest scrape was my fault. I was pulling you in your little wagon and tipped you over, on the concrete. I think it scared you more than anything because you weren’t far from the ground. I just felt terrible. I think we are going to have to upgrade your wagon to something a bit more sturdy. You love for me to pull you around and when it is time to get out you cry.

You are warming up to the sippy cups but you really insist on having handles to hold.

You love being outside. We spent a lot of the weekend outside and you seem to love the fresh air and being able to watch everything going on around you.

Your appetite is still great and sometimes I think you might have a hollow leg, you are just a bottomless pit. However, I love that you like to eat….just like mama!

I think you are going to have bad allergies like your daddy. You have been super snotty and congested for over a week now. At first I thought it was a cold but since I never got sick we have decided it’s those mean ole allergies. You can’t blow your nose so I have to use the little sucker on you, and let me tell you….there’s not much you hate more than having me try and clean out your nose. Fun times for both of us.

Over the weekend I purchased you a back-up Henry (the giraffe). I have been so paranoid about losing him or leaving him somewhere that I wanted to have another one when the time comes.

We haven’t turned your carseat forward yet but I think we may do it soon. Your legs are getting long and I think it will make car rides more enjoyable for you.

You still enjoy bath time but you don’t really take it sitting down anymore. You insist on standing and examining each end of the bathtub. You also love to come and lay your wet little head on my lap as you make a whirl around the tub.

You are quite the adventure buggy and we are having so much fun together.

I love you so much.

Love always, Mama