Let’s Play Catch-Up

29 May

Last week Lila’s babysitter was on vacation so our week was switched up quite a bit. I took off work on Monday and Tuesday and Lila and I had 2 great days hanging out together. Tuesday evening I took Lila to stay with her Mamaw (Josh’s mom) and she spent a few days getting spoiled and seeing family. It was hard leaving her because I knew I wasn’t going to see her until Saturday! That is the longest we have been away from each other. After spending two nights with Josh’s mom she went and stayed two nights with my parents. We missed her terribly and our house was not the same without her.

I would get up from the couch to go check on her at night and then remember she wasn’t there. I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking I heard her and then realize she wasn’t there. The mornings were slow to start and we missed her big toothy grin. Josh and I did get to go to the movies a couple of times which was really fun but we definitely felt her absence. I love that she gets to spend time with our families though. I think it is really important that she knows she has multiple people in her life who love and care about her. I want her to make a million memories with her grandparents like I did with mine.

On Saturday morning, after sleeping til 10am, I rushed off to see our lil buggy at my parent’s house. As soon as I walked through the door she started squealing and trying to get out of her highchair. That truly made me happy, she hadn’t forgotten me! I gave her about a thousand kisses when I saw her, to the point she finally started to push me away. I imagined her saying “enough woman, stop it already…I know you missed me, I’m adorable!” So, I stopped and we played the rest of the weekend. We broke out her new pool she got for her birthday and it was awesome. It was a pool and mini sprinkler in one and it was so refreshing. I think my mom and I enjoyed it more than she did. The water was pretty cold but it felt great since it was in the 90’s!

Josh and I both had Memorial Day off so we got to spend the day with out best girl. She was so excited to have us both home for the day that she only took a 30 minute nap all day. By the time 7:00 rolled around last night she was a zombie. She was literally walking into things and falling over clumsily. I went to rock in her room and she melted in my arms in about 2 minutes flat. I rocked her for an extra 1o minutes just to get some good snuggle time in. That is my favorite part of the day, her letting me hold her.

Well, that is what our life has looked like the past week and we are back on a normal schedule this week.

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