Weekend Wrap-Up

4 Jun

The weather this week-end was perfect. I wish it felt like autumn year-round. It gave us lots of opportunities to get outside, run errands, and play. Most of the weekend was really low-key, except for the part where I got a tattoo!

Yes, you read that right….and it was painful but definitely worth it.

This post is gonna be really picture heavy but who doesn’t love a good picture, right?

No sitting down on the job, up and at em!

Walk it off!

It wasn’t long before she was drenched from playing in the water table. She usually doesn’t splash in it a whole lot but of course she did on the day she didn’t have her swimsuit on. So, off with the shirt!

This picture is one of my new favorites, I think because I feel like it makes her look so little in the big yard.

“Hiking through the yard is exhausting, let’s take a breather.”

Sitting on the front porch naked, we keep things classy at our house πŸ™‚

“Hey mom, did you know there is a swing over here?”

“And, I want to test it out immediately!” Also, one of my new favorites. The look on her face and the way she is holding her stomach cracks me up.

She looks so sad but I swear she was having a good time!

“You’re going to put this on Facebook aren’t you?”

Ok, now that we are caught up on cuteness I have a few tattoo shots.

This was right after the first break, outline only.

Outline and shading are complete. It still has color left to be added but I couldn’t take anymore for the day. I am going back in about 4 weeks to have it finished.

Bandages are off and the healing has begun. There is some bruising and tenderness but I am feeling pretty good.

One more, without the glaring flash.

I’m not gonna lie, it hurt….alot.

But, I love it and it means the world to me.

I was showing Lila this morning and pointing out Mama, Daddy and Baby. Then she immediately wanted to touch it. I let her and she pointed directey at her owl and said, “baby!” I melted on the floor.

That was our weekend, hope yours was wonderful too.



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