15 Months

22 Jun

Happy 15 months buggy! (I’m a few days late.)

Awesome things about you:

– you are babbling up a storm and are sneaking new words in on us everyday

– you are sprouting teeth all over your mouth which is helping you try a variety of food

– you are a little welcome wagon everywhere we go, waving to people and blowing kisses

– you have taken a big interest in books lately and want to bring one with you everywhere you go

– you voluntarily come and climb in our laps and give us leg hugs

– your curly hair is getting really long and is starting to get uncontrollable….I think it is so cute though so I just let it do its thing

Not so awesome things:

– a few weeks ago you took a bite out of the babysitter’s leather couch….we got it repaired for her

– you have no fear of anything, the other day you wiggled away from me and fell down our front porch steps. You gave me a heart attack and you have quite and impressive knot on your head

– the mosquitoes love you and we can’t go outside for any length of time without them nibbling away at your sweet skin

– you still like to get up really early….mommy is not a morning person

My favorite time with you is still in the evening right before bedtime. You will let me snuggle you close and lie your head on my shoulder. It is such a peaceful time and I always look forward to it.

You have our hearts in your hand. We love you.

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