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26 Jul

Loving: My new tattoo! It is almost completely healed now and I am already itching for my next one. I am going to take a break for a while though and really give it some good thought about what I what and where…no rush! In the mean time I will be enjoying this one 🙂

Feeling: Blah. I just haven’t felt that great the past couple of weeks. I had written here about my dizziness and having to start a new medication in an effort to treat it. Over the past 5 weeks I have gradually been increasing my dosage of the medicine (topamax) like the dr has prescribed and it has basically made me feel like crap. I’m tingling, numb, exhausted, have no appetite, kinda weak and worst of all dizzier than I was before. It’s a pretty big bummer to say the least. I have one more week of medicine to go before I am to report back to the dr. and let her know the results and see where we go from here. Honestly, I would rather take no medicine and be dizzy with no side effects than take medicine and have all these crazy things happening. But, I guess we can’t know if something is gonna work until we try. I just want to figure it out. Some days I think I will be dizzy the rest of my life 😦

Reading: Right now I am reading Ishmael, it is more of a spiritual book about a man in search of the truth. I don’t normally read these types of things but I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone.  I have my fun read lined up right behind this one though. Emily Giffin’s new book Where We Belong came out on Tuesday and the hub surprised me with it !

Watching: Now that The Bachelorette is over, go Jef and Emily….I am so excited about Breaking Bad and Project Runway. I didn’t get into Breaking Bad until last year and I sat down and basically watched all the seasons back to back. I know a show about meth-making may not sound like your thing….it wasn’t mine either, but it is so good. I have been into Project Runway from the very first season so I am thrilled they are back for their 10th season. I already have a few favorites. I actually forgot about the premiere last week and went to bed and I was so upset with myself. No worries though, I caught up. “It’s make it work time!”

Laughing At: How Lila will put on any pair of shoes that aren’t already occupied by feet. I think she may have a closet full of shoes one day. Who can blame the girl?

Wishing: I could own this chair. It was on the season finale of Design Star the other night and I have become completely obsessed over it. I know my cats would probably rip it to shreds but I still love it and want it…..

Planning: On cleaning out and organizing my closet in the near future. I have seen so many posts and pictures of cute closets lately and it has inspired me to do something with mine. I feel like that is one reason I have trouble getting dressed in the morning….things are too cluttered, I can’t see what I own, and I need to clean it out!

Listening: This song puts some pep in my step, even when I don’t feel like I have any pep 😉

Thanks to Danielle from for providing the inspiration for this post.

The Little Olympian Inside of Me….

25 Jul

Is jumping for joy with anticipation of the games starting on Friday. I can barely contain myself. I love sports and have always been very competitive so I become fully engrossed in whatever sport is taking place in front of me….expect baseball….sorry baseball lovers, I just never found that love for it. The two sports I was always pretty passionate about growing up were basketball and swimming. I loved basketball because I loved being part of a team and basketball was just so much fun to me…even the practices were fun and I think that is rare. I started swimming from the time I was 5 and I didn’t stop until I was almost 20. Swimming was much different from basketball because it was an individual sport and how good you were all depended on you and only you.

Sometime around the age of 8 years old I remember I got obsessed with the idea of going the Olympics. We had spent the weekend at the big swim meet that takes place at the end of the season and I had done really well for my age group. I guess my adrenaline was flowing and I told my mom I was going to be in the Olympics one day. Well of course her being my mom, she said “If you really want it you can do it.” Well by golly, the deal was sealed, my mom just told me I could go the Olympics. Then, I excitedly ran up to my coach and asked her if I worked really hard if she thought I could go to the Olympics one day? The look on her face and the hesitation in her voice said it all. She stuttered, and then said it would be really hard and some other gibberish. But what I remember most is that she was not encouraging AT ALL. She didn’t have to lie to me and tell me I was gonna be the next Olympian but she could have at least told me it would take a lot of hard work and dedication. I remember feeling like my hopes and been smashed.

Looking into my future I don’t think I missed my calling as the next great swimmer in the Olympics.  I don’t have the dedication and I know that about myself now. And I can tell you why. From the age of 5 to 18 when I was swimming I was taking part in a summer league so it was only part of the year. As I got older and a bit more serious I considered doing year-round swimming and training harder but never took it to the next level. However, when it was time to leave for college I opted to go to Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina and also take part of their swim team. This was the first hard-core training I had ever had. It was an awakening. I had never really had teammates like this to push me before, coaches to train me, and so much to learn. I almost felt like I was starting from the beginning even though I had been swimming for almost 15 years. I could barely keep up and at times felt like I didn’t belong there at all. I remember waking up at 4:30am to go jump in an ice cold pool, followed by a full day of school and work, then another work-out and dip in the pool, get out of the pool eat dinner and do your homework, oh crap! it’s 8:30 I better go to bed cause I gotta do that again to tomorrow…yikes! I have the upmost respect for all the girls that I swam with that were so dedicated and amazing. They were a true inspiration. I don’t know how they did it.  Needless to say my swimming career in college only lasted a year but I made big improvements that year. However, in the end I learned discipline and made life-long friends.

Even though I don’t swim anymore I still love to watch and I am so nostalgic for my time in the pool and everything that surrounds it. I remember like it was yesterday getting my heat sheet and standing in line waiting for my event. I don’t think I have ever had more nerves in my life than when I was swimming. Why do they give you chairs to sit in? Who is sitting? You can’t sit still. You are pacing, picking at your nails, wishing that sick feeling in your stomach would go away, sizing up the competition all around you, wondering if you did everything you could to prepare, hoping you don’t get dq’d and wondering if you have time to run to the bathroom just one more time. Even as I have been watching Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in the trials my stomach has been in knots for them. I will be on the edge on my seat Saturday night!

This little Olympian(at heart) is excited.

Steppin Out Saturday

23 Jul

On Mama>> Tank Top & Shorts-Old Navy  Shoes-Target

On Lila>> Top-thrifted  shorts-Baby Gap

On Saturday Lila and I stepped out in Dandridge. We went to visit my parents.  Around lunchtime Lila, my mom and I went downtown to the farmer’s market to shop the fresh produce. The farmer’s were wheeling and dealing and wanted to trade us all the tomatoes for Lila….but we just couldn’t do it 🙂 They also had pasta, honey, flowers, and free samples of bread. Lila really enjoyed that part and almost had a breakdown when her sample was gone. She loves bread, just like her mama! We had to quickly distract her and move on to the next thing.

After the farmer’s market we walked the streets of Dandridge and my mom was telling me the history of all the buildings and showed me where my grandfather had his clothing store many years ago. I always knew he owned a clothing store but I never knew exactly where it was so it was neat to actually see it. Then we visited a new antique store in town and finally ended the afternoon with lunch in a little wrap shop.

Lila was fading fast so we wanted to get her home for a nap. It is only about 2 minutes from downtown to my parent’s house and in that amount of time she was already nodding off so my mom and I starting singing “Old McDonald” so her two minute car nap didn’t cancel out her real nap. Luckily we made it home in time and she napped well….so did mom:)

Hope you all had an awesome Saturday.

16 Months

18 Jul
Little lady you really are trying to grow up too fast.
From my shoes to my undergarments, you want to test them all out. You like to rifle through my closet and bring each item of clothing to me one by one. Mommy’s little helper:) You have also become a huge fan of trying to ride the doggies around the around the house. Bless their hearts, they are good sports. You are are also chasing the cats like it is your job. I mean, you are crawling under tables, reaching over chairs, just trying your darndest to pet the kitties. They don’t appreciate it as much as the pups.
You are still loving books. You will sit in the floor flipping through books for quite a while and then you will bring them to both Josh and I to read to you. We both love that because you will crawl up in our laps and find just the right spot and sit still most of the time while we read them to you. Peek-a-boo is still a big hit and you are always willing to play back with us.
You are understanding so many things it is crazy. We can ask you to shut the drawer, go get your shoes or give us a high five and you know what to do. How do you understand us? I really want to know. Sometimes you take these three minute power naps in the car that seem to replace a two hour nap and that is kinda awful. Those are hard days on mommy. Luckily your daddy is a good one and lets mommy get a breather with a nap now and then.
I think one of my favorite things about you right now is the amount of affection that you show. You are constantly hugging our legs, stretching your arms out to be picked up, and laying your head on our shoulders. I hope you are always that loving and I look forward to everyday with you.
Love you buggy.

Just A Minor Meltdown

16 Jul

Saturday morning Lila and I set out for Market Square. We didn’t really have anything too specific in mind but we just wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the day a bit. I always enjoy the hustle and bustle of downtown, the people watching, all the babies, and the unique flavor of the farmer’s market. The square has a fun fountain for Lila to play in too so it is great for those muggy days.

I just happened to have Lila’s bathing suit in her diaper bag so we did a quick wardrobe change in the square and she was ready to play. It was pretty crowded and there were a lot of older kids playing so I was bit hesitant to let her go. We were already there so I though what the heck. My nerves were being pounced on after about two seconds of being there. The older kids were running WILD and they weren’t watching out for the little ones at all. I guess their parents had dropped them off because no one was there to calm them down or reel them in. They were stepping on the geysers spraying water everywhere and drenching everything and everyone. Now, I really wasn’t trying to be a no fun Nelly so I reminded myself that I was at a water fountain and that it was ok to get wet. Breathe in. Breath out. 1. 2. 3. Repeat. So I have now regained my composure and I am chasing Lila all over the place as she tries to stick trash in her mouth. She was having lots of fun getting sprayed by the water and investigating the other children. As she was running and playing there was a little boy who was about three who kept running into her. Not on purpose, just not paying attention….like all little kids. I was trying my best to stay right with her but you think she going right and she goes left, she’s tricky. Anyway, the little boy came barreling around the the corner into a head on collision with Lila and she went flying backward with her head hitting the concrete. I freaked and the little boy’s father was standing there and helped Lila up. I gathered her up in my arms as she was bawling and drenched. The boys father kept apologizing saying he didn’t mean to. I knew it was an accident but I was upset that it happened and that my baby was hurting. We went and sat down at a table and rocked until she she calmed down. I checked out her head to make sure there was no blood, cuts or major swelling….there wasn’t thank goodness. She does have a nice knot but we are thankful that is all.

We called it a day after that. I think we are gonna stick to sprinklers in the backyard!

My Shadow Is Holding Me Accountable

12 Jul

As I was giving Lila a bath the other night I was splashing the water and and building towers out of blocks with her. As I watched her I noticed she would mimic my every move. If I splashed the water, she splashed the water. I thought to myself that is just adorable. I know, I am her mom and I think everything is adorable….but it was adorable:) I couldn’t believe she was already picking up on the little things we are doing. I have been noticing it more and more. Then I started to think, I really have to watch myself. She’s seeing EVERYTHING we do. The good, the bad and the ugly. Josh and I are her examples. Geez, that’s a lot of responsibility. That means I can’t say sh*t when I get frustrated, can’t pick my nose, must eat all my vegetables, brush my teeth every night, and always say thank you. Good grief.

I don’t just want to preach at Lila and tell her she should act a certain way, I want to be that example for her so she can see me living it daily. I guess now that I know someone is always watching it is a good reminder be on my best behavior.

Let’s re-visit this in 6 months.

Steppin Out Saturday

9 Jul

On Mama> Dress: From a cute little boutique on our trip to Ohio a few weeks ago, I meant to look at the label and of course I didn’t ——-I will try and follow-up with that  Earrings: The Limited  Sandals: Old Navy

On Lila> Dress: This little dress was mine when I was a wee little thing. I wish I had gotten a better picture but Lila was having none of it. Sandals: K-Mart  (I love these sandals so much that Lila has now had them in two sizes and I may get a pair for next year, they go with everything!)

We had a busy, fun Saturday! Lila, Josh and I went to our niece’s 10th birthday party and got to hang out with the family all afternoon. It was super hot with temperatures over 1oo but we tried to stay cool with some ice cream and cake! After the birthday party Lila and I headed out to see my best girls, the Jamies! Jamie brought her new little man, Bray, and Lila gave him some sweet lovin.

I was proud of Lila, she was gentle with Bray but still curious. He is such a sweet and handsome little man. I could just sit and cuddle with him all day. We were busy shuffling babies and food and we didn’t get picture of all of us together but at least we got the babies!

By the time dinner was over it was getting pretty late and it was already well past Lila’s bedtime. I decided to pull off at my parent’s house and lay her down. We didn’t really come prepared with any clothes but we made it work. Lila made some interesting outfits out of her G-Mama’s socks and her G-Daddy’s underoos!

Needless to say, it was a good weekend:)

July 4th

5 Jul

Josh had to work so Lila and I spent the day with my parents. It was super laid back and relaxed. It was filled with sidewalk chalk, the baby pool, napping, lots of snacking, and trying to capture the baby kitten that was on the loose in my parent’s garage. That part was a success by the way. However, he was really scared so I just petted him for a moment and then let him go back about his business. By parents are feeding him though so whether they want a pet cat or not I think they have one 🙂

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have put here are a few from our day. Hope your 4th was fabulous.

This is Lila’s, “I’m such a lil stinker” face.


2 Jul

A little over a week ago I took a bit of vacation with my mom, dad and Lila (Josh had to work.) I call it a semi-vacation because there were dr.’s appointments involved and you can’t really count that as vacation. Our destination was the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. I had an appointment there with a specialist about the vertigo I have been experiencing for about 4 years now. My dad also had an appointment with his back surgeon to follow-up and get cleared. I wasn’t holding my breath for any big cure because over the last four years I have seen numerous doctors and had a battery of test done multiple times. Overall, I was really pleased with their diagnosis. They agreed with previous dr.’s that I have migraine associated vertigo. However, they took more time with me in explaining why they thought that was the case and what the possible solution was. Basically over the past four years I have been dizzy constantly. Not dizzy like I am gonna fall over but dizzy like I just got off a boat and it NEVER stops. The only time it did stop is when I was pregnant. They said a lot of times migraines can either get a lot worse or a lot better during pregnancy and that is why they believe it is that type of vertigo. I have started a new medication in hopes that it can help. It takes 6 weeks to get to the top tier of the dosage so it will be a while before I really know if it is helping. I am so thankful for the people in medicine and just hope I don’t have to walk around dizzy the rest of my life. However, while we were there I saw people in much worse shape than I am in and it made me so thankful for each day I can get out of bed. I am grateful so many people dedicate their life to medicine and healing those that are sick. You don’t know how much you appreciate those people until you need them.

Onto the vacation part of the trip. My brother and I were born in Oxford, Ohio which is right outside of Cincinnati so we decided to stop by for a few days on our way home. My mom and dad lived there for 8 eight years and it was fun to listen to all the stories they had to tell. We got to go by and see the first house I first lived in. The town is a college town and the house is part of student housing now so all the houses are named. Ours is called, “Rhythm and Brews.”

The town has the cutest little town square and we let Lila run around. She had a girls gone wild moment.

This is the hospital where I was born.

She loves her G-Mama.

It was a quick little trip but I am really glad we got to go. Lila was a trooper. She did really well in the car but she was ready to be done by the end. Her face says it all.