The Days of Discipline Are Upon Us

22 Aug

Lila experienced her first time-out yesterday. She didn’t like it.

Lately, she has gotten into the habit of pinching me. She likes to do it while I am reading to her, when she is sitting on my lap, when she wants my attention and during toothbrush time. Obviously I am not a fan of being pinched, I don’t really know anyone who is. We started out with a stern “NO,” followed by that hurts and it’s not nice to pinch people. That didn’t seem to work so then I decided she needed to understand what she was doing. I pinched her back…not hard but enough to get her attention. That seemed to work for a while and I thought we had an understanding it didn’t feel good and we were cutting it out. However, in the past couple of weeks the pinching has made a reappearance. I decided pinching her back wasn’t working….after I pinched her she started pinching herself:( And, of course I felt bad for pinching my baby, even though I was trying to teach her a lesson.

Last night as we were reading books she was pinching me over and over again….it was starting to hurt. Apparently she sees it gets a reaction out of me and I think that is why she continues. Josh suggested she probably thought it was a game so maybe we should try time-out. I had my doubts because I thought maybe she was too young to grasp the concept. Oh she understands and she doesn’t like it. Directly after she pinched me I told her she was going to time-out. I walked her over to an area away from all her toys and had her sit in the floor. I told her to sit there and not move. You Β know what? She sat there and didn’t move and I was blown away. However, after about 20 seconds she realized this wasn’t “fun time” anymore and burst out into tears. SAD. The first thing I wanted to do was to rush over and scoop her up and tell her it was gonna be ok. But I didn’t. I let her sit there for a minute and half and I just had to watch her cry. After the time was up I went over told her that pinching hurts and we don’t do that to mommy or anybody else. It took her a couple of minutes to calm down and realize the world wasn’t ending. I gave her a hug and we continued story and playtime before bed.

Toothbrush time rolled around and as we were getting those suckers all shiny and bright she reached over and pinched my chest. NO! So back we go to time-out. She sat for another minute and half but this time she started crying immediately. She tried to get up and we told her she had to stay put….she didn’t like that and the cries got louder. As she was sitting there Josh and I were both telling her to calm down and everything was ok. Once she quit crying I went and picked her up and repeated everything about not pinching. Then, she buried her little head in my neck and started sobbing.

Discipline time is not fun but I know it is necessary. I understand this is only the beginning and she will test us along the way. We are learning everyday. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t. I think this is a step in the right direction….now mama and daddy just have to stand strong πŸ™‚

As I went to check on her last night this is what I found…


I almost wanted to wake her up to give her a big hug and kiss but then I came to my senses and just stood admiring her like a weirdo;)

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