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40 Years = Whoa!

27 Sep


I’m pretty behind on this post but I couldn’t let it pass without sharing.

The 1st of September my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. I think this is pretty incredible and pretty rare. I don’t think I really appreciated how special this was until I got married myself. Marriage isn’t always easy, it is waking up everyday and thinking about someone else’s needs just as much as your own. My parents have been a solid foundation of love and something I have aspired to have for so long. Their example has shown me it really can work.

As I am about to enter my fourth year of marriage, I look to them on a consistent basis for guidance. Four years seems like nothing in comparison to the forty they have clocked in but I have to remember that you have to have your fourth before you can have your fortieth. Sometimes it is odd to think of your parents when they were age and wonder what they were experiencing in their life. As I have positioned my feet a little more into adulthood I love to ask them questions about what they went through to get where they are today. I am grateful that they are here for me to be able to do that. Each day that passes I can look back at choices they made and see the wisdom in them where I wouldn’t have ten years ago.

I remember when Josh and I were dating and things were getting serious that my dad gave me some great advice. He told me I needed to make sure my partner and I both had staying power. He said things wouldn’t always be easy and fun and you have to have that desire to stay and make it work even when things get tough. I will never forget this advice. As I look at my parents I see two people with the greatest staying power I have ever seen. They continue to choose one another each day. Some days that may be the easiest decision of all and they may not even have to think about it and other days it is a choice.


I will continue to watch and learn from my parents. They have laid out a roadmap in the last 4o years that if followed will lead to the best love there is.


25 Sep

Reading: I have finally gotten around to Emily Giffin’s, Where We Belong, and I am loving it. I am a little over halfway done and I don’t want it to end because it is that good. I have actually found myself reading most nights in the past few weeks and it has been super relaxing.

Watching: I haven’t been watching near as much tv as usual. There really hasn’t been much on that has sparked an interest. However, all my favorite fall shows are about to premiere so I am very excited about that. I have been watching Parenthood the last few weeks and it never fails I am sobbing at the end. How can they manage to make each and every episode so darn emotional? I love all the story lines and I get so wrapped up with each of the characters. It looks as though this season there are going to be more tears than ever.

Excited about: All the great deals we scored at Duck Duck Goose last week. Lila’s winter wardrobe is ready and we got it all at a fraction of the price than we would have buying everything brand new. Not only did we get her lots of clothes but I picked her up several toys for Christmas. It is kinda crazy to think we have already started shopping for the holidays but there were such incredible deals I had to take advantage of them.

Loving: The cool, crisp mornings. Fall is by far my favorite time of the year and I try and savor all the little things I love about it. I get so excited when I break out my sweaters and boots for the first time, the warm drinks, and the re-energizing feeling I get. I could definitely live in a fall-like atmosphere all year-round.

Anticipating: Our 4 year anniversary coming up in a few days and also my 30th birthday. Some days I am completely fine with the thought of turning 3o and other days it gives me lots of anxiety. I realize there is nothing I can do about it and I would much rather have a birthday than to stop having them but it also makes me realize how quickly these past few years have gone by. I remember when 3o seemed old and it was a distant age somewhere in the future. Now it is but days away.

Keeping busy with: Mobile-making and chasing Lila bug around.

Goals: To start exercising again on good schedule. I did manage to run one night last week but haven’t been consistent. It’s so hard to carve out extra time and I find it almost impossible to sacrifice my sleep time for exercising. I’m really gonna put forth a better effort though.

Thanks to Danielle for providing the original inspiration for this post.

18 Months

19 Sep

(A few days late)

Lila Bug-

You are getting to be such a big girl and you make us laugh so much everyday. We just went for your check-up and your stats are in.

Weight: 27lbs 7oz

Height: 32 3/4 inches

This puts you in the 85% for your age. You’re a healthy girl!

For a while there we thought you were going to be missing some teeth. They had been popping up in an unusual pattern that the dr. hadn’t seen before. However, in the past week all the ones we were worried about are sprouting up! Yay, you have teeth. That was a big deal for me because my mouth had to go on a journey. I was missing several teeth and I didn’t want you to have to follow in my footsteps. I guess the journey isn’t really over for you but things are looking up.

You are quite the little jabber-box. We really don’t know what you are saying but we love to hear you rattle away. I was a little concerned about how many words you were saying or I guess lack thereof but the dr. has reassured me you are right on track. You have about 10 words in your vocabulary right now and he expects you will be exploding with new ones over the next few months. Your favorite word though is “mama” and you say it about 400 times a day. I love it though and the sweet little voice that says it.

You my friend, are a great little alarm clock. I really don’t even need to set my alarm each morning because you are so consistent. I never have to worry about sleeping past 7:15. I love the mornings with you because you are still sleepy and cuddly but I also look forward to the moment you realize the magic of sleeping in….we can still cuddle if you sleep in:)

You are a little book-reading machine. Well, technically we read the books to you but you will sit still for book after book and you love to flip through each page. This really makes me happy because I know for a fact I hated to be read to when I was little. I just love the way you climb in our laps and curl up in just the right spot for story time.  I hope you always love books like this…you definitely got that trait from your daddy.

The other thing you really enjoy is dancing. You will dance anywhere, anytime. You are so entertaining to watch. You will get up and shake your lil butt all over the place…I realize this won’t be nearing as cute in about 15 years but I am loving it for the moment.

I just want you to know that your daddy and I love you more than anything in the world. So much it hurts.

Weekend Wrap-Up

17 Sep

We had a fun and unexpected weekend. Originally we had planned to tailgate before the BIG game with friends and then watch the game at home. However, Josh’s papaw called with tickets the day before the game and we couldn’t pass it up. My mom kept Lila for the night and they had a great time. Even though we lost I still had a great time. The excitement in that sold-out stadium was incredible and I hope this loss doesn’t weaken the our spirit for the rest of the season.




On Sunday I went to get Lila at my parent’s house and we had such a fun afternoon. We took her outside and let her explore all over the yard. She loved all the hills, going up and down the stairs and trying to climb the fence. She’s a little rascal.








Those Little Moments

12 Sep

Mornings around our house are pretty busy. We have to stay right on top of our task or we will be late. Usually, while I am getting ready Lila is having a snack or playing with her toys. This morning she was keeping herself entertained with her books. She loves to flip through and look at the pictures. She loves it even more when we sit and read eleventy-seven of them at the same time. She has 2 Elmo books that instruct her to do things like “rub your belly, honk your nose, pat your head” and so on. We read them everyday and she knows almost all the commands at this point. As I was applying my face this morning I looked over and she was reading her book and rubbing her tummy. She flipped through several pages doing all the actions before she flipped to the end and told Elmo “bye-bye.” That’s the last page in both books is to wave bye-bye.

It’s those little moments when I see she is learning and thriving that make me so happy. Not to mention it was really cute and I had to go over and squish her cheeks and steal a kiss…I have to take advantage of it now while she still finds it awesome and funny that I love on her so much.


7 Sep

Feeling: I think I may be on the up and up. I finally had to quit the Topamax which was supposed to be helping my dizzies. It was helping the dizziness but at the same time it was giving me 10 other side affects. Ewww. I was feeling awful and it wasn’t worth it so I decided to stop taking it. I kinda stopped it cold turkey which you shouldn’t do….ooops. But I had to get that stuff out of my system. I have been off of it for about 2 weeks now and I am feeling a bit better everyday. Surprisingly my dizziness hasn’t been too bad lately. Depending on how I continue to feel I may just stay off of any meds for good 🙂

I’m also a bit sad. My brother was in town for 2 weeks and it was so great to have him home. We got to hang out and he got to spend a lot of time with Lila.He left to go back to Seattle this week. I am really proud of him though and so glad he is happy doing what he loves.


Excited About: Halloween! This is one of my favorite holidays and I love to get dressed up. In years past I have spent hours working on my costumes but I don’t really have that much time these days. Here are some costumes from the past several years. I think this year I am going to re-work and old costume and also incorporate Lila’s costume so we come as a pair. I can’t wait. I hope she enjoys dressing up as much as I do.

Eating: Wow, my eating habits have been so bad lately. I have been on a kick where I want a sprite and a Reese cup EVERY night. This is odd for me because I don’t drink soda except for Diet Coke and I rarely crave sweets for days on end. I don’t really think having some sweets everyday is that bad but I also need to get back to my workout routine if I plan to continue. I have gotten quite relaxed and haven’t done much of anything workout wise in a couple of months 😦 Now, I just have to find some extra time somewhere…hmmm.

Watching: Oh you know, I’m always watching something 🙂 I started watching The L.A. Complex this week and it actually isn’t that bad. It’s not a great show but it is definitely entertaining. I also can’t wait for all the new fall shows coming back and there are a few new ones that look really good. Our house has been tuned into a lot of football lately. This is Josh’s favorite time of year and he will watch any football at any time. I on the other hand, only care about UT football:)

Daddy is teaching Lila to be a UT lover as well.

Anticipating: My 30th birthday, our anniversary, fall-time and my mom’s birthday! So many good times ahead.

Making me sad: The hate and anger that politics arises in people. Why can’t we agree to disagree and respect other people’s difference of opinion. There will never be a time when everyone agrees so let’s not create hate and move forward in a bi-partisan way.

Making me happy: Fall clothes, raspberries, the crisp feeling in the air each morning, Lila’s loving disposition and time with family.


Thanks to Danielle for providing the original inspiration for this post.


Watching the Clock

5 Sep

Time is a crazy, fragile little thing that seems to slip through our fingers when we are trying to hold onto to it for dear life.

Over the weekend we were watching videos of Lila from the past 17 months. In a way it was incredibly sad to watch the videos where she was so small. How have we already made it to this point? I remember thinking when she was first born what it would be like when she started walking,but that day seemed so far off. Now it has come and gone and we are awaiting the next big milestones. Some days creep by and you think bedtime will never arrive and then others flash by in an instant and you feel like you didn’t even have time to look up.

It is a constant battle for me to learn how to appreciate each moment more and not think about what is coming down the pipeline. I find when I am so focused on what is gonna happen, I actually miss what is happening right in front of my eyes. The time is fleeting and I am afraid I am gonna look up in 20 years and wonder where it all went.

Watching the videos of Lila, while sad, is also very satisfying. I get to relive those small moments and find joy in them each time I push play. It really makes me wish I could video Lila’s entire life so I could go back and watch any part whenever I wanted. That would be a little silly though. I know we are all gonna come away with different memories and the things I forget  she may remember as great. One day we will sit around and talk about all the times growing up like I do with my family now. We are making history.

I know Lila won’t remember much of anything from this point in her life but I am glad that she will have a way to go back and relive all the memories we have made thus far.