Learn To Cook

9 Oct

I’m not completely clueless in the kitchen but my family knows not to expect much out of me. They know what is coming each week over and over again. I do too and it bores me to the core. I have about 5 or 6 recipes that are my go-to. I have no creative mind when it comes to cooking new meals.

My mom is an excellent cook and she tried to teach me multiple times when I was growing up. I didn’t have any interest then because I guess I envisioned that I would always have someone to cook for me. Wrong. I still get to experience a lot of my mom’s cooking but I still haven’t picked up on all her tricks. I guess I still don’t have much patience to learn new recipes. Take today for instance. I got really motivated to look up recipes and try something new for dinner. However, once I started reading through some that caught my interest, my mind would begin to wander if they had more than 3 steps. So back to square one.

The closer dinner gets the more unprepared I feel. I did manage to pull out an old recipe tonight that I had forgotten about. Beef and broccoli….yum! So that takes care of tonight and tomorrow this whole ordeal will start all over again.

I am hoping I wake up one day with the desire to learn all the tricks and have a passion for cooking.

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