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Happy 22 Months

24 Jan

2013-01-18 10.19.47


Lila Doodle-

I am several days late in writing this to you and I am upset with myself because I have missed the last several months of doing your monthly update. When life gets busy around here this blog is one of the first things that falls by the wayside. Hopefully I can get you caught up on the cool things you have been up to.

You are talking more and more each day and with each new word that comes out of your mouth I am absolutely floored. It is wild to watch you develop and grow right in front of  my eyes. Just tonight you said “love you” for the first time to me. I could have squeezed you in two it made me so happy. One of your favorite words that you are saying right now is puppy. You say it as “buppie”…..I know, too cute. Your daddy and I read you numerous books each day and you simply devour them. You are also quite possessive over your books and don’t really want to share them. Sharing is definitely an area we are trying to work on with you. We have to remind you on a daily basis that big girls share.

We had attempted to start introducing you to the potty and you were doing really well with it but then just a few days ago you decided you didn’t want anything to do with it. That’s fine though, it is a little early anyway and I am in no hurry to rush it with you. We are gonna take a break from it for a few months and then revisit.

There are days I want to record everything you do because I don’t want to forget it and I try to make mental notes to myself. I know those moments are quickly forgotten about. However, you did have two gems for me tonight. As soon as we walked in the door tonight you walked in and picked up a book called “Counting Kisses.” It counts down from 10 telling us all the places to give you kissses. You turned straight to the page that said “10 kisses on your teeny tiny toes” and promptely lifted up your foot and started kissing it. Then we jumped in the shower and you laid down with your booty up in the air and told me “nigh nigh.” I asked you if you were gonna go to sleep in the shower and you simply replied, “yeah.” It was the sweetest.

Speaking of sleep, you are doing pretty well. The 2-3 weeks after Christmas were a nightmare. With all the excitement, travel and different schedules your whole routine was kinda thrown off. For several weeks you were waking up with night terrors in the middle of the night and then you would wake up between 4 and 5 and be ready for the day. I was not a happy camper and was so tired. Finally after a few weeks you have gotten back to your regular schedule of sleeping from 8pm to 7am. Sleeping in til 7 sounds amazing after weeks of waking up at 4 and 5. Thanks for getting back on track:)

I know there are million things I am leaving out but I promise I am going to do better about your monthly updates. I do want you to know that you bring so much joy to our lives each day and I never imagined I could be this happy. You are so loving and I am so thankful that you show us so much affection each day. That is the favorite part of my everyday.

We love you sweet baby.

New Year, New Aspirations

8 Jan

We celebrated the New Year at home, low-key with some really good friends. We talked, cooked, ate, played board games and just enjoyed being together. The last several New Years have been quite different than years past. We weren’t out on the town til the wee hours of the morning, hopping from one place to the next. But that’s ok with me. We got to play with Lila up until her bedtime and celebrate with people we love while she was only one room away. I could sneak in and catch a peek of her resting peacefully and run my fingers through her curly hair. It’s a new year and it is going to be a good one.

I usually make resolutions each year. I like the idea of starting fresh and putting my ideas on paper to help re-enforce my motivation. So, here is my list to make this year the best it can be.

1.) Exercise. I know, this is every other person’s resolution too. But, I really do love to exercise. It makes me feel better, gives me more energy and puts me in a better mind-frame. Since having Lila it has been hard to carve out the time I use to dedicate to the gym. It’s not easy and it takes some planning but it is worth it.  Jamie and I have started meeting up to run together 4 days a week. We have worked out a schedule that is reasonable and is good for both of us. I have never cared to go work out by myself but I have found lately if I don’t have someone to hold me accountable I can talk myself out of going. Now, Jamie and I make a plan and stick to it. It’s actually fun and I get in some good friend time as well. We are looking towards running a pretty big race in April!

2.) Eat better. Cook more. I know these sound so cliche so far but these are my goals. Josh and I have both been talking about eating better and cooking more over the past year but that’s about all we did was talk about it. We took some steps to make those talks a reality. Josh bought me an awesome new cookware set, along with some great cookbooks and an awesome new shelf for storage. This weekend I made my first ever menu plan for the week. I listed all the ingredients I would need and off the store I went. I felt so grown-up as I marked each item off my list. The week has started off a success and we have had some great meals. A great bonus is that we always have leftovers so I don’t have to think about my lunch for the next day. I love to know when I get home that there is a plan for dinner and that I have all the ingredients. It has started to take the stress out of dinnertime.

3.) Create More. I want this year to be filled with lots of crafting and writing. I get on spurts where I will create a lot of stuff at one time and then end up taking a longer break than intended. I find I am at my happiest when my hands are creating something new. Whether it be an actual craft or sitting down to write a paragraph, I just want to do it more.

4.) Be Kind. I had written about Ann Curry’s 26 Acts of Kindness a few weeks ago and it has really inspired me. I have added several acts to my list over the past few weeks and it has made me feel so good. I want to remember to be kind all the time. It doesn’t have to cost money or take a lot of time. Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most to those receiving them. What would a kinder world look like in a year?

5.) Scoop the litter box daily. Yes. This is really a goal. My poor cats rank low on the needs list at our house. They don’t require much upkeep and sometimes they don’t get the attention they deserve. Josh and I both hate cleaning the litter box but I think they deserve it. Every time I have to use a dirty porta-potty (which isn’t often), I am reminded of how nice it is to have clean facilities…haha. Then I am immediately reminded that I need to go scoop the litter box. If no one else appreciates this…I know my cats will.

6.) Pay More Attention. This one is kinda vague and hard to be measured but important all the same. We all have our schedules and daily routines and sometimes it is easy to overlook or not listen as closely as we should. I just want to be more present.

I am sure I have other small goals that I have forgotten about for the moment but these are in the forefront of my mind. I hope to come back to these often to check-in and get a boost of motivation when needed.

I hope your new year is off to a great beginning. If it’s not, change it today:)

Holiday Happenings

4 Jan

The holidays were busy, fun, exciting, exhausting and wonderful. We jam-packed lots of entertainment and memories into the last two weeks. We had holiday parties, visited Dollywood, attended a family reunion, ate entirely too much food in several different sittings, visited Santa, celebrated Christmas, spent quality time with friends and family and played til we passed out. It’s always hard coming back to work after having an extended time off but I do like having a schedule to follow again. Our sleep and routines have been all over the place lately.

It’s hard to put into words how much I love the holidays. For me the holidays mean spending time with my family and those closest to me and there is no other way I would want to spend my time. My brother has been in from Seattle for the holidays and we have been hanging out as much as possible. He flies out today and that gives me a case of “the sads.”

Here is a little summary of what has been happening lately…

christmas11Getting ready for the big man…and trying his hat on for size.

christmas10Josh and I got all gussied up to attend my annual work Christmas party.

christmas8Lila loved riding the horsies and getting to pick out her very own at Dollywood.

christmas9My little bumblebee:)

christmas7Putting on a show for the family.


You know….just, gettin her model on.

christmas6Santa paid Lila a visit.

christmas4Testing out all her new toys with daddy.

christmas3Lila wanted to show Uncle Brian the magic of Elmo.

christmas2Our nightly dance parties!

Brian got this great video of Lila on Christmas morning! I have watched it a dozen times:)

I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well!