Happy 23 Months

19 Feb



I don’t know how it is possible that I am throwing around ideas about your 2nd birthday. I could swear it was only yesterday I was gathering everything up for your 1st birthday and anticipating the excitement you would have as you dove into your cake. By the way, that never happened on you first birthday. You would barely touch the cake so we basically all stood and watched you watch your cake. It was still thrilling!

I have been prepping you lately by asking you how old you are. I have shown you how to hold up two little fingers and you are catching on quickly. I think of all the things we have accomplished over the last two years and it makes me proud. But, then as I begin to look toward the future I am a bit timid. I tend to worry about things that far off and how I will handle a situation if you are ever in it. Then my mom gently reminds me that I might not be ready now but when the time comes I will be prepared. Mothers always know the right thing to say.

Over the past month you have begun to love Disney movies. Your favorites are Charlotte’s Web and Cinderella. You would sit and watch them all day if we let you. Even though you love the movies you are still loving books to no end. You take an armful of books everywhere you go. We have discovered our best ally for nap time is a stack of books. As long as you have a pile of books by your side you immediately forget about fact we are making you lie down for a nap. I am enjoying this time until you figure out our handy new trick.

Sometimes I feel like we speak a foreign language to each other. Each day you are discovering new words and creating your own, unique way to say them. It is our job to decipher what they are and sometimes you leave us stumped. It is incredible though when you pull a new word out of thin air. I usually look around for a witness because I instantly think you are a genius. I guess every mother has her own little genius, but you are mine.

I want to enjoy every second of this last month. I love you my little bug.


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