A Little DIY

20 Jun

Josh and I had been discussing putting a big built-in shelving unit in our living room for a while. We both agreed it would look nice, create more storage and make our books more assessable. We never seemed to get motivated enough to actually follow through with the project though. However, a few weekends ago it was pouring rain and we were all stuck in the house. I was perusing some home decor blogs and came across a really good tutorial for bookcases that look built-in. I showed it to Josh and said that we really needed to do that soon. His response was not what I expected. He said if I went I got the stuff we could do it that day. I was bowed over. I knew it was going to be an all day project and that’s not really Josh’s thing. But I took him up on it before he could change his mind.

I went to a few different places looking for the shelving but eventually ended up at Target. I decided on theseย because they were inexpensive and I knew I needed several. I ended up purchasing 4 of them. Then I headed over to Home Depot to pick up trim, nails and a Dremel (my new favorite tool). By the time I got home it was almost time for Lila’s nap so we were going to try and knock out a big chunk of work while she slept. Yeah not so much. It took us an hour and a half to put the first unit together. It was incredibly frustrating. The instructions were like a huge puzzle and if you didn’t pay super close attention it was easy to turn pieces backwards (which we did several times). But, once we got the first one assembled we used it as a guide and the others went together in about 15 min.

Here is what we started with.



It wasn’t awful but it didn’t feel cohesive to me and there was a lot of wasted room. It looked super cluttered and the black furniture showed every speck of dust, which we have a lot of . We opted not to take the big piece of trim out at the bottom. It saved us a step and since we aren’t super skilled carpenters we were a bit apprehensive about it would turn out. By the time Lila woke up we almost had all the shelves assembled and our living room looked like a bomb had gone off. I didn’t get any pictures during that but just imagine pure chaos and then adding a toddler on top of that. Luckily my parents stopped by and took Lila outside for a bit until we could clean up the mess a bit and actually have a path to walk through. My parents left about 7:30 and we were trying to get Lila fed, bathed and ready for bed so we could get the project wrapped up. We got her in bed, got the bookshelves situated and then started applying the trim. Once the trim was installed, Josh was in charge of rewiring all the electronics and making sure they worked seamlessly. By 11pm this is where we were.



It really doesn’t look like much for a days work but wow it took ALL day. We decided to call it a night and we cleaned up . Over the next few days as we were adding books and trinkets we decided we should do one more shelf on the left side. It would only create more storage and make the most of the space we had. So, back to Target I go to get the additional shelving and then to Home Depot for more trim. I think it was probably 6 days after we started that we finally had it just the way we wanted. If you read the tutorial I linked to it took them 7 hours to do the whole thing. So I think you could say we are beginners.

With that being said I am so happy with the way it turned out. I am also happy Josh and I did a big (for us) project together and didn’t kill each other. Reno can be stressful but for the most part we worked really well together and now we can look at it and be really proud because WE did it together.

Here’s the final outcome.









There are small details that aren’t perfect but I am still happy with it.

Also, you may be wondering where we put all this junk before it moved to the living room.




This is the room that we used for the office. Now that we have taken down all the bookcases in here we will be moving the desk out and making it into more a guest room. When we are home we really don’t have the need for an office. We usually do any work on our laptop or Ipad in the living room so this “office” ended up being a room we just walked through. Also, my mac you see on the desk finally bit the dust. I don’t know what to do with it. It feels wrong throwing it in the trash but it won’t even turn on anymore. Any creative ideas?

So, there you have it…Built-in Bookshelves…kinda.

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