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Lila Chatter

6 Nov

“My mommy, my daddy, my cookie, my g-daddy…hear me pups” Lila has started to claim everything in her life and let the pups know they all belong to her.

My favorite thing she says right now, usually once a day as we are riding in the car, “I happy Mommy.” What more can you ask for?

On Halloween she would announce to anyone who passed, “I a bee.” Also, after each house we went to she insisted on “more trick-or-treat!”


“Baby in my belly.” She claims her sister is in her belly:)

She will rub my belly occasionally and say, “hi my sistah.”

I was explaining to Lila that when her sister gets here we are gonna have to be gentle with her because she will be little. She said, “I little?” Yes baby you are little too. Her response. “Mommy big.” Thanks babe:)

Check out our little dancer.