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Lila Chatter

2 Oct

People tell me all the time I need to write down all of the cute things Lila says because I will soon forget whether I think so or not. I thought I would start highlighting her little gems here so I can have them in a safe place.

Recently, anytime she wants me to pick her up and carry her, “I hold you mommy.” 

Anytime there is any kind of boo boo, “It whooots mommy, it whoooots.”

Apparently I tell our dogs to quit barking quite a bit, everyday when we get home “hush puppies.”


Some of this and that and a lot of pictures

4 Jun

Hi there, it’s been a while.

I always say I’ve been busy, but who hasn’t been busy…I guess that’s just life.

We are living life with a 2 year old and that is always exciting. You never know what you are gonna get. Some days we get the most-spirited little girl who is go with the flow and the next day brings an opinionated, grumpy little person who you have to stand on your head to get a smile out of. I enjoy a challenge though. She is incorporating new words into her vocabulary everyday and it is making this communication thing a little easier. There are still plenty of things we have to guess at but she lets us know when we hit the nail on the head. My favorite word she is saying right now is water. When she says it, it sounds like “what-errr”….I make her say it over and over again because I love the way it sounds. This kiddo loves being outside. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, 120 degrees or snowing. The elements don’t seem to phase her. I think her favorite climate is rain, she loves to bring us the umbrella each morning and when it actually is raining she is head over hills.

The new daycare is still going really well. She doesn’t want me to leave in the morning and she doesn’t want to go home in the afternoon. I can always tell she has played hard when I pick her up.  Up until recently we would give her a bath just because that’s what you are supposed to do…not really because she needed one. Well, now the baths are definitely out of necessity. I swear, 2 year olds might be the stickiest thing in the world. At the end of a typical day she is equal parts sweaty, grimy, sticky, dirty and sunscreeny <—-made that one up. I cherish our time after bath when she is squeaky clean and smells good, that is prime snuggle time.



Josh and I attempted our first real DIY together this weekend. We installed several bookcases in our living room and then took it a step further to make them look like built-ins. The good news is we didn’t kill each other. Hopefully I will share the finished product after we get all the final books in place and touch them up with some paint. It has already made a huge difference in the room.

What else have we been up to lately? We got a zoo membership for the year and plan on taking Lila once a week through the summer. I have still been busy with mobile orders and have been sewing pretty much every night…no complaining here, I love it:) I have also been keeping my running up since the half marathon and I am hoping to do another one this month. I have been trying to squeeze my runs in during my lunch break so most afternoons I am a sweaty mess. I bet my co-wokers love me. Luckily I have an office so maybe it’s not too offensive. I also have a trip planned in August to see my brother in Seattle! I am so excited. I have my plane ticket booked. However, I am not that excited about flying. I am hoping I will just sleep through most of the flight.

Here is a little bit more cuteness as of late…









Those Little Moments

12 Sep

Mornings around our house are pretty busy. We have to stay right on top of our task or we will be late. Usually, while I am getting ready Lila is having a snack or playing with her toys. This morning she was keeping herself entertained with her books. She loves to flip through and look at the pictures. She loves it even more when we sit and read eleventy-seven of them at the same time. She has 2 Elmo books that instruct her to do things like “rub your belly, honk your nose, pat your head” and so on. We read them everyday and she knows almost all the commands at this point. As I was applying my face this morning I looked over and she was reading her book and rubbing her tummy. She flipped through several pages doing all the actions before she flipped to the end and told Elmo “bye-bye.” That’s the last page in both books is to wave bye-bye.

It’s those little moments when I see she is learning and thriving that make me so happy. Not to mention it was really cute and I had to go over and squish her cheeks and steal a kiss…I have to take advantage of it now while she still finds it awesome and funny that I love on her so much.

A Smile For Your Wednesday

29 Aug


We were playing peek-a-boo in the driveway 🙂 Lila makes me feel like I should do stand-up comedy. However, I doubt most audiences don’t enjoy a good game of peek-a-boo the way she does.


Summer Lovin

23 May

Short Stories

16 May

This weekend I was putting fresh sheets on our bed and Lila was helping me. When I say she was helping, I mean she was making kissy faces at herself in our closet mirror. I turned around to talk to her and she was slipping her little feet into my favorite flats. Once she got her feet in, she started shuffling around the room and laughing. She was so proud of herself for putting on mommy’s shoes. Next thing I know she has picked them up and started to walk out of the room with them. I was curious, and she needs constant supervision so I followed behind her. She carried my shoes into her room and cleared off a spot on her shoe shelf and lined them up with all her shoes. I died of utter cuteness.

This morning Josh went and got her out of her crib and brought her in the bed to snuggle with us for a bit. She wasn’t interested in snuggling but she was reaching for Blossom, our dog. Josh called Blossom over so Lila could pet her. She came and nestled right beside Lila and Lila laid her head on top of blossom’s. She then started patting the top of blossom’s head and we told her she was being very sweet. She then quickly applauded herself. All we could do is laugh.

Lila’s Nursery

30 Apr

Since we have listed our house on the market I wanted to make sure and document Lila’s nursery and all the loving touches we put into it.

Decorating Lila’s room was one of my favorite things when I was pregnant and I was a little sad when it was all done.

It is probably my favorite room in the house because we were so hands on and really put much thought into every little detail. I hope she looks back on it and loves it as much as we do.

Josh and his papaw installed the french doors that lead into Lila’s room. We wanted her to have a quiet place to rest without our little animal farm roaming freely in and out of her room. I just recently painted the doors and I am happy with how they turned out.

We chose to paint the walls a very neutral color and then incorporate lots of colors through all the accessories .  The rocker belonged to my parents and I remember it from when I was small. We use it for story time, rocking and lots of cuddling.

Having beautiful artwork in the room was very important to us. We picked out several pieces from one of our favorite artist, Charley Harper. I also did several of the prints. We purchased inexpensive frames from Target to house them all in.

I love this part of the room because I really enjoyed all the painting that went into it. I painted the tree along with the birds and name above her crib. I also created the 2 mobiles hanging from the ceiling. I also found the cute curtain fabric online and created them using no-sew products. Towards the end of the pregnancy I didn’t feel like sewing, the no-sew kit was super easy and they look just as good as if I had sewn them.

We had found a really cute owl bedding set but it was super expensive. I was able to find this adorable owl print online and created her bedskirt. Then, we bought a plain white bumper and attached the green fabric on top.

This is Lila’s favorite part of the room. She loves pulling all the stuffed animals off the basket and shelves.

I love fabric and I had so many different prints I wanted to incorporate into the room and I found this lovely idea of displaying them in embroidery circles. Our mirrored closets help make her cozy room look just a bit bigger.

This space above the dresser acts as Lila’s main closet. The girl has an impressive wardrobe and is quickly outgrowing her small space. Josh uses the main closet in the room so we had to get a little creative. Personally I love looking over and seeing all of her cute, colorful clothes. We just have to keep them tidy to make sure it doesn’t become a a big mess.

This is one additional view of  her room that connects to our office/study/library.

This is such a calming place to hang with her at the end of the day. It has been a wonderful room where many memories have been created.

Oh The Cuteness!

11 Apr

Lila has upped the cuteness level lately. (I can say that, I’m her mom.) She has been doing the funniest things that crack Josh and I up. I want to hold on to these memories and never forget them.

-We will ask Lila for kisses and as we lean in to retrieve it from her she licks us instead of just kissing. That may sound gross but it is the cutest thing, her kisses are of the french variety. I’m not sure how she came up with that but I love it. I guess we are gonna have to correct her at some point but right now it warms my heart.

-She has started to dance, clap, bob her head and bounce whenever there is music on. We have been having little dance parties in the living room. She gets the biggest smile on her face and it is just natural for her to move. She likes to watch me do silly dances and entertain her while she is eating. It’s like dinner theatre, just very low budget 🙂

-Sometimes if she isn’t super interested in her food, which isn’t often, she will drop some food off the highchair and the dogs come running. We have been trying to teach her not to do that and if she doesn’t want it that she doesn’t throw it in the floor. Last night I caught her mid toss and stopped her. I showed her that we put food in our mouths and demonstrated. Then, she put it in her mouth. I clapped excitedly and told her “good job!” She started clapping too. I was watching her from the kitchen while I was preparing more food. She would put the food in her mouth, clap for herself, take the food back out, then put it back in, and give herself another round of applause. I didn’t want her to see me laughing because I don’t want it to become a thing but I was in tears.

I love this age right now and I look forward to all the funny moments to come.

An Afternoon With Mommy

29 Mar

Yesterday, I had a rare afternoon off in the middle of the week with Lila. Her babysitter had an appointment so I left work early and we spent the day playing.

I just love watching her and the changes she goes through everyday.

She was being incognito in the park.

We came home and frolicked in the yard. Yes, I am aware we need a goat…or we could probably just mow it.


Our Weekend

26 Mar

We had a fun and productive weekend!

Lila broke in her new birthday toys.

On Saturday morning I was able to get my long run in. I feel much more ready for the race now. My time may not be all that great but I feel like I can finish. My friend Emily played with Lila while I was out for a run. They had lots of fun and Lila got to try out some new headgear. She may be a runner one day!

Lila also carved some time out of her busy schedule to cheese for the camera.

And chat loudly in her crib while I documented.

BUT, most importantly…Lila danced.

This made me smile for the rest of the day:)