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Baby Girl #2

17 Sep

I haven’t written here in quite sometime. I’m disappointed because I love going back and looking at the way this helps to document life. For some reason I got a bit burnt out on writing but with lots of new changes happening in our lives I want to have a place to “remember” it by.


Back at the first of July we found out we were expecting baby #2! Very exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time time. It wasn’t a big surprise and it was something we had definitely discussed but it is different when things go from hypothetical to real. I got really nervous and quite anxious about how I was going to handle 2 babies. I know people do it everyday and with a lot more kids but for me it was a lot. As the weeks passed I became more and more calm. I have actually now convinced myself I can do this and it’s gonna be great, positive reinforcement. All that kinda makes it sound like I wasn’t happy about the news but I truly was. All those moments of the first weeks and how hard it can be suddenly came rushing back to the front of brain and made me a bit timid. Just like anything it is going to be a change and we will have to adjust our lives just like we did when Lila arrived. Right now we have a routine and we all know what we are doing and things are for the most part flowing….on most days.

At our first dr’s appointment we found out they offered a new test. It was a DNA screening test that you could take as early as 10 weeks and find out the gender 100%. The test also screened your chromosomes to check for any signs of Down’s or Trisomy 21. It’s pretty amazing that you can find out that early these days. We didn’t get to do the test until I was 11 weeks because we were away on vacation but once we got back we had it on the schedule. They said the test usually took about 3 weeks for results so we still had to remain a bit patient. A week and half later I was sitting in the Detroit airport on the way to see my brother in Seattle when I got the call from the dr. The results were already in! However I was by myself, surrounded by strangers in the airport. For some reason I didn’t want to find out the gender at that moment by myself. However, I was anxious to know how everything was genetically. The nurse let me know that everything came back as low-risk and normal which provided me with a huge sigh of relief. I opted to call the office back for the gender results after I had spoken to Josh. I called and texted and got no reply from Josh (he was in meetings.) I was boarding the plane and had to turn my phone off and was disconnected for the next 4 hours. Once I landed in Seattle I was able to talk to Josh and we both agreed we wanted to go ahead and find out, but by that time the office was closed. Argh! We decided I would call the next morning and I would call him first thing with the news. By the time I was ready to go to sleep I was exhausted from a day of travel, sight-seeing and just all the excitement. I knew the faster I went to sleep the faster I would get the news. I dreamed about calling all night long. I had gotten 2 results it was a boy, 1 result it was a girl, and once I couldn’t find any phone that would dial out. I woke up at 6am and thought I couldn’t wait another minute. Since there is a 3 hour time difference I knew the dr’s office would be open. I nervously reached for my phone and dialed the number. Suddenly, the office voicemail picked up….I thought that can’t be right. I hung up and dialed again, this time I actually listened to the recording only to be reminded they were closed on Fridays. Big ole bummer. So I had to wait until Monday, luckily my brother was keeping me extra busy sight-seeing around the city and it kept my mind from wandering too much. Once Monday rolled around I pulled myself out of a deep sleep and phoned the dr. Once I got connected with the nurse she went over the genetics with me again and then asked if I was ready to know the gender…..”YES!” She calmly told me “It’s a girl” and then congratulated me. I was so excited. I had really felt like it was a girl all along and I could never explain why I felt that way. I was also really excited for Lila because ever since we told her she was gonna be a big sister she insisted on wanting a “seestah.” We would say, but Lila what if you have a little baby brother, “no, seestah!”

So baby Lucy will be joining our family around the beginning of March πŸ™‚ She and Lila are going to be almost exactly three years apart and I think Lila is going to be a great big sister.

Baby’s First Stitches

24 Apr

Last night was eventful.

Scary and eventful.

Lila had waddled into our bedroom and I was right on her heels. We usually play in the living and dining room and close the doors to the other rooms. However I had just cleaned the house over the weekend and the words, “there isn’t really anything for you to get into” rolled off my tongue. Those words hadn’t been uttered for more than 15 seconds before there were blood and tears. I went to tickle her belly as I do daily and she lost her balance and fell sideways. I knew she hit hard but I thought she just hit the floor. Nope. She caught her eyebrow on the corner of our metal bed frame. As soon as I got her into my arms I knew it wasn’t good. There was dark liquid coming from her face and I panicked. My immediate thought was, “it could have been her eye.” It wasn’t her eye but that is the only thought I could process. I was sick to my stomach and Josh and I were trying to stop the bleeding while she was in tears. It was deep and it became clear this was going to involve a trip to the hospital. After about two minutes of rocking her and wiping her face, Lila calmed down and was ready to get in the floor and play. It wasn’t playtime though, so we got in the car and headed for Children’s Hospital.

I bet we got stuck at every red light, got behind every granny and anyone who wasn’t from around here. It felt like it took a lifetime to get there, it probably only took about 10-12 minutes. Once we arrived, Josh dropped us at the door and we went to check in. I was irritated there were people in front of us, I was irritated the lady’s computer was running slowly, and I was irritated they said her name wrong. Obviously I wasn’t handling this very well. I couldn’t even give them Lila’s correct birthday and had to go back and correct the month she was born. Luckily, we hadn’t even sat down when they called us back to triage. The staff and nurses were amazing. They finally put me at ease and I didn’t feel like I was going to explode. I realize the reason I was angry was because I was upset with myself and then I let everything around me affect the situation.

I know these things happen when little ones are toddling around but it doesn’t make it any easier to see your child in pain and think you could have prevented it.

Lila was a champ. She was dancing and smiling for all the nurses. If you couldn’t see the evidence on her face, you never would have know she was hurt. They had her stitched up and had us out in just under an hour. Lila got a popsicle out of the deal which she loved.

By the time we made it home it was about an hour past her bedtime and it was clear she was exhausted. I held her on my lap as she drank her milk and continued holding her til she fell asleep. I didn’t want to put her down.

I am just so grateful her injuries weren’t worse.

6 Month Check-Up

30 Sep

On Wednesday Lila had her 6-month check-up. She is a whopping 17 lbs 9 oz. I actually thought she might already be in the 18’s but she was a little shy of it. She is also 26.5 in long. I feel like she is fairly tall because we are having to dress her in pants that are 9 months because size 6 months are always too short on her. She also had to endure shots. It was probably the best she had done because she didn’t really cry. It was hardest time for me though and I’m not sure why. I think watching her face and seeing that it scared her to death made me really sad and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. As soon as it was over, I scooped her up and just held her. Love her heart.

The dr’s office was much more successful this time. Our appointment was at 2:00 and we left by 2:30. We did see a different dr this time because I was so angry after her last three hour appointment that I decided to make a change. While this dr. isn’t as personable with Lila, he gets the job does and conveys all the important information to me. The other dr. was really entertaining for Lila and did lots of ewwwing and awwwing. However, I figured I didn’t need to wait three hours for her to make funny noises for her, I do that all the time anyway. Lila’s monthly visits are over now and she won’t be going back until she is 9 months except to get the second dose of her flu shot.

We were in and out of the dr’s office so quickly that I didn’t even get to take pictures of Lila….boo. No worries though, I can always find a picture….

Check Me Out – 5 Months

25 Aug

Lila had her 5 month check-up today. She did really well and is growing like a weed. She is up to 16lbs 4.5oz and 25 3/4 in tall. The dr. said it seemed that she was right on track for everything and that she was super strong. She also showed me a trick to get Lila a little more comfortable sitting up so we are gonna start practicing. I’m not in any hurry for her to grow up but she seems to be doing it whether I want her to or not. She asked about Lila’s sleeping habits and when I told her she is getting up once during the night she said she thought that was odd because right now shouldn’t be a growth spurt for her. I’m not sure I completely agree, all babies are different and have their own schedules. She said if I increased her food intake during the day it may make a difference. If you have ever been around Lila though you know you can’t make her eat if she doesn’t want to. She will simply refuse if she isn’t hungry. She said we might want to introduce solids and that could be the solution. She is already doing cereal one time a day but I guess we will start branching out here soon. I am going to try and make my own baby food. I don’t know how much of a success this will be but I want to give it a shot anyway. I received a food mill and a great baby food book as a gift and I think that is a great starting point. I also ordered liltte 2oz freezer trays that have lids on them to make the portioning easier. This should be interesting.

She didn’t have to get any shots today. She just received the liquid rotarix and they pricked her finger for some routine bloodwork. The prick didn’t phase her, she just smiled the whole time…I was astonished. I realized that next month is our final monthly appt. and then we go every 3 months. That makes me sad for some reason.

Lila was making eyes at a lil boy in the waiting room. It has already begun!

And here is some general cuteness to enjoy….



And now for the rant portion of my blog. If you don’t feel like hearing someone complain, quit reading NOW!

The time management of dr.’s offices infuriates me. The dr. that Lila sees is my favorite dr. at her practice but she is also chronically late. I had been warned about this before going to see her but the first few times there was no problem. However, the last two times I was there for 3 hours each time. I try to schedule her appt. so I can take her on my lunch break but it never seems to matter to them that you have a schedule too. I specifically got the dr’s first appt. today so there would be less chance of a delay. I shouldn’t have been shocked that we were there for 2 hours. I’m sorry, but to have the 1st appt. and not be able to get out in under and hour is crazy. The dr. was an hour and 5 mins. late. Well this explains why I waited for so long all the other times. She came right into the room as if she wasn’t a minute late and just acted as if everything was right as rain. I was really aggravated. As we were checking out and scheduling Lila’s next appt. the receptionist asked me what time I would like. I had had it so I politely asked her if the dr. made rounds at the hospital in the morning before coming in. This was the only explanation I could come up with for being so late on a consistent basis. The receptionist looked at me with a knowing stare and said “Not usually.” I could tell this wasn’t the first time she had been questioned about this. I wasn’t rude to her because I know it wasn’t her fault and we all know I steer away from confrontation. However, the more I think about it I just wanted to tell the dr to her face that my time was just as valuable as hers. Luckily I have an understanding boss with children but that doesn’t make it ok. Needless to say I scheduled her next appt. with a different dr. in the practice. I hated to do this because this dr. is great with Lila but I can’t spend half my day waiting on her show up. Vent over.