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Steppin Out Saturday

7 Aug

Top>>Forever 21  Pants>>Delia’s  Shoes>>Target  Earrings>>Bonnaroo  Bracelet>>Art Festival

Saturday consisted of lots of housework, yard work, tidying and then we stepped out to my mother-in-law’s surprise 50th birthday party! We had a great time and got to spend some great time with family. Lila got to run wild and be spoiled to death so she was lovin life:)

My pictures are a little wonky this week. I took my own pics so I ended up with some unique poses:) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Steppin Out Saturday

23 Jul

On Mama>> Tank Top & Shorts-Old Navy  Shoes-Target

On Lila>> Top-thrifted  shorts-Baby Gap

On Saturday Lila and I stepped out in Dandridge. We went to visit my parents.  Around lunchtime Lila, my mom and I went downtown to the farmer’s market to shop the fresh produce. The farmer’s were wheeling and dealing and wanted to trade us all the tomatoes for Lila….but we just couldn’t do it 🙂 They also had pasta, honey, flowers, and free samples of bread. Lila really enjoyed that part and almost had a breakdown when her sample was gone. She loves bread, just like her mama! We had to quickly distract her and move on to the next thing.

After the farmer’s market we walked the streets of Dandridge and my mom was telling me the history of all the buildings and showed me where my grandfather had his clothing store many years ago. I always knew he owned a clothing store but I never knew exactly where it was so it was neat to actually see it. Then we visited a new antique store in town and finally ended the afternoon with lunch in a little wrap shop.

Lila was fading fast so we wanted to get her home for a nap. It is only about 2 minutes from downtown to my parent’s house and in that amount of time she was already nodding off so my mom and I starting singing “Old McDonald” so her two minute car nap didn’t cancel out her real nap. Luckily we made it home in time and she napped well….so did mom:)

Hope you all had an awesome Saturday.

Steppin Out Saturday

9 Jul

On Mama> Dress: From a cute little boutique on our trip to Ohio a few weeks ago, I meant to look at the label and of course I didn’t ——-I will try and follow-up with that  Earrings: The Limited  Sandals: Old Navy

On Lila> Dress: This little dress was mine when I was a wee little thing. I wish I had gotten a better picture but Lila was having none of it. Sandals: K-Mart  (I love these sandals so much that Lila has now had them in two sizes and I may get a pair for next year, they go with everything!)

We had a busy, fun Saturday! Lila, Josh and I went to our niece’s 10th birthday party and got to hang out with the family all afternoon. It was super hot with temperatures over 1oo but we tried to stay cool with some ice cream and cake! After the birthday party Lila and I headed out to see my best girls, the Jamies! Jamie brought her new little man, Bray, and Lila gave him some sweet lovin.

I was proud of Lila, she was gentle with Bray but still curious. He is such a sweet and handsome little man. I could just sit and cuddle with him all day. We were busy shuffling babies and food and we didn’t get picture of all of us together but at least we got the babies!

By the time dinner was over it was getting pretty late and it was already well past Lila’s bedtime. I decided to pull off at my parent’s house and lay her down. We didn’t really come prepared with any clothes but we made it work. Lila made some interesting outfits out of her G-Mama’s socks and her G-Daddy’s underoos!

Needless to say, it was a good weekend:)

Steppin Out Saturday

25 Jun

On Mama: Tank Top-Old Navy   Skirt-Old Navy   Sandals-Old Navy  (it was an Old Navy kinda day apparently)

On Lila: Dress-Baby Gap (consignment)  Sandals-Kmart

We have been out of town for the past several days on a bit of a road trip. We traveled to Ohio and stopped off in Oxford, OH, right outside of Cincinnati for a quick visit. Oxford is where my brother and I were both born and my parents lived there for eight years while my dad was earning his doctorate at Miami University. It was really neat to go back and visit and see where life began. I will have more up on the trip a little later.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend:)

Steppin Out-Father’s Day Weekend

18 Jun

On Lila: Dress– 1st Birthday Present, homemade  Sandals– K-Mart

On Mama: Dress– from a small boutique, now closed:(  Belt– Francesca’s

We had a fantastic Father’s Day. My parents came down and we went to brunch at the Copper Cellar….so tasty! I had the Eggs Benedict and my mouth is watering thinking about it right now. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing around the house, napping and then going for yogurt. It was the perfect day.

I am so lucky to have a wonderful daddy who is there no matter what. I am also proud to call Josh my husband and a wonderful father to Lila. We are truly lucky:)

I hope all you fathers had a wonderful day as well!

Daddies and Daughters!

She can’t go a day without that chair!

I’m gonna have this one blown up….love it:)


Steppin Out – Mother’s Day Weekend

14 May

Mother’s Day weekend was filled with lots of friends and family.

I got to attend a good friend’s wedding and hang out with my best girls:)

Lila and Josh had a daddy and daughter afternoon and went to see family in Newport. I hate I had to miss it but the wedding was lots of fun!

We had some JLJ time. We have called ourselves this since high school. (Jamie, Laura,Jamie) Baby Bray is making his presence known though, so he got to be included:)

What I’m wearing: Dress> Francesca’s Belt>Francesca’s

Sunday morning we had brunch at Copper Cellar with my parents. This was our best attempt at a family photo. Lila was exhausted and ready for a nap so she wasn’t up for picture time.

My loves.

My sweet girl.

Me and my mama. Love her.

What I’m wearing: Dress> thrifted  Belt> Francesca’s

I hope all you mama’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day.


Steppin Out Weekend

30 Apr

We worked on the house a bit this weekend, celebrated Josh’s birthday and played outside.

Family photo time!

Mama Style>>> Top:Francesca’s Tank Top: Target  Jeans: Express

Baby Style>>> We got everything at consignment sales. I have to start looking at tags because I’m not sure about the brands.

Daddy Style>>> He is wearing clothes. I know that is super helpful.

Lila’s stitches came out on Saturday and her eye is looking great!

Dinner with my parents!

All our girls!

Steppin Out Sunday

23 Apr

I know, I know….this is supposed to be stepping out Saturday but trust me I am doing you a favor by not putting up a pic from that day. I threw on a scrubby t-shirt and jeans, had on no make-up and had my hair plopped on top of my head…I was stunning. I didn’t think the internet could handle such glam so I decided to spare you.

On Sunday, however, I did have to look alive for a baby shower I was helping throw. I managed to remember to take this picture at about 10 at night. Oh well.

Top: Kohl’s

Purple jeans: Delia’s >>>>>I am aware Delia’s is probably targeted toward 15 year old girls but they had these awesome pants on sale for $9. I really couldn’t pass that up. Since my first venture with color pants here, I have really taken it to the next level. I now have teal, purple, bright pink and red pants. I love them all! I have always enjoyed wearing a lot of color, so these are right up my alley. I realize they will probably be out of style in like 3 months but I will enjoy them while they last.

Shoes: Francesca’s

The baby shower was so much fun and there was so much good food. I was eating like I was the pregnant one (and I am not by the way.)

Anywho, Sunday was filled with some other excitement that will write about later this week! Happy Monday:)


Stepping Out Saturday

16 Apr

Mama> t-shirt: gap / jeans: express / shoes: francesca’s / headband & necklace: had them forever, who knows where they came from?

Lila> dress & sandals: ddk consignment

We had a lovely, relaxing and fun weekend. On Saturday morning Lila and I stepped out to the Dogwood Arts Festival downtown. We strolled around checking out all the cool art, had some ice cream and enjoyed the fabulous weather. Lila was about to pass out on me so we headed back home for her nap time. When she woke up she tried out her new water table. She seemed to really like it. Her favorite activity was to take all the toys out one by one and throw them on the ground while she watched mom and dad retrieve them. I think it will be a really fun way to spend some time outside this summer.

Action shot!

Playing with daddy:)

“The water is cold!”

For dinner, we all went for pizza downtown. Lila wasn’t too excited about the pizza, I think the crust may have been a little tough for her. We figured out she loves ketchup though:)

All in all it was the perfect saturday:)


Steppin Out Saturday

2 Apr

We had a fantabulous and exhausting weekend! Saturday, Lila and I headed out early to go pick up my half marathon packet and then headed to Dandridge to visit with the G-parents for the day. When we were there two weeks ago, Lila was just getting the hang of holding onto things and walking but on Saturday she took off without any assistance. It is amazing to see the progress she is making in such a short amount of time.

We spent the day hanging out, playing and resting and then headed back to Knoxville to make it an early night.

Mama Style

Top: Kohl’s

Pants: American Eagle (This was my first venture with the color jeans fad that has taken off and I have to say I like them. I may have to get a few more colors.)

Shoes: Off Broadway (I love wedges, they are so comfortable.)

Baby Lila Style

Dress: Gifted from Lila’s 1st Birthday, I think the brand is Cherokee. I love the bright colors.