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She Is Off To The Races

15 Dec

Happy 8 Months

16 Nov

Happy 8 Months lil bug. We love you so.

You like to grunt, giggle, scrunch your nose, pull hair, play with the phone, snuggle at bedtime, put EVERYTHING in your mouth, love on your babydoll and kick your shoes off.

We have been playing “Where’s Baby?” with you.

Here is a sample.

Josh and I may be having more fun than she is with this game.

Giraffes are Funny

18 Oct

At least, Lila and I think so πŸ™‚

Weekend Wrap-Up

22 Aug

We didn’t get too wild this weekend but I thought I would share a few pictures.

I was enhancing her cheeks a lil bit.

smiley girl

She requested this bib:)

When Lila was just a few weeks old we started doing the bicycle with her. We would sit there and pretend like she was running in place. I don’t know if all babies do this but she seemed to have picked up on the motion. She does this all the time.

And finally, this morning I had her dressed so cute and as soon as we arrived to the babysitter she had pooped out the side and all over her carseat. Being the great mother I am, I forgot to bring back-up clothes.