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40 Years = Whoa!

27 Sep


I’m pretty behind on this post but I couldn’t let it pass without sharing.

The 1st of September my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. I think this is pretty incredible and pretty rare. I don’t think I really appreciated how special this was until I got married myself. Marriage isn’t always easy, it is waking up everyday and thinking about someone else’s needs just as much as your own. My parents have been a solid foundation of love and something I have aspired to have for so long. Their example has shown me it really can work.

As I am about to enter my fourth year of marriage, I look to them on a consistent basis for guidance. Four years seems like nothing in comparison to the forty they have clocked in but I have to remember that you have to have your fourth before you can have your fortieth. Sometimes it is odd to think of your parents when they were age and wonder what they were experiencing in their life. As I have positioned my feet a little more into adulthood I love to ask them questions about what they went through to get where they are today. I am grateful that they are here for me to be able to do that. Each day that passes I can look back at choices they made and see the wisdom in them where I wouldn’t have ten years ago.

I remember when Josh and I were dating and things were getting serious that my dad gave me some great advice. He told me I needed to make sure my partner and I both had staying power. He said things wouldn’t always be easy and fun and you have to have that desire to stay and make it work even when things get tough. I will never forget this advice. As I look at my parents I see two people with the greatest staying power I have ever seen. They continue to choose one another each day. Some days that may be the easiest decision of all and they may not even have to think about it and other days it is a choice.


I will continue to watch and learn from my parents. They have laid out a roadmap in the last 4o years that if followed will lead to the best love there is.

A BIG Weekend!

27 Aug

We had a crazy, busy, fun, chaotic and unforgettable weekend.

On Friday night Josh and I met up with my brother and few other friends to see The Old Crow Medicine Show at the Tennessee Theatre. Over the past 10 years we have seen Old Crow multiple times and they are one of my favorites. Brian introduced us to them at a little bar in Johnson City when we were in college. That first time was something special with a room of about only 30 people, so it is incredible to see how much they have grown over the years. The concerts don’t have that same intimacy as in the beginning but the music still touches my soul each and every time.

Friday was also Brian’s birthday so it was a night of celebration all around. I was so happy to be able to spend the night with my two favorite guys. Since my brother is on the other side of the country these days I tried to soak in every moment and not take anything for granted.

Friday was a late night and Saturday I had to be up and moving. I was moving but not very fast. Sometimes I forget I’m not 21 anymore but it was well worth it.

On Saturday we had planned a 40th wedding anniversary party for my parents. There was still a lot of preparation to be done before that evening so it was go go go! I headed to my parent’s house and gave Lila bug some lovin. She had stayed with them the night before so we could go out and we were both happy to see each other. We spent a little time together before I took her to see her Mamaw Lisa. She spent the day with her so we could get everything ready for the party.

She made it back for the end of the party!

We hired a photographer for the party so my parents could have some pictures that we wouldn’t have had time to do otherwise. As soon as we get those back I will share more about the party and the fun times we had.

Here are a few shots I got of the tables:

I can’t wait to see all the pictures and to share all about the party!

Needless to say we spent Sunday recovering and resting and I am still exhausted. I may be going to bed about 8 tonight:)