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Meet the Family

4 Apr

…the animal family that is.

This is Bogey, he was our first baby. He is mean and thinks he owns the bathroom. When we have company he sits guard at the bathroom door. He also has a hard time hitting the litter box…grrrr. We take responsibility for some of his behavior, he was Posey the first couple of months of his life before the vet broke it to us he was a boy. We are currently looking into therapy.

This is Stella, we thought Bogey needed a friend. They hated each other at first but that hate has grown to tolerance. Stella is the sweetest kitty every, a little anti-social but very sweet.

Greta was our first dog and she is very lovable. She loves her crate and she is great with Lila. We forced her to wear this sweater one Christmas. Poor thing.

Blossom is the baby of the household. We tell her she is more of a baby than Lila. She may be the neediest dog of all time but we still love her. She is very clumsy and super cuddly.

Here is a family shot, Bogey missed the picture…I’m sure he was busy guarding the bathroom or making a mess in the floor.