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14 Mar

Looking for: My mojo to write a little bit more. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to create and write more and I have definitely been keeping with that on the creative side. I have been really busy with mobiles over the last few months. My sewing machine has found a permanent place on the dining room table where I sit at nightly and sew birdies. It has been good to stay busy and see business better than ever.

Feeling: Luckily on the mend! We have all been a little under the weather lately. Luckily Lila experienced the least of it. I got the flu and that put me down for a good 5 days and since then I have been left with the longest cold ever. I wake up each day hoping it will be gone but it is just lingering about. Josh felt pretty bad for a few days but he is convinced it wasn’t the flu. Lila spent about 3 days with my parents as we were trying to survive. We wanted her away from all the germs and to stay as well as possible. She managed to escape the whole thing with only a runny nose, so she wins!

Anticipating: Lila’s second birthday! Lila turns 2 on Saturday and I can’t wait. Well, that’s a lie. I can wait and it kinda breaks my heart she is growing up so fast. She will be excited when she see’s her birthday cake, though. We are trying to do a Charlotte’s Web theme so she is going to have a cute little pig cake with pig cupcakes. When I was growing up my mom always had the same person make our birthday cakes and they were the best ever:) They had the most unique flavor and it was always one of the high points of my birthday. Since I have gotten older and life has been busier I haven’t had one of those birthday cakes in years. I called my mom to see if she could get the lady to do a special cake for Lila and she agreed! I hope she loves it as much as I always did.

2013-03-09 11.15.06

Running: I have been keeping up with my running since the first of the year and I feel so much better. My friend Jamie and I try and run about 4 days a week and we have been training for the Nashville Half Marathon at the end of April. After last year’s half marathon I said I was done but here I am again. I might be crazy. I find that I do best when I have a goal to work towards and scheduling a big race helps keep me on track and dedicated to working out. The flu put a little halt on training for several days but I am back at it and trying to get my endurance back up. I got some spiffy new running shoes that I love:) They make running a bit more fun if that is possible. I have really enjoyed having Jamie as my running buddy. I used to love working out by myself but here lately it seems a lot more fun when you have someone to do it with. We push and encourage each other to do more even if we aren’t feeling it!

2013-02-23 21.13.04

Watching: Well, you know I am always up on my tv so I have lots of shows that I love. One of my new favorites is Scandal and Duck Dynasty! Scandal keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and I love Kerry Washington. Josh and I have both gotten really into Duck Dynasty which is something I didn’t think I would ever say. It’s just hilarious and Si is the best. You know what I mean, Jack!

Looking forward to: Spring! I am over the cold weather and mother nature’s fickle ways. We have had a few days where we have gotten a tease of the warm weather, only to be followed by freezing temps and lots of wind.

2013-03-09 11.14.15


2013-03-09 11.12.49


Eating: Thin Mints! Someone take them away.

Making me happy: Cuddles on the couch, coffee, sunshine, and quality time with the family.

2013-02-25 18.59.43


-Inspired by Danielle at www.sometimessweet.com

Happy 22 Months

24 Jan

2013-01-18 10.19.47


Lila Doodle-

I am several days late in writing this to you and I am upset with myself because I have missed the last several months of doing your monthly update. When life gets busy around here this blog is one of the first things that falls by the wayside. Hopefully I can get you caught up on the cool things you have been up to.

You are talking more and more each day and with each new word that comes out of your mouth I am absolutely floored. It is wild to watch you develop and grow right in front of  my eyes. Just tonight you said “love you” for the first time to me. I could have squeezed you in two it made me so happy. One of your favorite words that you are saying right now is puppy. You say it as “buppie”…..I know, too cute. Your daddy and I read you numerous books each day and you simply devour them. You are also quite possessive over your books and don’t really want to share them. Sharing is definitely an area we are trying to work on with you. We have to remind you on a daily basis that big girls share.

We had attempted to start introducing you to the potty and you were doing really well with it but then just a few days ago you decided you didn’t want anything to do with it. That’s fine though, it is a little early anyway and I am in no hurry to rush it with you. We are gonna take a break from it for a few months and then revisit.

There are days I want to record everything you do because I don’t want to forget it and I try to make mental notes to myself. I know those moments are quickly forgotten about. However, you did have two gems for me tonight. As soon as we walked in the door tonight you walked in and picked up a book called “Counting Kisses.” It counts down from 10 telling us all the places to give you kissses. You turned straight to the page that said “10 kisses on your teeny tiny toes” and promptely lifted up your foot and started kissing it. Then we jumped in the shower and you laid down with your booty up in the air and told me “nigh nigh.” I asked you if you were gonna go to sleep in the shower and you simply replied, “yeah.” It was the sweetest.

Speaking of sleep, you are doing pretty well. The 2-3 weeks after Christmas were a nightmare. With all the excitement, travel and different schedules your whole routine was kinda thrown off. For several weeks you were waking up with night terrors in the middle of the night and then you would wake up between 4 and 5 and be ready for the day. I was not a happy camper and was so tired. Finally after a few weeks you have gotten back to your regular schedule of sleeping from 8pm to 7am. Sleeping in til 7 sounds amazing after weeks of waking up at 4 and 5. Thanks for getting back on track:)

I know there are million things I am leaving out but I promise I am going to do better about your monthly updates. I do want you to know that you bring so much joy to our lives each day and I never imagined I could be this happy. You are so loving and I am so thankful that you show us so much affection each day. That is the favorite part of my everyday.

We love you sweet baby.

Read Directions

6 Oct


My family has always gotten together for birthdays as long as I can remember. Depending on everyone’s schedule at the time we will either have a meal at my parent’s house or we will all go out to dinner. Either way, there is always cake involved. ALWAYS. My mom is a great cook so she usually bakes each person a special cake. For some reason this specific night,when we were celebrating my brother’s birthday I decided to make his cake. I don’t get all fancy, just your basic out of the box…which is a total of like 3 ingredients and 5 steps. However, once I finished with it I was pretty darn proud of myself. We ended up going out to dinner and when dessert time rolled around, I unveiled my masterpiece.

I started cutting pieces and handing them out and we all quickly dug in. As I took my first bite I knew something was off. It wasn’t awful but something was definitely wrong. It was a bit dry and compact and I made a comment that it wasn’t my best attempt. Everyone was quick to jump in and reassure it was delicious. They were going out of there way to tell me how good it was. This was almost enough to convince myself it really was good. Then, I looked over and noticed Josh wasn’t eating his. He said it tasted funny. On the way home he said there was definitely something up with it. I wanted to know if it tasted so bad why did everyone tell me it was delicious? He said they love you and didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I guess I had brainwashed myself enough at this point to believe Josh was the only one who thought it tasted bad. I just told myself he was crazy and didn’t have any idea what he was talking about.

Shortly after we arrived home I was cleaning up dishes in the kitchen and wiping the counters down from my earlier “cooking.” The cake box was still sitting on the counter so I took a quick glance at it. I immediately realized my mistake. I forgot to add the water to the cake! At this point I felt pretty ridiculous, because I knew my family had put forth a good face despite the horrible cake. I told Josh and he just laughed…at me and my family for trying to pretend like there was nothing wrong with it.

I don’t do much baking anymore but when I do the water is the first ingredient I add.

31 Days of Lessons Learned by Age 30

1 Oct

This month I am taking on the challenge of  writing for 31 days straight on one topic. The Nester hosts this event over on her blog and I was inspired to take part. I know writing for 31 days straight will be tough but I am going to try my best. I felt with my 3oth birthday quickly approaching that I would write about all the lessons I have learned in the past 30 years. The lessons will come from various times throughout my life. Some will be funny, sad, silly and thoughtful but I hope to use this as a way to improve my writing and also to capture some great stories I have stored in the memory bank.

Last year, over 700 people took part in this challenge and wrote on a numerous amount of different topics. Check out The Nester and all the cool topics being written about this year.

I am really excited about this and hope that you will read along. Below are the topics I will be writing on each day.

1. Don’t page your mom 911 unless it is a REAL emergency.

2. Always put your car in park.

3. Take the time to enjoy the small things.

4. Perfection isn’t necessary, at the end of the day life goes on.

5. Spend the extra money, and stay married.

6. Read directions.

7. Take it all in stride.

8. Cherish your grandparents.

9. Learn to cook.

10. Look twice on foggy days.

11. It’s ok to still need your mommy.

12. Be kind….you never know what someone is going through.

13. Find a hobby.

14. Don’t get caught.

15. Find Forever Friends

16. Take life one day at a time.

17. Don’t wear important jewelry in  large bodies of water.

18. If your’e gonna lie, go all out.

19. Do what you enjoy.

20. First impressions are real.

21. Be thankful.

22. If you feel faint, sit down

23. Some days it’s alright to take a break.

24. Security is good at any age.








18 Months

19 Sep

(A few days late)

Lila Bug-

You are getting to be such a big girl and you make us laugh so much everyday. We just went for your check-up and your stats are in.

Weight: 27lbs 7oz

Height: 32 3/4 inches

This puts you in the 85% for your age. You’re a healthy girl!

For a while there we thought you were going to be missing some teeth. They had been popping up in an unusual pattern that the dr. hadn’t seen before. However, in the past week all the ones we were worried about are sprouting up! Yay, you have teeth. That was a big deal for me because my mouth had to go on a journey. I was missing several teeth and I didn’t want you to have to follow in my footsteps. I guess the journey isn’t really over for you but things are looking up.

You are quite the little jabber-box. We really don’t know what you are saying but we love to hear you rattle away. I was a little concerned about how many words you were saying or I guess lack thereof but the dr. has reassured me you are right on track. You have about 10 words in your vocabulary right now and he expects you will be exploding with new ones over the next few months. Your favorite word though is “mama” and you say it about 400 times a day. I love it though and the sweet little voice that says it.

You my friend, are a great little alarm clock. I really don’t even need to set my alarm each morning because you are so consistent. I never have to worry about sleeping past 7:15. I love the mornings with you because you are still sleepy and cuddly but I also look forward to the moment you realize the magic of sleeping in….we can still cuddle if you sleep in:)

You are a little book-reading machine. Well, technically we read the books to you but you will sit still for book after book and you love to flip through each page. This really makes me happy because I know for a fact I hated to be read to when I was little. I just love the way you climb in our laps and curl up in just the right spot for story time.  I hope you always love books like this…you definitely got that trait from your daddy.

The other thing you really enjoy is dancing. You will dance anywhere, anytime. You are so entertaining to watch. You will get up and shake your lil butt all over the place…I realize this won’t be nearing as cute in about 15 years but I am loving it for the moment.

I just want you to know that your daddy and I love you more than anything in the world. So much it hurts.

Steppin Out Saturday

9 Jul

On Mama> Dress: From a cute little boutique on our trip to Ohio a few weeks ago, I meant to look at the label and of course I didn’t ——-I will try and follow-up with that  Earrings: The Limited  Sandals: Old Navy

On Lila> Dress: This little dress was mine when I was a wee little thing. I wish I had gotten a better picture but Lila was having none of it. Sandals: K-Mart  (I love these sandals so much that Lila has now had them in two sizes and I may get a pair for next year, they go with everything!)

We had a busy, fun Saturday! Lila, Josh and I went to our niece’s 10th birthday party and got to hang out with the family all afternoon. It was super hot with temperatures over 1oo but we tried to stay cool with some ice cream and cake! After the birthday party Lila and I headed out to see my best girls, the Jamies! Jamie brought her new little man, Bray, and Lila gave him some sweet lovin.

I was proud of Lila, she was gentle with Bray but still curious. He is such a sweet and handsome little man. I could just sit and cuddle with him all day. We were busy shuffling babies and food and we didn’t get picture of all of us together but at least we got the babies!

By the time dinner was over it was getting pretty late and it was already well past Lila’s bedtime. I decided to pull off at my parent’s house and lay her down. We didn’t really come prepared with any clothes but we made it work. Lila made some interesting outfits out of her G-Mama’s socks and her G-Daddy’s underoos!

Needless to say, it was a good weekend:)