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Security Is Good At Any Age

24 Oct

Most of us start out our lives with a security blanket of some sort. However, we usually outgrow it and leave those comforts behind. I have hung on to my security blanket for 30 years. Not just that I still have it but I use it on a daily basis. My mom made me a baby blanket before I was born and it has basically never left my side. I don’t know what it is about the blanket but it just gives me a great comfort. After 30 years of washings, much love and being drug to and from everywhere it is almost in shreds.

When I was pregnant my mom found the pattern she used all those years ago and made a replica for Lila. Lila’s version is made with fabrics that all have very special meaning to our family. She keeps it in her crib and sleeps with it each night. Thus far she hasn’t seemed too attached to it but I hope one day she loves it the way I love mine.

It it probably time I part with mine but the fact is….I don’t want to. And you know what? I’m secure with that:)