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13 Months

16 Apr

Happy 13 months little lady.

You are full speed ahead, there is no stopping you. You are walking everywhere and getting a bit more steady everyday. You are still having tumbles and trips which have resulted in several bumps and bruises. Your latest scrape was my fault. I was pulling you in your little wagon and tipped you over, on the concrete. I think it scared you more than anything because you weren’t far from the ground. I just felt terrible. I think we are going to have to upgrade your wagon to something a bit more sturdy. You love for me to pull you around and when it is time to get out you cry.

You are warming up to the sippy cups but you really insist on having handles to hold.

You love being outside. We spent a lot of the weekend outside and you seem to love the fresh air and being able to watch everything going on around you.

Your appetite is still great and sometimes I think you might have a hollow leg, you are just a bottomless pit. However, I love that you like to eat….just like mama!

I think you are going to have bad allergies like your daddy. You have been super snotty and congested for over a week now. At first I thought it was a cold but since I never got sick we have decided it’s those mean ole allergies. You can’t blow your nose so I have to use the little sucker on you, and let me tell you….there’s not much you hate more than having me try and clean out your nose. Fun times for both of us.

Over the weekend I purchased you a back-up Henry (the giraffe). I have been so paranoid about losing him or leaving him somewhere that I wanted to have another one when the time comes.

We haven’t turned your carseat forward yet but I think we may do it soon. Your legs are getting long and I think it will make car rides more enjoyable for you.

You still enjoy bath time but you don’t really take it sitting down anymore. You insist on standing and examining each end of the bathtub. You also love to come and lay your wet little head on my lap as you make a whirl around the tub.

You are quite the adventure buggy and we are having so much fun together.

I love you so much.

Love always, Mama