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If You Feel Faint, Sit Down

22 Oct

About 8 years ago I was attending a friend’s wedding. The event was taking place out of state so I had been traveling for several hours. I was excited about the weekend and seeing old friends so it is possible I hadn’t eaten quite enough for the day. The weekend was kicked off by the rehearsal at the church. One of my girlfriends and I were the first to arrive and we were standing at the front of the church chatting and catching up. Somehow the conversation made its way around to sports injuries. My friend started telling me a detailed story about her knee surgery. Now, I have always been squeamish and don’t enjoy blood or talking about it. As she continued giving me details I could feel myself getting light-headed and feeling myself go pale. I knew this conversation needed to end but she was right in the middle of her story and I didn’t want to interrupt to tell her I was about to pass out. At one point I tried to tune out the story but that didn’t work. The next think I knew I had a group of people standing above me trying to wake me up. I had passed out cold.

I have to say, passing out cold is a great way to steal the limelight if your feeling ignored πŸ˜‰ I was really embarrassed and it only got worse as each person in attendance came up and asked if I was ok. Next time the conversation comes around to surgery or anything medical related I know I need to sit down or politely ask someone to catch me mid-fall.