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Holiday Happenings

4 Jan

The holidays were busy, fun, exciting, exhausting and wonderful. We jam-packed lots of entertainment and memories into the last two weeks. We had holiday parties, visited Dollywood, attended a family reunion, ate entirely too much food in several different sittings, visited Santa, celebrated Christmas, spent quality time with friends and family and played til we passed out. It’s always hard coming back to work after having an extended time off but I do like having a schedule to follow again. Our sleep and routines have been all over the place lately.

It’s hard to put into words how much I love the holidays. For me the holidays mean spending time with my family and those closest to me and there is no other way I would want to spend my time. My brother has been in from Seattle for the holidays and we have been hanging out as much as possible. He flies out today and that gives me a case of “the sads.”

Here is a little summary of what has been happening lately…

christmas11Getting ready for the big man…and trying his hat on for size.

christmas10Josh and I got all gussied up to attend my annual work Christmas party.

christmas8Lila loved riding the horsies and getting to pick out her very own at Dollywood.

christmas9My little bumblebee:)

christmas7Putting on a show for the family.


You know….just, gettin her model on.

christmas6Santa paid Lila a visit.

christmas4Testing out all her new toys with daddy.

christmas3Lila wanted to show Uncle Brian the magic of Elmo.

christmas2Our nightly dance parties!

Brian got this great video of Lila on Christmas morning! I have watched it a dozen times:)

I hope you all had wonderful holidays as well!

Oh, Hi! I’m Still Here.

30 Oct

As you can see I fell short on finishing my 31 Days project. I think I made it 25 days and then I lost steam. I’m ok with that though, 25 days is pretty notable and now I have some really fun stories to look back on. Things in our life have been really busy and on the go for the last week.

Thursday night I got down to business making Lila’s Halloween Costume and that took most of the evening. On Friday after work, I picked Lila up and we went to Food City for a Halloween Contest they were sponsoring. She didn’t win but she made a super cute Pocahontas! She had so much fun roaming around the store and investigating all the other kids in costume. I was worn out when we got done. It’s a ton of work to keep up with a toddler in a huge space and to make sure they don’t destroy everything πŸ˜‰ Here is her little outfit.

Photo: I found pochantus at the grocery store! http://instagr.am/p/RQ4mhjLHNt/

Photo: Lila found the tailgating section of the grocery store and got comfy...silly girl http://instagr.am/p/RRKccbrHOc/

I plan to take her trick-or-treating tomorrow so I hope to get a ton more pictures. Also, I am dressing up with her tomorrow too. I can’t wait. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and dressing up is the best.

On Saturday we traveled to Johnson City to see family and to celebrate our cousin Ella’s 4th birthday party. It was held at the Hands On Museum and it was so much fun. They had so many activities that Lila could do and she had a blast. After the party was over we didn’t want to just go back to Knoxville so we went and hung out with the family some more. It was just a small group of us and it was so much fun to just hang out an enjoy each other’s company. We got to see the end of the football game and see our Vol’s get beat yet AGAIN. That didn’t put a damper on things though. The girls played together and entertained us and then we had an awesome home-cooked meal. I love family. We ended up leaving about 7:30 and Lila was asleep before we got to the end of the road. Poor thing was exhausted.

On Sunday we had the laziest of days. It was so rainy and cold that we stayed in all day reading books, playing, napping and being lazy. We didn’t get out of our PJ’s all day and then the only reason we changed was to have dinner with my mom. I ended the night with a little Revenge on ABC. Love that show:)

Now we are back into the work week and just trying to keep up! How do the weekends go by so fast? I will never know.

40 Years = Whoa!

27 Sep


I’m pretty behind on this post but I couldn’t let it pass without sharing.

The 1st of September my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. I think this is pretty incredible and pretty rare. I don’t think I really appreciated how special this was until I got married myself. Marriage isn’t always easy, it is waking up everyday and thinking about someone else’s needs just as much as your own. My parents have been a solid foundation of love and something I have aspired to have for so long. Their example has shown me it really can work.

As I am about to enter my fourth year of marriage, I look to them on a consistent basis for guidance. Four years seems like nothing in comparison to the forty they have clocked in but I have to remember that you have to have your fourth before you can have your fortieth. Sometimes it is odd to think of your parents when they were age and wonder what they were experiencing in their life. As I have positioned my feet a little more into adulthood I love to ask them questions about what they went through to get where they are today. I am grateful that they are here for me to be able to do that. Each day that passes I can look back at choices they made and see the wisdom in them where I wouldn’t have ten years ago.

I remember when Josh and I were dating and things were getting serious that my dad gave me some great advice. He told me I needed to make sure my partner and I both had staying power. He said things wouldn’t always be easy and fun and you have to have that desire to stay and make it work even when things get tough. I will never forget this advice. As I look at my parents I see two people with the greatest staying power I have ever seen. They continue to choose one another each day. Some days that may be the easiest decision of all and they may not even have to think about it and other days it is a choice.


I will continue to watch and learn from my parents. They have laid out a roadmap in the last 4o years that if followed will lead to the best love there is.

Family Fun Times

12 Apr

Yay! I got my camera back:) The family shipped it to me super quick! This is some fun we had with the family over the weekend.

Family love time.

Eating puffs, or um, dropping puffs everywhere.

“I didn’t do it, whatever it is, I didn’t do it.”

The girl will eat anything.

This is Lila’s cousin Ella. She is so cute and funny and it appears she likes good kisses too. She says the most hysterical things. I was changing Lila’s diaper and she came up to Lila and said, “I like your lil body.” I die, how cute.

Lila was done. This was the night she was so overtired and exhausted that she couldn’t sleep.

We were so happy to get to spend the day with everyone. Life gets so busy that it just doesn’t happen as much as it should.

Meet the Family

4 Apr

…the animal family that is.

This is Bogey, he was our first baby. He is mean and thinks he owns the bathroom. When we have company he sits guard at the bathroom door. He also has a hard time hitting the litter box…grrrr. We take responsibility for some of his behavior, he was Posey the first couple of months of his life before the vet broke it to us he was a boy. We are currently looking into therapy.

This is Stella, we thought Bogey needed a friend. They hated each other at first but that hate has grown to tolerance. Stella is the sweetest kitty every, a little anti-social but very sweet.

Greta was our first dog and she is very lovable. She loves her crate and she is great with Lila. We forced her to wear this sweater one Christmas. Poor thing.

Blossom is the baby of the household. We tell her she is more of a baby than Lila. She may be the neediest dog of all time but we still love her. She is very clumsy and super cuddly.

Here is a family shot, Bogey missed the picture…I’m sure he was busy guarding the bathroom or making a mess in the floor.

When Everything Is Empty

9 Mar








I go to reach for milk, and as I prepare to lift the heavy jug I am set ajar by the lightness. Only a few drops remain.

As I go to wash my hair I realize there is barely enough shampoo to get the job done.

I jump in the car in the morning, in a rush, running late as always. Only to see the gas light is on.

I check the bank account, only to find it isn’t as healthy as I had thought.

On days like this I am left feeling empty and aggravated. Then I pick up Lila and see the joy on her face when we set eyes on each other. We come home and see Josh and he embraces us with a hug and a kiss. (And usually a little song.) My heart is re-energized and the stresses and annoyances of the day fade. I went from empty to over-flowing in a matter of minutes:)

There Is A Ham In The Nursery

9 Mar

Oh wait, it’s just Lila πŸ™‚

Walk This Way

7 Mar


Lila started to take her first tentative steps over the weekend. At first it was just one or two here and there. But, over the past couple of days she started to get the hang of it. Usually once she realizes we aren’t holding on to her she likes to sit down. This moment filled my heart with joy last night. I have a feeling she is going to be cruising at her birthday party in a few weeks. It is the cutest thing to watch her wobble and try to catch her balance. Our animal children better watch out, she is on move:)


6 Mar

I looked down at my hands today and got really sad.

When Josh proposed to me over 4 years ago he slid my grandmother’s ring on my finger. Β She had left it for my mom to give to me to use, if I wanted when I got married. As things got more and more serious with Josh and I my mom told me about the ring. I couldn’t remember what it looked like but my mom said we could use it however we wanted. Before I actually set eyes on it, I was imagining different designs that the diamond could be worked into. However, once she showed it to me I knew it was perfect just the way it was.

It was a beautiful antique style ring that I can only imagine my grandmother was thrilled to have. Her and my grandfather had been married for over 50 years. They were something to truly aspire towards and had always been a huge part of my life. For my grandmother to leave her ring to me was an amazing thing.

Here is the only really good picture I have of it from our wedding day.

Fast forward to 9 months after our wedding.

Josh and I went to the lake with a group of friends. You can probably already imagine with the words lake and wedding ring that this is not a happy ending. We had spent the day riding on the boat, swimming, and had planned on camping overnight at a campsite we had set up. Towards the end of the day we made our way to a bridge. We decided it would be really fun to jump. It wasn’t a huge drop, just enough to get your blood rushing. Why I ever even wore my ring to the lake I’m not sure. Looking back, I never took it off though so I guess it didn’t occur to me to do so then either. We all took our turns to jump in the lake and swam back to the boat. As I was climbing back on the boat my adrenaline was pumping and I was talking enthusiastically with my hands about how much fun it was. I stopped mid-sentace and looked at my hand in horror. My rings were gone. They were now floating somewhere at the bottom of the lake. I turned white, I was sick to my stomach and couldn’t be consoled. All of my friends were trying to make sure I hadn’t dropped it some other place and were re-tracing my steps for me. All I could do was stand there frozen.

I realize the ring was a material possession and that no one was seriously injured or worse. I still have to remind myself of these things when I think back on that day. However, it was a family heirloom and probably the only thing of real value I had ever owned besides our house. As I would have one thought the next one would be worse. What would my grandmother think? How could I be so thoughtless? Are you not too old to be jumping off bridges? How am I going to tell my mom? Trust me, if there was a horrible thought, I had it. Needless to say we didn’t end up camping. We got our things together and headed back home. I think I was in shock and just sat and stared in-between moments of tears. Josh did his best to console me but there was really nothing that could be said. As we drove back home I decided I needed to call my mom. I had a pit in my stomach and I all I could think about was the disappointment I had in myself. My parents were out to dinner with friends and she missed my first SEVERAL calls. Once she realized I had called so many times, she obviously knew something was wrong. As a mother, she thought the worst. So I guess it came as a relief to her to know no one was hurt. She was amazing. Even though I know she had to be upset about it, all I heard were reassuring words. “Things like this happen, it’s ok. The important thing is that you are ok.” How do moms always know the right thing to say?

The ring that I wear on my hand today looks similar to my grandmother’s ring. However, it is hard to replace the spot it held in my heart. The ring still stands for love though, heirloom or no heirloom, the feeling of love can’t be replaced. I know my grandmother would be proud of the love I found and the family that has been created. So even though my heart still breaks for that day, there has been no love lost.

Our Weekend In Pictures

8 Aug

We went to stay with G Mama and G Daddy for the weekend since Josh had to work. We had such a good time. Saturday we took a little shopping trip and found Lila some toe blooms. Once she tried them on, G-Mama and I were in agreement that she had to have them. Check them out, are they not the sweetest things you have ever seen?

Also, we went to Newport on Saturday to see Lila’s Mamaw, Great Mamaw, Aunt Lori and Aunt Sami, and Great Papaw. She also got to see her uncle Zac and Papaw Barry. She had a blast and of course was spoiled rotten. Between her seeing my parents and Josh’s family this weekend she did not want to be put down lastnight. It is so worth it though because I love seeing how happy she makes everyone. Here are a few pics from our time in Newport.

We also picked up Sophie the giraffe on our shopping trip. Lila has been chewing everything lately and I think we may be seeing some teeth anytime. Sophie is really supposed to help with teething and she absolutely seemed to love it. She hardly put it down.