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Steppin Out-Father’s Day Weekend

18 Jun

On Lila: Dress– 1st Birthday Present, homemade Β Sandals– K-Mart

On Mama: Dress– from a small boutique, now closed:( Β Belt– Francesca’s

We had a fantastic Father’s Day. My parents came down and we went to brunch at the Copper Cellar….so tasty! I had the Eggs Benedict and my mouth is watering thinking about it right now. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing around the house, napping and then going for yogurt. It was the perfect day.

I am so lucky to have a wonderful daddy who is there no matter what. I am also proud to call Josh my husband and a wonderful father to Lila. We are truly lucky:)

I hope all you fathers had a wonderful day as well!

Daddies and Daughters!

She can’t go a day without that chair!

I’m gonna have this one blown up….love it:)


For Daddy

15 Jun

I have been blessed with the best daddy in the entire world. When I look back over my childhood he was at every basketball game, every swim meet, ready to help me with my homework and eager to teach me new things. I think I have taken for granted what a present father he has been. It was the norm for my dad to be such a huge part of my life and I didn’t have to question whether he would be there or not. Through the years, I have found out just how lucky I am to have father who didn’t and still doesn’t want to miss anything.

My dad is an incredibly smart man, it is rare that you can catch him without a book in his hand. As a child I could always find him tucked away in his cozy study in the evenings. He is responsible for teaching me how to write and how to use my words to make a page come alive. I would always Β be timid to show him any paper I had written for school because I knew it was coming back with changes and lots of them. I hated that then but I appreciate it so much now. He pushed me to be better and not just slap something down for the sake of having it.

My dad was always the softy and I knew to go through him if I really wanted something. He truly has such a kind heart and knows the words to speak to make worry or heartache fade away. I remember one time in particular that stands out in my mind. I was still in college and Josh and I had broken up. I was emotional, upset and sad. My dad came up early in the day and he took me to lunch, we went to a movie and he even took me shopping. He would have done anything in his power to make my hurt go away. I will never forget that day with my dad and all the wise words he told me about life and relationships. The relationship thing worked out….ya know, Josh is now his son-in-law:)

As hard as it is for parents to see their children in pain, I think it is pretty hard for children to see their parents in pain too. This past year has been a challenging one for my dad as he underwent three back surgeries. I have never seen him in so much pain and it was truly heartbreaking. Thankfully though he has made a huge recovery.

I love watching him interact with Lila and how their faces light up when they see each other. It brings me so much joy for him to be able to get in the floor with Lila and cut up. I look forward to the adventures they will go on together and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things he teaches her.

We are all lucky to have him in our lives and I am especially grateful to call him my father.

I love you daddy.