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First Impressions Are Real

20 Oct

It was my first day of school my sophomore year of college and I woke up slowly and stretched my arms and glanced at my alarm clock. I jerked straight up and threw myself out of bed. I was already 5 minutes late for class and I was still in my pajamas. I quickly threw some clothes on and gathered my things and rushed out the door. I was so upset on my way to class. I had been looking forward to this class for quite sometime and now I was going to be strolling in 30 minutes late.

I finally made it to my building and found the classroom. I tried to slowly slip in without being noticed but the class was small and it was impossible to come in unnoticed. I watched the teacher give me the side eye and I imagined she thought I was gonna be such a slacker and not put forth any effort. I had made my first impression right there and now I had to work to let the teacher know she had a misconception of me. From that day on I was early or right on time to each and every one of her classes. I think I put forth a little more effort in her classes than some other classes maybe trying to overcompensate. In the end, she was one of my favorite professors that I had but I felt like I really did have to overcome that first impression.

Now I understand that first impressions mean a lot but I also know that they can be changed.