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Find Forever Friends

15 Oct

I have been blessed with some of the best friends a person can have. Most of these girls have been in my life since grade school and we are still the best of friends. I have shared some of the best times of my life with them and have some of the craziest stories.

These are the girls I would ride back-roads with and listen to music for hours on end.

These are the girls that I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning with talking about everything and nothing at the same time.

These are the girls that I cried to when I had a broken heart.

These are the girls who know all my secrets.

These are the girls who I have celebrated life’s biggest milestones with.

These are the girls I love so much, we got tattooed together.

These are the girls that I could call in the middle of the night and they would do anything for me.

These are the girls I would scheme and brainstorm with when we found ourselves backed into a corner.

These are the girls that know what I am thinking without having to say a word.

These are the girls that helped me grow into who I am today.

These are the girls that would pick me up when I was down.

These are girls who it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, we can pick up on our conversations without missing a beat.

These girls are my forever friends and I know we always will be.

I know wholeheartedly that when we are 60 and 70 years old that our friendship will have only grown stronger.

I feel so blessed to have these friendships in my life.

Don’t Get Caught

14 Oct

My friends and I always thought it was fun to roll houses in high school. It didn’t have to be Halloween, we would just do it when the mood struck. There was this one house the we rolled multiple times. It was small which made the job for us much faster and easier. One this specific night we all dressed up in our gear to go out. Everyone wore black but me. I wore a white sweatshirt. Not my smartest move. I stuck out like a sore thumb. Once we arrived to the house we got right to work and started tossing the toilet paper back and forth over the house. One of the rolls must have landed right top of the roof making a noise because shortly after that we all see the front door open. Everyone made a break for it but I just stood there because I happened to be right at the front door. They clearly saw me but I still turned and ran as if someone was chasing me.

The plan had been that if we got separated that we would all meet on the next road over. I ran toward the road as fast as I could, praying they didn’t leave yet. It was pitch black and right in mid-stride I felt my feet go out from under me and the next thing I know I was drenched. I had fallen in a small creek but I popped right back up and kept running. I finally reached our meeting spot breathless, and scared. They were there! They had been worried to death and thought that I may have stayed around to get in trouble. As I write this I kinda feel a little adrenaline pumping because I remember how intense it was.

I guess my advice would be don’t roll the same house time and time again and don’t wear a white sweatshirt because you will be seen before anyone else!

Big Brother = Big Liar

14 Jun

I love having a big brother.

In our adult, grown up years we have been great friends and have always been able to call the other when we needed something.

When we were younger though, things weren’t always so peachy. I was the annoying little sister always pestering and being nosy. He was the bully. Ok, he probably only bullied me but that totally counts.

I have dozens and dozens of stories where I was the innocent victim in “funny” games. Well, I probably wasn’t innocent. He glued my hair with rubber cement, handcuffed me and tripped me, tricked me into giving him all my candy, bloodied my nose and an assortment Β of other “fun” activities.

One of the best stories I remember though is when he came up with an elaborate lie. And when I say best, I mean I am still scarred til this day. The reason this lie seemed so life-changing was because my parents had agreed to go along with him and take part in the little joke. My mom said the main reason she agreed was because I always knew how to push my brother’s buttons when I was little. I knew the one thing to say to infuriate him, for some reason I have no recollection of this.

The story goes something like this….

He sat me down one day and told me he had something very serious he needed to share with me. He said that our family was a magical family and that everyone had secret powers but me. He assured me that they had all had the powers since before I was born but I wasn’t really one of them since I wasn’t magical. Now, I have always been very gullible and that wasn’t any different at about the age of 6. Of course I questioned him and didn’t fully believe it but how could I be sure? Then came the real kicker. “Go ask mama and daddy if you don’t believe me,” he said. I did just that. I marched my happy little butt into where my parents were and repeated Brian’s story. Then, I said, “that’s not true, right?” To my surprise, they both told me it was the truth. All of them said they just hadn’t wanted to tell me because they didn’t want me to be upset. Well, when you’re a kid and your parents tell you something you believe it. For some reason, not having magical powers was devastating to my little self.

As I recall there were tears and sobbing. They didn’t let it go on for longer than a day but it went on for several hours. So, once my parents told me they really weren’t a magic family I wasn’t sure what to believe. How could I be sure they weren’t just taking back their words to save me hurt and pain? I guess I eventually got over it and assumed if I hadn’t walked in on a magic spell yet that they really weren’t magic.

However, from time to time I wonder if they are all walking around casting their powers on things while I sit here with the power of nothing.

Guess I’ll never know….for sure:)

Family Fun Times

12 Apr

Yay! I got my camera back:) The family shipped it to me super quick! This is some fun we had with the family over the weekend.

Family love time.

Eating puffs, or um, dropping puffs everywhere.

“I didn’t do it, whatever it is, I didn’t do it.”

The girl will eat anything.

This is Lila’s cousin Ella. She is so cute and funny and it appears she likes good kisses too. She says the most hysterical things. I was changing Lila’s diaper and she came up to Lila and said, “I like your lil body.” I die, how cute.

Lila was done. This was the night she was so overtired and exhausted that she couldn’t sleep.

We were so happy to get to spend the day with everyone. Life gets so busy that it just doesn’t happen as much as it should.