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Be Thankful

21 Oct

Sometimes it is so easy to forget to be thankful for the little things in life. We don’t appreciate we aren’t sick until we are, we don’t appreciate having power until it goes out, we don’t appreciate a fridge full of food until it is empty. It is easy to complain about the small inconveniences in our everyday life but why do we forget to be grateful for the small things as well? I know myself, I just expect my power to always be on, to have hot water, for my car to work, and a million other little things. I’m upset when one of those small things go awry but I forget to be thankful I have them in the first place.

I know it is hard to be in awe and thankful every minute. But, this is a reminder to myself that everything I wake up with each day is a gift and I need to be more appreciative for the things I have.