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Do What You Enjoy

19 Oct

I don’t really talk a lot about my job but I love what I do. I have been a graphic designer for Regal Entertainment Group for about 5 and half years. Somehow, I always knew I wanted to do graphic design and I was lucky enough to follow my dream. I never took any art classes in high school so college was really my first introduction to art. I was very intimidated when I first started because I was surrounded by people who had been painting and drawing their whole lives. I felt completely out of my element. Luckily though I made some friendships in my first year that really helped to get me through. Art classes require so many hours of your time more than just the scheduled class hours. I remember thinking I could knock out a project in an hour and it would be no big deal but in reality those project would end up taking about 3 or 4 hours. Sometimes I would be on the verge of tears because I had dedicated so much time and effort and I felt like my work still wasn’t good enough in the end. Unlike math or history where there are solid facts and answers, art is very personal and subjective. I had to sit through lots of tough critiques listening to my work being torn apart.

One class I remember in particular was a painting class. I realize I am not a fine artist, that is definitely not where my talent lies. But, I tried really hard and put in the hours to just be sub-par. One of the projects I distinctly remember was having to do a self-portrait. I studied my face for hours on end trying to define my cheekbones and give my eyes just the right amount of curve. We were given several weeks to finish this project and by the end of it I was so happy with the outcome. I proudly took my canvas to the front of the class on critique day and hung it up anxiously awaiting feedback. When we finally got around to mine I was beaming with pride. Then someone made the first comment and it was like someone ripped a band-aid off. Nobody was really mean but they just said it didn’t look like me and had A LOT of constructive criticism. At that point I was so close to the painting that I took it entirely too personal. After the class was finished speaking about my painting I excused myself from the class and walked into the hallway. I broke down into tears. These weren’t little baby tears that I could discretely wipe away. It was a full out ugly girl cry, couldn’t catch my breath kind of cry. I couldn’t get control of myself. I had let everyone’s critiques really get to me. I thought the self-portrait looked just like me. Just a little FYI…. I looked at the painting a few years later and it wasn’t very good at all and hardly looked a thing like me.

Although that was a tough thing to go through I knew I still wanted my life to be in art. I stuck with the classes and finally made it through. I think it is safe to say my design work is much better than my fine art work and I am glad I stayed with it. Obviously there are things about my job that aren’t my exact dream but I don’t think any job is perfect. Sometimes I get down on myself and think that I’m not really making a difference because I’m not saving lives or anything. But, I guess I contribute in a different way by trying my best to make things beautiful.

Work is a huge part of our lives, it is time away from family and friends so I think it is important to make the most of that time if impossible.