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19 Months

16 Oct


I have been going through looking at old pictures of you. I barely remember that 8lb baby I held in arms, swaddled so tightly, and sat up nights with. When I look at the pictures it is unfathomable that time has passed so quickly. I know that’s what everyone tells you, to enjoy it because they grow up too fast. Some days in the midst of motherhood I think I must have my blinders on. I don’t see how small you still are and I know in a few months I will be looking back on pictures of today relishing you’re itty bittyness.

I wish I could store up each day in a jar so I could go back and take the lid off and relive our moments. I know that’s not possible so I am trying to enjoy each moment with you and not take it for granted. You are the funniest little girl and fill our lives with so much joy. You are starting to use your words a bit more and it is so funny to hear all the little things that come out of your mouth. I can’t wait to see what you do tomorrow but I am enjoying what you are bringing to my today.

Love you so much, Mama