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If You’re Gonna Lie, Go All Out

18 Oct

When I was in high school my friend Jamie had to stretch the truth quite often….to her parents. She was on a short leash so we often had to work together to maneuver around her parents. In our senior year Jamie’s parents wanted her to re-take a math class she had already taken with a different teacher. The first teacher wasn’t that great and they didn’t think she got enough out of the class. But, it was senior year and we wanted to take a fun class together. She decided to ditch the math class and take a Foods and Nutrition class with me and our other friend Jamie. This class was really laid back and we just got to cook new recipes and have fun lunches together. Who wouldn’t want to do that instead of math?

Jamie obviously had to keep this under wraps and make her parents believe she was still taking the math class. When teacher/parent conferences rolled around Jamie really had to put her thinking cap on. She came up with a plan to tell her mom that the math teacher wasn’t gonna be at teacher/parent night but that she could sign a paper on the teacher’s door so she still received credit. We made up a sign-in sheet and posted it on an empty classroom door. We circulated the paper before Jamie’s mom arrived and all put fake signatures on the page. The tricky part was, the teacher that Jamie was supposed to be taking the math class with was actually at teacher/parent night having consults with parents. So, as they were making their way around to all her classes they had to be sure to avoid that one teacher without her mom seeing her.

Jamie pulled it off seamlessly with the help of a small group of us who acted as her lookouts! I was always so amazed that it worked but I have to say, Jamie really went for it!