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The Magic of Memories

6 Dec

I am fortunate enough to have some of the best memories of childhood. Many of those memories were created around the holidays and I am reminded of them each year at this time.

There are a million little details that I still remember. We would always have Johnny Mathis playing as we put our Christmas tree up. My parents always purchased a live tree and the smell was so wonderful and lingered through the entire house. I loved getting sticky sap on my fingers as we would decorate the tree with all our handmade and sentimental ornaments. We each had very special stockings that we would hang on the mantle each year and await the moment that they would be filled with goodies. My  mom would decorate the mantle and sitting in our living room would feel like the coziest place on earth. On Christmas Eve we would have a huge dinner with our grandparents and then open gifts from one another. We would stay up way too late watching The Christmas Story, even though it was on for 24 hours straight. We would wake up on Christmas morning to find that Santa had been there a few hours before. Once all the bows were ripped off and the last package had been opened we would have a wonderful breakfast with everyone. The remainder of the day would be spent eating, napping, playing with new goodies and watching Christmas movies. It was such a magical time.

Once you have a tradition it’s hard to break it. When Josh and I got married he would want to integrate or try a new tradition and I was always opposed. I guess I had it in my head the exact way things were supposed to go because that is all I knew. However, since Lila’s arrival I feel like I am becoming much more open to new traditions. I want her to always remember this being an incredible time of the year. I want her to feel those butterflies in her belly that I remember feeling as a child. From time to time I still that amazing feeling as Christmas approaches but it is much more fleeting now. I want to re-live all those special moments through Lila’s eyes. I know she is still a bit young and most likely won’t remember this Christmas but that won’t stop me from trying to make it as special as possible. Nothing beats seeing your child’s face light up with joy and discover something new.

19 Months

16 Oct


I have been going through looking at old pictures of you. I barely remember that 8lb baby I held in arms, swaddled so tightly, and sat up nights with. When I look at the pictures it is unfathomable that time has passed so quickly. I know that’s what everyone tells you, to enjoy it because they grow up too fast. Some days in the midst of motherhood I think I must have my blinders on. I don’t see how small you still are and I know in a few months I will be looking back on pictures of today relishing you’re itty bittyness.

I wish I could store up each day in a jar so I could go back and take the lid off and relive our moments. I know that’s not possible so I am trying to enjoy each moment with you and not take it for granted. You are the funniest little girl and fill our lives with so much joy. You are starting to use your words a bit more and it is so funny to hear all the little things that come out of your mouth. I can’t wait to see what you do tomorrow but I am enjoying what you are bringing to my today.

Love you so much, Mama

Cherish Your Grandparents

8 Oct

I miss not having my grandparents around. I have written about them before and all the wonderful memories I have of them. I was fortunate to be able to spend a large amount of time with them throughout my life but like many things in life I think I took them for granted. I look back at my teenage self and wish that I spent more quality time with them. Of course now I see they weren’t gonna be here forever but it is hard to make a teenager comprehend such things.

I lost all of my grandparents pretty suddenly. My grandmother had a stroke and died shortly after due to complications caused by the stroke. My grandfather Overholt, my dad’s father suffered from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s and his health had started to decline rapidly. My grandfather Hodge, my mom’s father died from cancer of the mouth that appeared suddenly and was simply too strong to fight against. He was my last living grandparent. He was able to see all the preparations for my wedding and I was able to show him my wedding dress the day before I got married. He wasn’t able to be there the day I was married because he was so weak. He held on long enough to see pictures from the ceremony the next day but then he passed in his sleep not long after.

I have enough memories of all them that I could probably write for an entire year straight about all the things I was able to experience with them. I know I was incredibly lucky to have them around so long and for them to be such a crucial part of my life. It doesn’t make it any easier though to not have them here now. I wish they all could have had the opportunity to meet Lila just one time. I know she wouldn’t have remembered but I know they would have loved her and been so proud.

Shew, this is making me super emotional and teary so I am going to end it. If you have your grandparents around go spend some time with them. If I had one more day I would make it count.

31 Days of Lessons Learned by Age 30

1 Oct

This month I am taking on the challenge of  writing for 31 days straight on one topic. The Nester hosts this event over on her blog and I was inspired to take part. I know writing for 31 days straight will be tough but I am going to try my best. I felt with my 3oth birthday quickly approaching that I would write about all the lessons I have learned in the past 30 years. The lessons will come from various times throughout my life. Some will be funny, sad, silly and thoughtful but I hope to use this as a way to improve my writing and also to capture some great stories I have stored in the memory bank.

Last year, over 700 people took part in this challenge and wrote on a numerous amount of different topics. Check out The Nester and all the cool topics being written about this year.

I am really excited about this and hope that you will read along. Below are the topics I will be writing on each day.

1. Don’t page your mom 911 unless it is a REAL emergency.

2. Always put your car in park.

3. Take the time to enjoy the small things.

4. Perfection isn’t necessary, at the end of the day life goes on.

5. Spend the extra money, and stay married.

6. Read directions.

7. Take it all in stride.

8. Cherish your grandparents.

9. Learn to cook.

10. Look twice on foggy days.

11. It’s ok to still need your mommy.

12. Be kind….you never know what someone is going through.

13. Find a hobby.

14. Don’t get caught.

15. Find Forever Friends

16. Take life one day at a time.

17. Don’t wear important jewelry in  large bodies of water.

18. If your’e gonna lie, go all out.

19. Do what you enjoy.

20. First impressions are real.

21. Be thankful.

22. If you feel faint, sit down

23. Some days it’s alright to take a break.

24. Security is good at any age.