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Halloween Fun

1 Nov

Halloween has always been one of my most favorite holidays but getting to experience it with Lila has bumped it up even further on the list. It was incredible to watch her little face as she was taking it all in. She quickly picked up on the fact that if she held out her bucket and said hi that people would give her treats. The first place we went was a trunk or treat and after the first few deposits she had it down. After we finished she wanted to started fishing through all the candy and emptying out her bucket. She went straight for the suckers and didn’t hesitate to stick them in her mouth…wrapper and all:) I asked her if she wanted to go to get more candy and she shook her head excitedly up and down.

We went back to our neighborhood and went out to the main street and started going door t to door. I started out letting her walk but as her basket became heavier and heavier her pace began to slow. If I hadn’t picked her up to carry her we would still be out there. I offered to carry her bucket for her but she wasn’t having that. She didn’t want to take a chance on not getting it back.

Our last stop was our neighbor’s house and since we live on a dead end we were his only trick or treaters. Lila racked up because he gave her almost the entire bag he had purchased for the night! I guess you could really say Josh and I racked up because there is no way we are letting her eat all that;) I asked her if she had fun and the expression on her face was priceless. I told her I had so much fun too and I am already excited about next year.

Givin daddy high five on an awesome Halloween!

Pocahontas needed a story before bed.

Two happy Halloween girls:)

Oh, Hi! I’m Still Here.

30 Oct

As you can see I fell short on finishing my 31 Days project. I think I made it 25 days and then I lost steam. I’m ok with that though, 25 days is pretty notable and now I have some really fun stories to look back on. Things in our life have been really busy and on the go for the last week.

Thursday night I got down to business making Lila’s Halloween Costume and that took most of the evening. On Friday after work, I picked Lila up and we went to Food City for a Halloween Contest they were sponsoring. She didn’t win but she made a super cute Pocahontas! She had so much fun roaming around the store and investigating all the other kids in costume. I was worn out when we got done. It’s a ton of work to keep up with a toddler in a huge space and to make sure they don’t destroy everything πŸ˜‰ Here is her little outfit.

Photo: I found pochantus at the grocery store! http://instagr.am/p/RQ4mhjLHNt/

Photo: Lila found the tailgating section of the grocery store and got comfy...silly girl http://instagr.am/p/RRKccbrHOc/

I plan to take her trick-or-treating tomorrow so I hope to get a ton more pictures. Also, I am dressing up with her tomorrow too. I can’t wait. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and dressing up is the best.

On Saturday we traveled to Johnson City to see family and to celebrate our cousin Ella’s 4th birthday party. It was held at the Hands On Museum and it was so much fun. They had so many activities that Lila could do and she had a blast. After the party was over we didn’t want to just go back to Knoxville so we went and hung out with the family some more. It was just a small group of us and it was so much fun to just hang out an enjoy each other’s company. We got to see the end of the football game and see our Vol’s get beat yet AGAIN. That didn’t put a damper on things though. The girls played together and entertained us and then we had an awesome home-cooked meal. I love family. We ended up leaving about 7:30 and Lila was asleep before we got to the end of the road. Poor thing was exhausted.

On Sunday we had the laziest of days. It was so rainy and cold that we stayed in all day reading books, playing, napping and being lazy. We didn’t get out of our PJ’s all day and then the only reason we changed was to have dinner with my mom. I ended the night with a little Revenge on ABC. Love that show:)

Now we are back into the work week and just trying to keep up! How do the weekends go by so fast? I will never know.