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18 Months

19 Sep

(A few days late)

Lila Bug-

You are getting to be such a big girl and you make us laugh so much everyday. We just went for your check-up and your stats are in.

Weight: 27lbs 7oz

Height: 32 3/4 inches

This puts you in the 85% for your age. You’re a healthy girl!

For a while there we thought you were going to be missing some teeth. They had been popping up in an unusual pattern that the dr. hadn’t seen before. However, in the past week all the ones we were worried about are sprouting up! Yay, you have teeth. That was a big deal for me because my mouth had to go on a journey. I was missing several teeth and I didn’t want you to have to follow in my footsteps. I guess the journey isn’t really over for you but things are looking up.

You are quite the little jabber-box. We really don’t know what you are saying but we love to hear you rattle away. I was a little concerned about how many words you were saying or I guess lack thereof but the dr. has reassured me you are right on track. You have about 10 words in your vocabulary right now and he expects you will be exploding with new ones over the next few months. Your favorite word though is “mama” and you say it about 400 times a day. I love it though and the sweet little voice that says it.

You my friend, are a great little alarm clock. I really don’t even need to set my alarm each morning because you are so consistent. I never have to worry about sleeping past 7:15. I love the mornings with you because you are still sleepy and cuddly but I also look forward to the moment you realize the magic of sleeping in….we can still cuddle if you sleep in:)

You are a little book-reading machine. Well, technically we read the books to you but you will sit still for book after book and you love to flip through each page. This really makes me happy because I know for a fact I hated to be read to when I was little. I just love the way you climb in our laps and curl up in just the right spot for story time. Β I hope you always love books like this…you definitely got that trait from your daddy.

The other thing you really enjoy is dancing. You will dance anywhere, anytime. You are so entertaining to watch. You will get up and shake your lil butt all over the place…I realize this won’t be nearing as cute in about 15 years but I am loving it for the moment.

I just want you to know that your daddy and I love you more than anything in the world. So much it hurts.