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First Impressions Are Real

20 Oct

It was my first day of school my sophomore year of college and I woke up slowly and stretched my arms and glanced at my alarm clock. I jerked straight up and threw myself out of bed. I was already 5 minutes late for class and I was still in my pajamas. I quickly threw some clothes on and gathered my things and rushed out the door. I was so upset on my way to class. I had been looking forward to this class for quite sometime and now I was going to be strolling in 30 minutes late.

I finally made it to my building and found the classroom. I tried to slowly slip in without being noticed but the class was small and it was impossible to come in unnoticed. I watched the teacher give me the side eye and I imagined she thought I was gonna be such a slacker and not put forth any effort. I had made my first impression right there and now I had to work to let the teacher know she had a misconception of me. From that day on I was early or right on time to each and every one of her classes. I think I put forth a little more effort in her classes than some other classes maybe trying to overcompensate. In the end, she was one of my favorite professors that I had but I felt like I really did have to overcome that first impression.

Now I understand that first impressions mean a lot but I also know that they can be changed.

If You’re Gonna Lie, Go All Out

18 Oct

When I was in high school my friend Jamie had to stretch the truth quite often….to her parents. She was on a short leash so we often had to work together to maneuver around her parents. In our senior year Jamie’s parents wanted her to re-take a math class she had already taken with a different teacher. The first teacher wasn’t that great and they didn’t think she got enough out of the class. But, it was senior year and we wanted to take a fun class together. She decided to ditch the math class and take a Foods and Nutrition class with me and our other friend Jamie. This class was really laid back and we just got to cook new recipes and have fun lunches together. Who wouldn’t want to do that instead of math?

Jamie obviously had to keep this under wraps and make her parents believe she was still taking the math class. When teacher/parent conferences rolled around Jamie really had to put her thinking cap on. She came up with a plan to tell her mom that the math teacher wasn’t gonna be at teacher/parent night but that she could sign a paper on the teacher’s door so she still received credit. We made up a sign-in sheet and posted it on an empty classroom door. We circulated the paper before Jamie’s mom arrived and all put fake signatures on the page. The tricky part was, the teacher that Jamie was supposed to be taking the math class with was actually at teacher/parent night having consults with parents. So, as they were making their way around to all her classes they had to be sure to avoid that one teacher without her mom seeing her.

Jamie pulled it off seamlessly with the help of a small group of us who acted as her lookouts! I was always so amazed that it worked but I have to say, Jamie really went for it!

Look Twice On Foggy Days

10 Oct

I am the oldest of my friends so I was the first to obtain my driver’s license. Once I started driving to school I would pick my friends up in the morning. Jamie rode with me quite a bit because we didn’t live too far away from each other. One morning in particular, I was running late as usual so I called Jamie to let her know I was in the driveway waiting. I was hurrying her along telling her we were gonna be late to school. She frantically rushed out to the car and hurled herself into the passenger street. I sped out of her driveway and out of her subdivision onto the highway. Just as I was pulling out Jamie realized she had forgotten her backpack in her house. I was irritated and frustrated because we were already late and I didn’t want to turn around. I asked her if she really need it that day? Well of course she did because we were going to school and it contained all her homework and books. I quickly pulled off the road so I could turn around. The fog was insane that morning. It hung really thick, close to the road and it was hard to see more than a couple of feet in front of the car. I had found a place to turn around and we were sitting at the turn-off to go back into the subdivision. After the last car passed I gunned it to turn in and as I was turning in Jamie I see a pair of feet scuttle out from beyond my car barely missing them. An older gentlemen had been crossing the road but we had not seen hime because the fog was so dense. When I say I was close to hitting him, I mean I don’t know how he didn’t feel the wind from my car. The thing was, he never realized he was almost plowed over. I, however was a mess and I was shaking and terribly upset. Being late to school didn’t seem to matter after I had almost run someone over. I just couldn’t believe it had happened and I realized how lucky we all were that we were being looked after.

We eventually made it to school. Of course we were late but at that point it didn’t matter to me, I was just glad we were all safe. I was still completely shaken up and upset. When I walked into my first class I sat down and got situated. Before I got too comfy the teacher called me up to the desk and told me I had to go to the office for being late. At that point I just broke down in tears in the middle of class. This teacher was pretty cool and I didn’t know it at the time but he was only kidding with me and wasn’t serious about the office. It was too late though, I had already gotten to my breaking point and there was no going back. He came over to let me know he was kidding and to see why I was so upset. I told him I nearly killed a man that morning.

Jamie and I joke about this day a lot but replaying it step by step in my head I remember all the emotion of the moment. I am very cautious on foggy days now will always look twice, if not three times.

Recurring Dreams

8 May

For years now I have been having the same 2 recurring dreams.

The first one consists of me being back in high school and I can’t figure out my class schedule. I have always waited til the last minute and can’t find any of my classes. I always try and go to my counselor to get her to print out a new schedule for me or I am trying to log on to the computer to get a new schedule printed out.

The second one always takes place in college. I have completely forgotten about a class for the entire semester and when it comes time to take exams I realize I never dropped the class. It is always some type of history class. Sometimes this scenario interchanges with forgetting about an art project until the very end of the semester and I can’t get my work completed. I am always throwing something awful together at the last second trying to pass.

These dreams sounds silly but when I am having them they are super stressful and I wake up tired with no resolution.

Apparently my dad has had and still has similar dreams to these.

I had a combination of the 2 dreams last night and it disturbed me enough to look up the meaning of them this morning.

I found this article.

Basically it gives these meanings.

  • The dream often occurs in approximation with having forgotten or being concerned about forgetting to do something important in waking life
  • The dream may reflect a sense of responsibility, duty, or choice where the dreamer knows what he/she should do, but is hesitant/reluctant to do the act
  • A change involving the end of something is imminent and there is low confidence about the future
  • It is a time when regrets of past actions or inactions have been in mind—a possible prompt to not “put off until tomorrow what can be done today”
  • The dream, when it comes in approximation with a significant date, such as a birthday, anniversary, school reunion year, date of the death of someone significant, offers the doorway to the classroom as a metaphor to paths not taken, the recognition that a “long” time has passed without goals achieved
  • The dream is a reminder not to miss an opportunity or take a more active role in one’s destiny

Upon reading a little bit more I found that this is one of the top ten most common dreams to have and I found a website where hundreds of people had written in about having such similar dreams.

So I guess I’m not a weirdo, not for having this dream anyway.

I just find it fascinating that so many people have this exact same dream.