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Things Are Changing

28 Mar

Over the weekend Lila decided she was ready to walk everywhere instead of crawl. For the past few weeks she has been taking several steps and then sitting down to crawl. She realized though that she is capable of a better mode of transportation. It is amazing to watch her stand up and just go for it on her own. She is right on my heels now and no area of the house is left un-investigated. It is hilarious to watch because she still hasn’t started really bending her legs, so she does a real stiff-legged walk. Seeing those chubby little legs walking toward me and the smile on her face just warms me all over.

(Ignore the load of laundry in the floor that needs to be washed.)

Lila has a great appetite at the moment and has started eating almost everything we eat. She had a helping of lasagna last night that blew my mind, I finally had to cut her off. She has also made the switch from formula to whole milk and we also have transitioned her to the sippy cup full time. No more bottle. It took a couple of days for her to get the change down but she is doing really well now. I have to constantly remind myself that she can hold her own cup and drink by herself. For some reason I always want to reach over and help like she can’t possibly do it without me. We have also managed to finally cut out her middle of the night feeding. I was really dreading this but it only took about 2 or 3 nights to for her to realize that wash’t gonna happen anymore. I had pictured it being a lot harder so I am glad she made it easy on us. Next on the list of things to conquer is the pacifier. This one really scares me. She really only has to have it at naps and bedtime but it really does soothe her so I am not excited to experiment.

She is also about to get two new front teeth on the top! She is still loving to chew on everything because I am sure it feels good on her gums. She has done pretty well with them so far but did develop a high fever one night. We are pretty sure it was related to her teeth but when they can’t communicate with you it is so hard to know for sure. Fevers are scary stuff. I bet in the span of 2 days we took her temperature no less than 5o times. Two minutes would pass and we would think, let’s see what it is now, may be it has come down a little. I am sure it has a lot to do with us being first-time parents but it is so nerve-wracking.

Playtime has become a whole new ballgame these days. Lila can sit and play for periods of time now by herself. I am always right with her to make sure she can’t get into any trouble but she is so engaged in all her toys. We got her a little wagon for her birthday and we have been putting her in and taking her for rides through the house and out in the yard. She LOVES it. When it is time to get out she draws her arms in close to body and shakes sideways frantically letting me know she isn’t ready to get out. She isn’t gonna fit in it for too much longer though so she may have to learn to give her stuffed animals a ride in it.

Things are definitely busy but lots of fun!