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The Great Closet Makeover

3 Aug

Last week I said I was going to clean out my closet and make it a place I didn’t hate walking into each morning and I finally accomplished it. It took about 5 HOURS but I did it. It had gotten majorly out of control and I didn’t even realize it. I was at the point each morning where I was so frustrated and frazzled because I couldn’t see what I owned and things didn’t have their own place. I was holding onto things that I no longer wore for sentimental reason that didn’t really make sense anymore. Lila’s babysitter was having a yard sale and asking for donations so it was the perfect time to purge all of my belongings and make a fresh start. Let me tell you, it felt amazing. I scrubbed the floors, found clothes I completely forgot about, donated things that have found a new home and now I can breathe again. My morning routine of getting dressed has become much less stressful and much more enjoyable. I forgot to snap some pictures of the disaster beforehand but it was scary.

I have moved all my dresses over to one side and can easily browse through them each morning.

Lighting was one of the most important updates I made to the closet. The closet had zero lighting before and I get up before Josh in the morning and our room is very dark so it really hard to find anything in a dark, unorganized closet. Now, I have some nice lighting that kinda makes me wanna curl up and read in there…or take a nap…probably the second one:) A flip of a switch and I can put my outfit together for the day.

Ok, you caught me, I’m a handbag hoarder. Most of the purses I made and I just have stored away for a rainy day as gifts or to sell. I do love handbags though. Although I have currently been carrying the same purse for over a year. Maybe it is time for a change.

A girl has got to have room for her shoes. This was one of my main problems before. Shoes were strewn everywhere. This is a drastic improvement. It actually makes me feel like I should do some shoe shopping 🙂 When I switched my dresses from one side of the closet to the other it actually allowed me to be able to see my shoes. This is important. If you can’t see what you own…..you won’t wear it because you forget about it. Simple as that.

I got really fanatical about my shoes during this process and bought this over the door shoe organizer for $9 at Dollar General. So worth it. Aren’t my fuzzy slippers cute and so fashion forward? In the purging process I got rid of about 8 pairs of shoes that I didn’t really wear anymore or that weren’t really comfortable to make room for things that I LOVE. Also, tucked behind our door is a little coat rack I use for necklaces. It is easy to slide things off and on and it is out of the way.

This is my other little jewelry display area beside my closet. The little tree holds my shorter, more fragile necklaces.

I really just love that I can see my clothes for the first time in a long time. I had forgotten about a lot of old favorites. Whoops, theres some more purses up in the corner:)

In case you haven’t been able to tell I am a lover of color and it makes me extremely happy. I like to open my closet and see colorful options sitting in front of me. I am really have with the new organization and hopefully I can keep it up.

*****Josh and his grandfather installed these built-ins when we moved into the our house. It is important to know how to utilize the space you have though and take full advantage of it. I wasn’t using it to it’s upmost potential before.

Steppin Out Saturday

9 Jul

On Mama> Dress: From a cute little boutique on our trip to Ohio a few weeks ago, I meant to look at the label and of course I didn’t ——-I will try and follow-up with that  Earrings: The Limited  Sandals: Old Navy

On Lila> Dress: This little dress was mine when I was a wee little thing. I wish I had gotten a better picture but Lila was having none of it. Sandals: K-Mart  (I love these sandals so much that Lila has now had them in two sizes and I may get a pair for next year, they go with everything!)

We had a busy, fun Saturday! Lila, Josh and I went to our niece’s 10th birthday party and got to hang out with the family all afternoon. It was super hot with temperatures over 1oo but we tried to stay cool with some ice cream and cake! After the birthday party Lila and I headed out to see my best girls, the Jamies! Jamie brought her new little man, Bray, and Lila gave him some sweet lovin.

I was proud of Lila, she was gentle with Bray but still curious. He is such a sweet and handsome little man. I could just sit and cuddle with him all day. We were busy shuffling babies and food and we didn’t get picture of all of us together but at least we got the babies!

By the time dinner was over it was getting pretty late and it was already well past Lila’s bedtime. I decided to pull off at my parent’s house and lay her down. We didn’t really come prepared with any clothes but we made it work. Lila made some interesting outfits out of her G-Mama’s socks and her G-Daddy’s underoos!

Needless to say, it was a good weekend:)

Steppin Out Saturday

25 Jun

On Mama: Tank Top-Old Navy   Skirt-Old Navy   Sandals-Old Navy  (it was an Old Navy kinda day apparently)

On Lila: Dress-Baby Gap (consignment)  Sandals-Kmart

We have been out of town for the past several days on a bit of a road trip. We traveled to Ohio and stopped off in Oxford, OH, right outside of Cincinnati for a quick visit. Oxford is where my brother and I were both born and my parents lived there for eight years while my dad was earning his doctorate at Miami University. It was really neat to go back and visit and see where life began. I will have more up on the trip a little later.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend:)

Steppin Out – Mother’s Day Weekend

14 May

Mother’s Day weekend was filled with lots of friends and family.

I got to attend a good friend’s wedding and hang out with my best girls:)

Lila and Josh had a daddy and daughter afternoon and went to see family in Newport. I hate I had to miss it but the wedding was lots of fun!

We had some JLJ time. We have called ourselves this since high school. (Jamie, Laura,Jamie) Baby Bray is making his presence known though, so he got to be included:)

What I’m wearing: Dress> Francesca’s Belt>Francesca’s

Sunday morning we had brunch at Copper Cellar with my parents. This was our best attempt at a family photo. Lila was exhausted and ready for a nap so she wasn’t up for picture time.

My loves.

My sweet girl.

Me and my mama. Love her.

What I’m wearing: Dress> thrifted  Belt> Francesca’s

I hope all you mama’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day.


Steppin Out Weekend

30 Apr

We worked on the house a bit this weekend, celebrated Josh’s birthday and played outside.

Family photo time!

Mama Style>>> Top:Francesca’s Tank Top: Target  Jeans: Express

Baby Style>>> We got everything at consignment sales. I have to start looking at tags because I’m not sure about the brands.

Daddy Style>>> He is wearing clothes. I know that is super helpful.

Lila’s stitches came out on Saturday and her eye is looking great!

Dinner with my parents!

All our girls!

Lila’s Nursery

30 Apr

Since we have listed our house on the market I wanted to make sure and document Lila’s nursery and all the loving touches we put into it.

Decorating Lila’s room was one of my favorite things when I was pregnant and I was a little sad when it was all done.

It is probably my favorite room in the house because we were so hands on and really put much thought into every little detail. I hope she looks back on it and loves it as much as we do.

Josh and his papaw installed the french doors that lead into Lila’s room. We wanted her to have a quiet place to rest without our little animal farm roaming freely in and out of her room. I just recently painted the doors and I am happy with how they turned out.

We chose to paint the walls a very neutral color and then incorporate lots of colors through all the accessories .  The rocker belonged to my parents and I remember it from when I was small. We use it for story time, rocking and lots of cuddling.

Having beautiful artwork in the room was very important to us. We picked out several pieces from one of our favorite artist, Charley Harper. I also did several of the prints. We purchased inexpensive frames from Target to house them all in.

I love this part of the room because I really enjoyed all the painting that went into it. I painted the tree along with the birds and name above her crib. I also created the 2 mobiles hanging from the ceiling. I also found the cute curtain fabric online and created them using no-sew products. Towards the end of the pregnancy I didn’t feel like sewing, the no-sew kit was super easy and they look just as good as if I had sewn them.

We had found a really cute owl bedding set but it was super expensive. I was able to find this adorable owl print online and created her bedskirt. Then, we bought a plain white bumper and attached the green fabric on top.

This is Lila’s favorite part of the room. She loves pulling all the stuffed animals off the basket and shelves.

I love fabric and I had so many different prints I wanted to incorporate into the room and I found this lovely idea of displaying them in embroidery circles. Our mirrored closets help make her cozy room look just a bit bigger.

This space above the dresser acts as Lila’s main closet. The girl has an impressive wardrobe and is quickly outgrowing her small space. Josh uses the main closet in the room so we had to get a little creative. Personally I love looking over and seeing all of her cute, colorful clothes. We just have to keep them tidy to make sure it doesn’t become a a big mess.

This is one additional view of  her room that connects to our office/study/library.

This is such a calming place to hang with her at the end of the day. It has been a wonderful room where many memories have been created.

Steppin Out Sunday

23 Apr

I know, I know….this is supposed to be stepping out Saturday but trust me I am doing you a favor by not putting up a pic from that day. I threw on a scrubby t-shirt and jeans, had on no make-up and had my hair plopped on top of my head…I was stunning. I didn’t think the internet could handle such glam so I decided to spare you.

On Sunday, however, I did have to look alive for a baby shower I was helping throw. I managed to remember to take this picture at about 10 at night. Oh well.

Top: Kohl’s

Purple jeans: Delia’s >>>>>I am aware Delia’s is probably targeted toward 15 year old girls but they had these awesome pants on sale for $9. I really couldn’t pass that up. Since my first venture with color pants here, I have really taken it to the next level. I now have teal, purple, bright pink and red pants. I love them all! I have always enjoyed wearing a lot of color, so these are right up my alley. I realize they will probably be out of style in like 3 months but I will enjoy them while they last.

Shoes: Francesca’s

The baby shower was so much fun and there was so much good food. I was eating like I was the pregnant one (and I am not by the way.)

Anywho, Sunday was filled with some other excitement that will write about later this week! Happy Monday:)


Steppin Out Saturday

2 Apr

We had a fantabulous and exhausting weekend! Saturday, Lila and I headed out early to go pick up my half marathon packet and then headed to Dandridge to visit with the G-parents for the day. When we were there two weeks ago, Lila was just getting the hang of holding onto things and walking but on Saturday she took off without any assistance. It is amazing to see the progress she is making in such a short amount of time.

We spent the day hanging out, playing and resting and then headed back to Knoxville to make it an early night.

Mama Style

Top: Kohl’s

Pants: American Eagle (This was my first venture with the color jeans fad that has taken off and I have to say I like them. I may have to get a few more colors.)

Shoes: Off Broadway (I love wedges, they are so comfortable.)

Baby Lila Style

Dress: Gifted from Lila’s 1st Birthday, I think the brand is Cherokee. I love the bright colors.

Steppin Out Saturday

12 Mar

We had a very productive Saturday!

We got up and hand some play time and then I was able to get my long run in. I am feeling a little bit more confident about the half marathon and thinking it may be a bit more within reach. I’m still not where I would like to be but this was  a better week as far as getting my runs in.

After Lila woke up from her nap we ran a TON of errands to get all the final things for her birthday party coming up on Saturday. She watched as I bought some of her gifts and then I quickly told her she had to forget about them by next weekend. She agreed she wouldn’t rat me out.

Once all our errands were complete we went to meet the G-parents for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Altruda’s. When we got home Lila was wiped and passed out before she could even finish her bottle.

We had such a good day together:)

Steppin Out Saturday

5 Mar

Lila and I stepped out this weekend to a friend’s baby shower and then went to Dandridge to visit with the G-parents for the night. I have a bad habit of just throwing on the first thing I see on the weekend. After putting thought into my work clothes all week I just don’t want to deal with it on the weekend. Luckily I managed to get myself out of my pajama pants and t-shirt to go to the shower. I had to use 5 sheets of my lint roller on this cardigan. I think the cat must have been in the dryer with my clothes. Lila also had a wardrobe change before the shower. She had on another cute shirt but it was much shorter and she was suffering from plumber butt. While she could get away with plumber butt and it was very cute I just couldn’t let it happen. These pink pants are really low cut, who knew baby clothes were so trendy?

Mama Style


T-shirt- Forever 21

Jeans- Big Star

Shoes- Target

Earrings- Bonnaroo

Baby Lila Style

Tunic- Baby Gap (consignment)

Pants- not sure on the brand (consignment)

Cheeks- got em from my mama:)

I am linking up to harpers happenings for her Steppin Out Saturday segment. I love this idea because so many times I just remain behind the camera. As I have been looking at pictures from the past year I realized we don’t have very many pictures together. Hopefully this will help change that.