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26 Jul

Loving: My new tattoo! It is almost completely healed now and I am already itching for my next one. I am going to take a break for a while though and really give it some good thought about what I what and where…no rush! In the mean time I will be enjoying this one πŸ™‚

Feeling: Blah. I just haven’t felt that great the past couple of weeks. I had written hereΒ about my dizziness and having to start a new medication in an effort to treat it. Over the past 5 weeks I have gradually been increasing my dosage of the medicine (topamax) like the dr has prescribed and it has basically made me feel like crap. I’m tingling, numb, exhausted, have no appetite, kinda weak and worst of all dizzier than I was before. It’s a pretty big bummer to say the least. I have one more week of medicine to go before I am to report back to the dr. and let her know the results and see where we go from here. Honestly, I would rather take no medicine and be dizzy with no side effects than take medicine and have all these crazy things happening. But, I guess we can’t know if something is gonna work until we try. I just want to figure it out. Some days I think I will be dizzy the rest of my life 😦

Reading: Right now I am reading Ishmael, it is more of a spiritual book about a man in search of the truth. I don’t normally read these types of things but I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone. Β I have my fun read lined up right behind this one though. Emily Giffin’s new book Where We Belong came out on Tuesday and the hub surprised me with it !

Watching:Β Now that The Bachelorette is over, go Jef and Emily….I am so excited about Breaking Bad and Project Runway. I didn’t get into Breaking Bad until last year and I sat down and basically watched all the seasons back to back. I know a show about meth-making may not sound like your thing….it wasn’t mine either, but it is so good. I have been into Project Runway from the very first season so I am thrilled they are back for their 10th season. I already have a few favorites. I actually forgot about the premiere last week and went to bed and I was so upset with myself. No worries though, I caught up. “It’s make it work time!”

Laughing At: How Lila will put on any pair of shoes that aren’t already occupied by feet. I think she may have a closet full of shoes one day. Who can blame the girl?

Wishing: I could own this chair. It was on the season finale of Design Star the other night and I have become completely obsessed over it. I know my cats would probably rip it to shreds but I still love it and want it…..

Planning: On cleaning out and organizing my closet in the near future. I have seen so many posts and pictures of cute closets lately and it has inspired me to do something with mine. I feel like that is one reason I have trouble getting dressed in the morning….things are too cluttered, I can’t see what I own, and I need to clean it out!

Listening: This song puts some pep in my step, even when I don’t feel like I have any pep πŸ˜‰

Thanks to Danielle from sometimessweet.com for providing the inspiration for this post.

Weekend Wrap-Up

4 Jun

The weather this week-end was perfect. I wish it felt like autumn year-round. It gave us lots of opportunities to get outside, run errands, and play. Most of the weekend was really low-key, except for the part where I got a tattoo!

Yes, you read that right….and it was painful but definitely worth it.

This post is gonna be really picture heavy but who doesn’t love a good picture, right?

No sitting down on the job, up and at em!

Walk it off!

It wasn’t long before she was drenched from playing in the water table. She usually doesn’t splash in it a whole lot but of course she did on the day she didn’t have her swimsuit on. So, off with the shirt!

This picture is one of my new favorites, I think because I feel like it makes her look so little in the big yard.

“Hiking through the yard is exhausting, let’s take a breather.”

Sitting on the front porch naked, we keep things classy at our house πŸ™‚

“Hey mom, did you know there is a swing over here?”

“And, I want to test it out immediately!” Also, one of my new favorites. The look on her face and the way she is holding her stomach cracks me up.

She looks so sad but I swear she was having a good time!

“You’re going to put this on Facebook aren’t you?”

Ok, now that we are caught up on cuteness I have a few tattoo shots.

This was right after the first break, outline only.

Outline and shading are complete. It still has color left to be added but I couldn’t take anymore for the day. I am going back in about 4 weeks to have it finished.

Bandages are off and the healing has begun. There is some bruising and tenderness but I am feeling pretty good.

One more, without the glaring flash.

I’m not gonna lie, it hurt….alot.

But, I love it and it means the world to me.

I was showing Lila this morning and pointing out Mama, Daddy and Baby. Then she immediately wanted to touch it. I let her and she pointed directey at her owl and said, “baby!” I melted on the floor.

That was our weekend, hope yours was wonderful too.



Lies We Tell….Our Parents

22 Feb

Let’s face it, we all do it or have done it in the past. I think it is natural that there are little secrets we have and times we glaze over things in order to avoid dissapointment. I always told my parents a lot. There were very few things I kept from them because I think I had a guilty conscious. Everyday I think about what Lila is going to be like when she gets older and I wonder about the type of relationship we will have. I hope she feels she can share things with me as I did with my parents. Let’s be clear, of course there were times I wasn’t honest and didn’t always come clean. I find it entertaining now to sit down with my parents and say “Remember that one time I said such and such?”…well it didn’t really happen that way. We have a good laugh about it now.

I thought I would share one of those times. It makes me laugh thinking about it.

On my 20th birthday, myself and my BFF’s went to get our first tattoo. We were giddy, nervous, and so excited all at the same time. We had been discussing our plans to do this for a while and had sketches and everything to take with us. Even though we were all technically adults we all knew that none of our parents would really approve or be in favor of the tattoos. Apparently I wasn’t overly concerned with hiding mine because I had mine all of a week before my mom discovered it. She took me shopping for clothes as she did so many times before and as I was busy trying on the next article of clothing I didn’t think to conceal my back. She didn’t even bust me on it at that moment, she waited a while and brought it up in conversation later. I really don’t think she was even that mad but I do remember her asking me if I knew it was gonna be there forever? I am sure I had some smart little response. Lord help me when Lila is a teenager. Anyway, overall I felt that I had just kinda let her down. However, we never talked about whether she was gonna tell my dad or not. I guess she didn’t because some months later I was home from college for the weekend hanging out in my pajamas. I was leaning over looking in the fridge when I heard my dad say, “Laura, I hope that isn’t a tattoo on your back.” I’m pretty sure I broke out into a sweat.

In my head….” OH CRAP, OH CRAP, OH CRAP….what do I say?”

What I really said…”Oh it’s not daddy, it’s one of those henna tattoos. It will be gone in a few months.”

And we haven’t talked about it since. It think he may be onto me though, 9 years later and it hasn’t faded a bit. That’s some good henna:)