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3 May

Loving: This little girl^. She is into everything these days and isn’t really interested in sitting still. She has started randomly walking up to me and wrapping her arms around my legs while laying her head against me. Heart explodes. Also, when we are doing grocery shopping and she is riding in the buggy she will reach up and give me a hug. BEST.THING.EVER.

Watching: What About Brian. This is a older show that was only on for 2 seasons but they are all on hulu and I have been obsessed. I have been told that it ends abruptly and I will be really disappointed but that hasn’t stopped me.

Anticipating: The weekend. We are going to have a small celebration for Josh’s birthday and I am excited to hang out with friends and get out of the house.

Thinking about: Houses. Our house has been on the market just under a week and I am anxious for the first showing and to get some feedback. Even though we can’t buy until we sell our house it is fun to scope out other possibilities online. I am decorating non-existent rooms in my head.

Listening to: We have been listening to The Everybodyfields a lot lately. This song is one of my favorites. Kinda sad but very touching.


Eating: I am obsessed with these blueberry belvita biscuits.

Feeling thankful for: My family, a warm bed, not having to worry about my next meal, unconditional love and all the little things I overlook on a daily basis.