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Spend The Extra Money, And Stay Married

5 Oct

It hadn’t been 24 hours after the wedding and Josh and I had our first fight as a married couple. Yep, that didn’t take long. We had planned our honeymoon to take place in Mexico and we were both really excited about getting away. While studying different packages and comparing prices I found that if we flew out of Atlanta rather than Knoxville we could save a couple $100 bucks. It is only a 3 hour drive to Atlanta so I din’t see why not? The day after the wedding we had our things ready to go and started our journey toward Atlanta. Once we got there we had to stay the night in a hotel because our flight left super early the next morning. Once we got to the hotel I thought it would be a great idea to shower and get all of my preparations done the night before. I dug out all my toiletries from the car and inserted them into my carry-on bag and just brought that one piece of luggage into the hotel room. I thought I was ahead of the game and making things simpler by just using my carry-on bag for the night.

The next morning we were up and at em’ really early and frantically trying to gather our stuff so we could get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Since we were flying out of the country the process was even longer to get through. As we were getting our bags checked the staff pulled out all of my hair products and explained to me I couldn’t carrry them on the plane. Now, I have flown several times before but in all the chaos of the last couple of days I didn’t bother to think about the rules the airlines had in place. Of course I brought the biggest bottles possible of shampoo and conditioner. I watched as they threw them in the garbage. There was nothing I could do because my other luggage was on its way to our plane. Josh also had his brand new bottle of cologne I had gotten him for our wedding in his bag. That went bye-bye as well. As you can imagine, he was fuming. But what could we do? Nothing, so we just watched a $100 worth of products go to waste.

At this point we had been standing in line for almost 2 hours and we had maybe 20 minutes to make it to our terminal. The Atlanta airport is huge. It was like something out of a movie as we were running through the airport checking the clock every minute to see if we were gonna make it. As we finally rounded the corner to our terminal we heard our names being called out for the 3rd and final time to board the plane. If you want to freak out, that will do it. We made it onto the plane with minutes to spare and as we walked down the aisle we received looks from irritated passengers who had been waiting for the two “jerks” to make it to their seats. Once we were safely in our seats and had our luggage stowed away we sat there in silence giving one another dirty looks. Somehow we were both silently blaming the other for all the frustration. We didn’t speak for the entire flight, which was only about 3 hours…but still, it was the beginning of our honey moon. When we landed we had both cooled our heads and agreed to put it behind us.

After arriving to the hotel I knew I was going to have to purchase hair products since all of mine were sitting in the trash in Atlanta. $30 later I had off-brand shampoo and conditioner I had never heard of that left my hair a tangling mess.

Looking back, we should have just paid the extra money upfront and flown out of Knoxville. After paying for a hotel room, paying to park our car, re-flling the supply of toiletries….I think we could have broken even. We also would have spared our huge frustrations with each other. Oh well, you live and learn… I guess that is the whole point of this series.

Despite all the craziness in the beginning of the trip we had an amazing time. I am going to spend the rest of the day imagining myself on the beach:)


2 Jul

A little over a week ago I took a bit of vacation with my mom, dad and Lila (Josh had to work.) I call it a semi-vacation because there were dr.’s appointments involved and you can’t really count that as vacation. Our destination was the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. I had an appointment there with a specialist about the vertigo I have been experiencing for about 4 years now. My dad also had an appointment with his back surgeon to follow-up and get cleared. I wasn’t holding my breath for any big cure because over the last four years I have seen numerous doctors and had a battery of test done multiple times. Overall, I was really pleased with their diagnosis. They agreed with previous dr.’s that I have migraine associated vertigo. However, they took more time with me in explaining why they thought that was the case and what the possible solution was. Basically over the past four years I have been dizzy constantly. Not dizzy like I am gonna fall over but dizzy like I just got off a boat and it NEVER stops. The only time it did stop is when I was pregnant. They said a lot of times migraines can either get a lot worse or a lot better during pregnancy and that is why they believe it is that type of vertigo. I have started a new medication in hopes that it can help. It takes 6 weeks to get to the top tier of the dosage so it will be a while before I really know if it is helping. I am so thankful for the people in medicine and just hope I don’t have to walk around dizzy the rest of my life. However, while we were there I saw people in much worse shape than I am in and it made me so thankful for each day I can get out of bed. I am grateful so many people dedicate their life to medicine and healing those that are sick. You don’t know how much you appreciate those people until you need them.

Onto the vacation part of the trip. My brother and I were born in Oxford, Ohio which is right outside of Cincinnati so we decided to stop by for a few days on our way home. My mom and dad lived there for 8 eight years and it was fun to listen to all the stories they had to tell. We got to go by and see the first house I first lived in. The town is a college town and the house is part of student housing now so all the houses are named. Ours is called, “Rhythm and Brews.”

The town has the cutest little town square and we let Lila run around. She had a girls gone wild moment.

This is the hospital where I was born.

She loves her G-Mama.

It was a quick little trip but I am really glad we got to go. Lila was a trooper. She did really well in the car but she was ready to be done by the end. Her face says it all.

Steppin Out Saturday

25 Jun

On Mama: Tank Top-Old Navy Β  Skirt-Old Navy Β  Sandals-Old Navy Β (it was an Old Navy kinda day apparently)

On Lila: Dress-Baby Gap (consignment) Β Sandals-Kmart

We have been out of town for the past several days on a bit of a road trip. We traveled to Ohio and stopped off in Oxford, OH, right outside of Cincinnati for a quick visit. Oxford is where my brother and I were both born and my parents lived there for eight years while my dad was earning his doctorate at Miami University. It was really neat to go back and visit and see where life began. I will have more up on the trip a little later.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend:)

Family Fun Times

12 Apr

Yay! I got my camera back:) The family shipped it to me super quick! This is some fun we had with the family over the weekend.

Family love time.

Eating puffs, or um, dropping puffs everywhere.

“I didn’t do it, whatever it is, I didn’t do it.”

The girl will eat anything.

This is Lila’s cousin Ella. She is so cute and funny and it appears she likes good kisses too. She says the most hysterical things. I was changing Lila’s diaper and she came up to Lila and said, “I like your lil body.” I die, how cute.

Lila was done. This was the night she was so overtired and exhausted that she couldn’t sleep.

We were so happy to get to spend the day with everyone. Life gets so busy that it just doesn’t happen as much as it should.

Easter Weekend

9 Apr

We had a wonderful weekend full of friends, family and good food. We went to see my mom and dad, Lila’s great-grandparents, and lots of cousins. I took my camera and made lots of pictures on Saturday but I left in in Johnson City…boo on me. I got a few pictures on my phone though so I am not going through complete withdrawal of having no camera:)

Saturday was such a busy a day with so much traveling and so many people to see. By the time we made it to my parent’s house at 10pm Lila was overly tired. It was a rough night for us. She was so tired that she was restless and up down and up and down all night. This is not like her. However, this seems to be a pattern with her when we have jam-packed days and she doesn’t get a whole lot of down time.

I was wiped by Sunday morning but we managed to get up and make it to church, and then Lila came back to dig in to her Easter basket. This entertained her for about 5 minutes. We didn’t dye eggs this year because I knew it would be incredibly messy with a one-year old but I look forward to doing it next year.

We had a wonderful Easter and I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

Mama and Lila being silly πŸ™‚

Taste-testing all the toys.

“Mom, is this for me?”

Lila’s sweet Easter dress.

Lovin on the G-parents.