Savoring the Time

7 Feb

As the days til Lucy’s birth gets closer and closer I am trying to focus on the now. I know in a few weeks life is going to be completely different. These are our last days as a family of 3. Up until now we have had all our time and attention focused on Lila and I just get anxious thinking of how things will change. We are going to have to find a happy balance and a way to distribute our time between 2 children. I mean, I know people do this everyday and with more kids than just 2. I guess I am a little worried about the transition for Lila and how she is going to handle it. We talk about Lucy pretty much everyday and have for months. She seems genuinely excited but I know there is bound to be some jealousy. I want to make sure she is involved and feels like she is part of the process and knows that we are bringing even more love into the family.

In the meantime I am trying to get in as many snuggles as possible and spend as much one on one time with Lila as possible. My favorite part of the day is after she has had her bath and is in her pajamas. She loves to snuggle up on my lap to read her books or watch a cartoon. If we are sitting down she is right by my side and I love holding her close and breathing in her sweet smell. She came and got in our bed the other night. I normally make her go back to her bed unless she is sick or upset but I let her stay. She slept with us all night and in the morning she just laid in bed and let me love on her. These are the moments I never want to forget.


I am also trying not to rush these last days of pregnancy. As miserable and uncomfortable as things can be I am trying to enjoy and remember this feeling. I know with Lila I was so ready to be done and each day I woke up I was willing her to come out. Then my water broke and it was all over. Feeling the kicks, punches and flips is pretty amazing. It’s so easy to forget that feeling once the pregnancy is done. I look forward to everything that lies ahead for us but in this moment I am trying to be present.

Waiting, Anticipating and Procrastinating

23 Jan

We have about 5 weeks until Lucy is due to make her arrival. Somehow I think I have blacked out during this pregnancy because it has gone by so quickly. I have always heard that after your first pregnancy the time just flies. You no longer have the time to sit around and daydream about what things will be like when the new baby arrives. You are busy keeping up with baby number 1 and in our case it is no different.

Lila seems to still like the idea of a baby sister. We talk about her daily and discuss all of the fun, big sister duties she will have. She has about 6 baby dolls and they are all named Lucy. She draws her pictures at school and even insists that baby Lucy is in her tummy. It’s really cute. I am worried that there might be a bit of jealousy once she arrives but I think that is probably very normal. She has started referring to herself as the baby a lot and is hesitant to let go of some”baby things.”

I am nervous and excited all in the same breath. As we go throughout our day I always try to envision what it will be like when we add a newborn to the mix. It is really impossible to try and comprehend but for some reason I keep trying. Josh painted the nursery over Christmas break and I have slowly but surely made some headway. I know Lucy will have no idea nor care if her room is complete but right now it is the one thing I feel I have control over. So it makes me feel better to be working on that space and getting things organized for the days of un-organization that are sure to follow. I have a list of things that need to be crossed off but I keep finding myself saying we have plenty of time…umm not really. 5 weeks will be here in the blink of an eye and if she is like Lila it may only be 4 weeks.

Here is a picture from last week of Lucy and I at 34 weeks. She is a mover and a shaker. BTW, leggings are my new uniform. They are the best.


Lila Chatter

6 Nov

“My mommy, my daddy, my cookie, my g-daddy…hear me pups” Lila has started to claim everything in her life and let the pups know they all belong to her.

My favorite thing she says right now, usually once a day as we are riding in the car, “I happy Mommy.” What more can you ask for?

On Halloween she would announce to anyone who passed, “I a bee.” Also, after each house we went to she insisted on “more trick-or-treat!”


“Baby in my belly.” She claims her sister is in her belly:)

She will rub my belly occasionally and say, “hi my sistah.”

I was explaining to Lila that when her sister gets here we are gonna have to be gentle with her because she will be little. She said, “I little?” Yes baby you are little too. Her response. “Mommy big.” Thanks babe:)

Check out our little dancer.

Life Lately

22 Oct

We had a busy and fun weekend.

We fit in a trip to the zoo, which may be the last of the season. It was quite chilly and most of the animals were napping or tucked away in a nice, warm spot. Lila insisted that she wanted to get in the water at the splash pad. Luckily, they were already closed down and we didn’t have to break her hear too badly.

pumkinpatch6Lila and daddy were checking out the elephants. Lila wanted to know why they weren’t pooping?

zoo1All the turtles were put up for the next few months so we had to settle for a picture on the statue turtle.

It was a jam-packed day because we not only went to the zoo but we also went to the Oakes Farm Pumpkin Patch.

pumkinpatch5They had all kinds of fun activities. Slides, a petting zoo, bounce houses, a sand-pit and a ton of other stuff. Lila would have gone down this slide for hours if I had let her. I mean, look at that face. Pure happiness.

pumkinpatch4We saved the pumpkin picking for last so we wouldn’t have to drag  them everywhere. Lila thought pumpkin picking was a sport and tried to lift every single pumpkin over her head. She is actually pretty strong.



And these two were too cute together.

pumkinpatch2By the end of the day we were both zonked. It was worth all the fatigue to hear Lila re-cap her day and see the big smile stretch across her face.

In other news, Josh and I were able to have a little getaway for our 5 year anniversary last weekend. Our friends let us stay at their cabin for the weekend and we watched movies, read, napped, lazed around….it was fabulous.

mountains2It’s good to have one those weekends away together to re-charge and have some down-time. Josh claims he took his first nap in 7 years.

mountains1Also, I have been incredibly bad about taking pictures documenting this pregnancy so far but I plan on changing that.

I am currently 21 weeks with Miss. Lucy and feeling pretty good. My pants are getting quite snug and I am about to convert to stretchy pants 24-7:)

21 weeks

Lila Chatter

2 Oct

People tell me all the time I need to write down all of the cute things Lila says because I will soon forget whether I think so or not. I thought I would start highlighting her little gems here so I can have them in a safe place.

Recently, anytime she wants me to pick her up and carry her, “I hold you mommy.” 

Anytime there is any kind of boo boo, “It whooots mommy, it whoooots.”

Apparently I tell our dogs to quit barking quite a bit, everyday when we get home “hush puppies.”



26 Sep


We finally made the move to the toddler bed! Can you tell that Lila was super excited about her big girl bed? I think she was really proud of herself and she loves that she can go hurl herself into bed. I won’t lie, the first night was torture. I didn’t really expect things to go flawlessly but I didn’t expect them to go as roughly as they did. She has always done really great at bedtime and when 8pm rolls around she is ready to lay down. Sometimes she will even tell us she is ready for “night, night.” After a few snuggles, hugs and kisses she lays down with her books and is pretty satisfied so I didn’t think too much would be different once the toddler bed came into play.

We rearranged her room slightly and her bed is on a different wall than where her crib was. When bedtime rolled around she acted like everything was normal but the minute I tried to walk out of the room there was a major meltdown. She was crying so hard she could barely catch her breath. It made me really sad because it seemed like she was genuinely scared, not just that she didn’t want me to leave. We reassured her she was a big girl and that we were just in the other room. By the time I would sit down in the living room she would already be up and opening the door. This little routine went on from about 8-11pm. Finally by 11 we were going to bed ourselves and she had finally given up. I guess after repeatedly taking her back to her room she was too tired to fight us. I thought, “finally!” Not so fast there, thinking we were going to get by that easy. Around 3:30 I woke up to Lila standing by my bed. I took her back to her room and tucked her in and told her she had to sleep in her big girl bed. She would comply and say she understood but by the time I would get back in bed I could hear the pitter patter of her little feet coming down the hall. This went on for 2 hours. I was thrilled. At the 2 hour mark I gave in and told her she could climb in our bed but by this point she was wide awake and wasn’t even trying to sleep. After about 10 minutes of her lying there kicking me I took her back to her room. I pleaded my case once more for her to stay in bed, I really thought I had her that time…..nope. At this point I woke Josh up…how he slept through all this I have no idea. I told him I was done and it was his turn to take a stab at it. Of course he only had to put her down once and I guess by that time she was too tired to continue on. I still didn’t fall asleep for quite sometime as I lay restless waiting for the sound of her feet. I might have gotten 45 more min. of sleep and I was prepared for the next day to be painful. However, for the small amount of sleep I got I functioned rather well and never felt like I was going to crash.

Since that first night Lila has done extremely well. We have gotten in a good routine at night and now that she is in her bed I can lay down with her and read books. That is one of my favorite times of day. She is clean, snuggly and calm and we sit side by side and wind down our day together. I was really nervous about transitioning from the crib because knowing she was restricted to that little space was somehow very comforting. And, in the middle of that first night I was convinced she would be in the crib til she was 5 and we would just have to invest in a 2nd crib for Lucy. Oh the places your mind goes in the middle of the night.

I am so thankful she has taken to her bed somewhat seamlessly and just hope that it sticks.


Baby Girl #2

17 Sep

I haven’t written here in quite sometime. I’m disappointed because I love going back and looking at the way this helps to document life. For some reason I got a bit burnt out on writing but with lots of new changes happening in our lives I want to have a place to “remember” it by.


Back at the first of July we found out we were expecting baby #2! Very exciting and a bit overwhelming at the same time time. It wasn’t a big surprise and it was something we had definitely discussed but it is different when things go from hypothetical to real. I got really nervous and quite anxious about how I was going to handle 2 babies. I know people do it everyday and with a lot more kids but for me it was a lot. As the weeks passed I became more and more calm. I have actually now convinced myself I can do this and it’s gonna be great, positive reinforcement. All that kinda makes it sound like I wasn’t happy about the news but I truly was. All those moments of the first weeks and how hard it can be suddenly came rushing back to the front of brain and made me a bit timid. Just like anything it is going to be a change and we will have to adjust our lives just like we did when Lila arrived. Right now we have a routine and we all know what we are doing and things are for the most part flowing….on most days.

At our first dr’s appointment we found out they offered a new test. It was a DNA screening test that you could take as early as 10 weeks and find out the gender 100%. The test also screened your chromosomes to check for any signs of Down’s or Trisomy 21. It’s pretty amazing that you can find out that early these days. We didn’t get to do the test until I was 11 weeks because we were away on vacation but once we got back we had it on the schedule. They said the test usually took about 3 weeks for results so we still had to remain a bit patient. A week and half later I was sitting in the Detroit airport on the way to see my brother in Seattle when I got the call from the dr. The results were already in! However I was by myself, surrounded by strangers in the airport. For some reason I didn’t want to find out the gender at that moment by myself. However, I was anxious to know how everything was genetically. The nurse let me know that everything came back as low-risk and normal which provided me with a huge sigh of relief. I opted to call the office back for the gender results after I had spoken to Josh. I called and texted and got no reply from Josh (he was in meetings.) I was boarding the plane and had to turn my phone off and was disconnected for the next 4 hours. Once I landed in Seattle I was able to talk to Josh and we both agreed we wanted to go ahead and find out, but by that time the office was closed. Argh! We decided I would call the next morning and I would call him first thing with the news. By the time I was ready to go to sleep I was exhausted from a day of travel, sight-seeing and just all the excitement. I knew the faster I went to sleep the faster I would get the news. I dreamed about calling all night long. I had gotten 2 results it was a boy, 1 result it was a girl, and once I couldn’t find any phone that would dial out. I woke up at 6am and thought I couldn’t wait another minute. Since there is a 3 hour time difference I knew the dr’s office would be open. I nervously reached for my phone and dialed the number. Suddenly, the office voicemail picked up….I thought that can’t be right. I hung up and dialed again, this time I actually listened to the recording only to be reminded they were closed on Fridays. Big ole bummer. So I had to wait until Monday, luckily my brother was keeping me extra busy sight-seeing around the city and it kept my mind from wandering too much. Once Monday rolled around I pulled myself out of a deep sleep and phoned the dr. Once I got connected with the nurse she went over the genetics with me again and then asked if I was ready to know the gender…..”YES!” She calmly told me “It’s a girl” and then congratulated me. I was so excited. I had really felt like it was a girl all along and I could never explain why I felt that way. I was also really excited for Lila because ever since we told her she was gonna be a big sister she insisted on wanting a “seestah.” We would say, but Lila what if you have a little baby brother, “no, seestah!”

So baby Lucy will be joining our family around the beginning of March 🙂 She and Lila are going to be almost exactly three years apart and I think Lila is going to be a great big sister.

A Little DIY

20 Jun

Josh and I had been discussing putting a big built-in shelving unit in our living room for a while. We both agreed it would look nice, create more storage and make our books more assessable. We never seemed to get motivated enough to actually follow through with the project though. However, a few weekends ago it was pouring rain and we were all stuck in the house. I was perusing some home decor blogs and came across a really good tutorial for bookcases that look built-in. I showed it to Josh and said that we really needed to do that soon. His response was not what I expected. He said if I went I got the stuff we could do it that day. I was bowed over. I knew it was going to be an all day project and that’s not really Josh’s thing. But I took him up on it before he could change his mind.

I went to a few different places looking for the shelving but eventually ended up at Target. I decided on these because they were inexpensive and I knew I needed several. I ended up purchasing 4 of them. Then I headed over to Home Depot to pick up trim, nails and a Dremel (my new favorite tool). By the time I got home it was almost time for Lila’s nap so we were going to try and knock out a big chunk of work while she slept. Yeah not so much. It took us an hour and a half to put the first unit together. It was incredibly frustrating. The instructions were like a huge puzzle and if you didn’t pay super close attention it was easy to turn pieces backwards (which we did several times). But, once we got the first one assembled we used it as a guide and the others went together in about 15 min.

Here is what we started with.



It wasn’t awful but it didn’t feel cohesive to me and there was a lot of wasted room. It looked super cluttered and the black furniture showed every speck of dust, which we have a lot of . We opted not to take the big piece of trim out at the bottom. It saved us a step and since we aren’t super skilled carpenters we were a bit apprehensive about it would turn out. By the time Lila woke up we almost had all the shelves assembled and our living room looked like a bomb had gone off. I didn’t get any pictures during that but just imagine pure chaos and then adding a toddler on top of that. Luckily my parents stopped by and took Lila outside for a bit until we could clean up the mess a bit and actually have a path to walk through. My parents left about 7:30 and we were trying to get Lila fed, bathed and ready for bed so we could get the project wrapped up. We got her in bed, got the bookshelves situated and then started applying the trim. Once the trim was installed, Josh was in charge of rewiring all the electronics and making sure they worked seamlessly. By 11pm this is where we were.



It really doesn’t look like much for a days work but wow it took ALL day. We decided to call it a night and we cleaned up . Over the next few days as we were adding books and trinkets we decided we should do one more shelf on the left side. It would only create more storage and make the most of the space we had. So, back to Target I go to get the additional shelving and then to Home Depot for more trim. I think it was probably 6 days after we started that we finally had it just the way we wanted. If you read the tutorial I linked to it took them 7 hours to do the whole thing. So I think you could say we are beginners.

With that being said I am so happy with the way it turned out. I am also happy Josh and I did a big (for us) project together and didn’t kill each other. Reno can be stressful but for the most part we worked really well together and now we can look at it and be really proud because WE did it together.

Here’s the final outcome.









There are small details that aren’t perfect but I am still happy with it.

Also, you may be wondering where we put all this junk before it moved to the living room.




This is the room that we used for the office. Now that we have taken down all the bookcases in here we will be moving the desk out and making it into more a guest room. When we are home we really don’t have the need for an office. We usually do any work on our laptop or Ipad in the living room so this “office” ended up being a room we just walked through. Also, my mac you see on the desk finally bit the dust. I don’t know what to do with it. It feels wrong throwing it in the trash but it won’t even turn on anymore. Any creative ideas?

So, there you have it…Built-in Bookshelves…kinda.

Some of this and that and a lot of pictures

4 Jun

Hi there, it’s been a while.

I always say I’ve been busy, but who hasn’t been busy…I guess that’s just life.

We are living life with a 2 year old and that is always exciting. You never know what you are gonna get. Some days we get the most-spirited little girl who is go with the flow and the next day brings an opinionated, grumpy little person who you have to stand on your head to get a smile out of. I enjoy a challenge though. She is incorporating new words into her vocabulary everyday and it is making this communication thing a little easier. There are still plenty of things we have to guess at but she lets us know when we hit the nail on the head. My favorite word she is saying right now is water. When she says it, it sounds like “what-errr”….I make her say it over and over again because I love the way it sounds. This kiddo loves being outside. It doesn’t matter if it is raining, 120 degrees or snowing. The elements don’t seem to phase her. I think her favorite climate is rain, she loves to bring us the umbrella each morning and when it actually is raining she is head over hills.

The new daycare is still going really well. She doesn’t want me to leave in the morning and she doesn’t want to go home in the afternoon. I can always tell she has played hard when I pick her up.  Up until recently we would give her a bath just because that’s what you are supposed to do…not really because she needed one. Well, now the baths are definitely out of necessity. I swear, 2 year olds might be the stickiest thing in the world. At the end of a typical day she is equal parts sweaty, grimy, sticky, dirty and sunscreeny <—-made that one up. I cherish our time after bath when she is squeaky clean and smells good, that is prime snuggle time.



Josh and I attempted our first real DIY together this weekend. We installed several bookcases in our living room and then took it a step further to make them look like built-ins. The good news is we didn’t kill each other. Hopefully I will share the finished product after we get all the final books in place and touch them up with some paint. It has already made a huge difference in the room.

What else have we been up to lately? We got a zoo membership for the year and plan on taking Lila once a week through the summer. I have still been busy with mobile orders and have been sewing pretty much every night…no complaining here, I love it:) I have also been keeping my running up since the half marathon and I am hoping to do another one this month. I have been trying to squeeze my runs in during my lunch break so most afternoons I am a sweaty mess. I bet my co-wokers love me. Luckily I have an office so maybe it’s not too offensive. I also have a trip planned in August to see my brother in Seattle! I am so excited. I have my plane ticket booked. However, I am not that excited about flying. I am hoping I will just sleep through most of the flight.

Here is a little bit more cuteness as of late…









Nashville Half-Marathon Re-Cap

1 May

I can’t even tell you how much fun this weekend was. At times it was invigorating, challenging, miserable, a blessing and pure joy. Jamie and I arrived in Nashville around lunch time and we went straight to the expo to pick up our race packets. The storm clouds were already setting in and we were walking in the rain from the moment we arrived. Once we picked up our race bibs and bags we decided to invest in a bit of rain gear for the next day. The forecast was at a 70% for rain at that point and didn’t look like things were going to clear up. We both purchased visors which proved to be invaluable and we each got an armband that could carry our phones and protect them from the rain. Once we left the expo our next stop was our hotel. We got checked in and unpacked and then headed out to an early dinner at the cheesecake factory.

We call this carb-loading…or a good excuse for a delicious meal.2013-04-26 19.04.48

Don’t worry, we didn’t leave without cheesecake. We both ordered a piece to go to snack on a bit later. The rest of the night was pretty low-key and we managed to get in bed by 10pm.

We had our alarms set for a little after 5 but I woke up around 4am with butterflies in my belly. I went to the window to check out the weather conditions…it was pouring rain. At that point I realized I have absolutely no control over the situation and we were just going to have to make the best of it. I managed to lay back down for another hour until the alarm went off. Jamie and I were both full of nerves and had a hard time wanting to eating. I choked down a banana and half a piece of banana bread and topped it off with some water.

2013-04-27 07.17.04We left the hotel around 6:15 and the hotel shuttle drove us to Centennial Park. We were the only ones on the bus. Apparently, we were pushing it with time and had barely made it before they closed all the roads off…whoops. As we were riding the shuttle the rain stopped and things were looking up. I was convinced the rain was going to hold off for a few hours. I was wrong. As we headed to gear check it started to pour the rain again. We decided we would just run in our long shirts instead of checking them. I’m so glad we did because it was pretty chilly mixed in with all the rain.

Standing in the corrals, waiting for the race to start was one of the more miserable moments. It seemed like we were there for a really long time. However, then they had a moment of silence for the victims of the Boston Marathon and I felt thankful just to be there and be healthy enough to run. Shortly after 7am the race started. They started us in staggered groups in order to spread the crown out a bit. Jamie and I ended up starting about 2 minutes after the race clock initially began. Once we started running the rain was kinda invigorating. I almost didn’t even notice it after about the first mile. Like I said, the visor came in super handy. It kept all the rain out of my eyes and face and just let me focus on running. I think the first 5 miles were the hardest for me mentally because I knew there lots of hills in those miles and for some reason I just couldn’t get into the run. But, once I got to that that sixth mile I was feeling good and my pace felt great. Around mile 10 my legs were getting pretty tired and I could tell I was starting to fade. However, when I saw the clock I knew I was going to be close to my personal best time of 1:48. I decided if I could keep my pace up that I may be able to beat my time. Those last three miles were a fight. I had to keep reminding myself I only had a 5k left….I ONLY have 2 miles left. When I made it to mile marker 12 I knew I was gonna be able to keep going. At mile marker 13 I knew I wasn’t going to get my best time but I took off in a sprint anyhow because I was so excited to be done! My chip time came in at 1:49:59! I was beyond thrilled since my goal was to break 2 hours. Jamie had finished about a minute ahead of me and we reunited were so happy to be done.

This is where the real miserable times start. As soon as we stopped running the rain became a factor. Our body temperatures started to cool off and we were freezing. Our hotel was supposed to supply a shuttle for us to get back to the hotel so we were being directed to that area which ended up being about a mile away. Once we got to the shuttle area they informed us it cost $15 to get on. At that point, we didn’t care, we just wanted to be warm and dry. Once we got to the shuttles they told us that the shuttles weren’t running to our hotel. We didn’t know what to do or how we were going to find the shuttle for our hotel. I managed to call and get through to our hotel and they informed us that there was a shuttle running but they couldn’t get to us until 11am…at his point it was only about 9:15am. The security at the marathon was top notch and tightly secured since the events at Boston. I was really thankful for that but it made it impossible to leave. We were freezing and miserable so we decided to jump on one of the shuttles even though they weren’t going to our hotel. It would at least provide a little bit of warmth until we had to make our next decision. At this point we planned to go to any hotel and try to call a cab from there. But, when they let us off the shuttle we were right across from the bus station so we thought we would give it a shot. We asked one of the employees if the bus was traveling on the route of our hotel and they assured us it was. We were so excited, we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once we boarded the bus I asked the bus driver to let us know when our stop was for our hotel because we weren’t familiar with the area. She turned quickly in her seat and told us the bus wasn’t running that route because of the detours due to the race. We really wanted to cry. We asked her to get us as close as she could and we would figure it out from there. When she let us off the bus our GPS told us we were still 1.3 miles away. We sucked it up and ran or jogged rather…. Seeing our hotel was almost as good as seeing the finish line at the race. It took us 2 miserable hours to get back to the hotel….but we made it.

2013-04-27 12.05.46I took one of the best showers of my life, followed by a 3 hour nap:)

Once Jamie and I woke up we got ready to go out for the night. We spent the rest of the evening on Music Row celebrating our day!

2013-04-27 21.31.57I am so glad we did this race. Not only was the weekend great but getting to train with my best buddy was awesome too. This really made me love running again and the race made me extremely thankful that I was able run. One other thing I should mention was how awesome the volunteers and spectators were. I felt like there may not be that many people out cheering since the weather was so nasty but they didn’t let the rain hold them back. It really makes a difference when you have people cheering you on and pushing you along the way. I appreciate all those people:)

We plan to continue our workouts and hopefully we will be planning another race for the near future.